Bobcats Preseason Update


Preseason Updates

Several events to recap for the Bobcats this week.  Looking past the Season Tickets Embarrassment and the trade speculation, here’s what did happen.



The Bobcats kept their losing streak alive with a 10 point loss to the Orlando Magic on Thursday morning.  From the looks of it, the team really didn’t use any starters in the last stretch of the fourth quarter.  Larry Brown was probably using the opportunity to evaluate the roster (and see if any of the scrubs had learned anything this preseason).  Gerald Wallace played well, but left with a back injury.  We’ll have to get an update on the extent of that.  Also, it looks like Sean May put forth a “well-rounded” effort with field goals all over of the place and 6 rebounds.  Let’s hope he gets in shape for the season.



The Bobcats signed a free agent Forward-Center that was off of everyone’s radar – Justin Williams.  He’s young and maybe just a bit too good for the D-League.  We’ll see if he’s just a practice squad body to push Sean May and Andre Brown or if he’s worth a roster spot.  More on Williams.



Charlotte cut free agents Donell Taylor and Marcus Williams.  These guys were brought in as long shots to make the squad.  I’m sure they learned a bit and kept in good basketball shape while in training camp.  Both can go on in life to talk about how they were coached by Larry Brown and were watched by Dean Smith, Roy Williams, and Michael Jordan.  Surely, that’s some consolation.



Also,’s John Hollinger has a little bit of speculation about the potential of the Bobcats for the upcoming season. . . it has a lot to do with Sean May.  Read it here.


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