Bobcats Trade Boris Diaw to New York?


Boris Diaw Rebounding

Knicks Knation suggested yesterday that Bobcats’ recent acquisition of Boris Diaw could be short lived.

What are the chances of Boris Diaw ending up in New York and reunited with Mike D’Antoni? Before yesterday, not very good. But now, you could see a scenario…the trade opens the door for the Knicks to eventually acquire Diaw, especially with Donnie Walsh’s good friend, Larry Brown, falling in and out of love with players on a daily basis.

The Bobcats potential Knicks takes could include David Lee and the aforementioned Eddy Curry. As the above photo proves, the New York scene would definitely benefit from his rebounding ability.

12 thoughts on “Bobcats Trade Boris Diaw to New York?

  1. So that photo (above) was taken with a flash. That indicates that the lighting conditions were dark in this club.

    Boris didn't know what was going on. He was just trying to find his way through this dark club and got caught using his instinct of palming a basketball.

    He probably posted up the girl in purple and passed the other lady to Steve Nash to reset the offense.

  2. Why do we just accept that his shirt is nowhere to be found in this shot? I'm sure he lost it an hour prior.

    Another note…put your hand over the left side of the photo; the other "babes" are simply posing. They have no idea what is happening beside them.

    This one is good…but I'd like to see the NEXT photo taken that night.

  3. Imagine how many Queen-City-Skanks that Diaw and Ajinca will be going through uptown. We need to get an intern to video tape all of this. I may as well book Sean May, Diaw and Ajinca on a sex tour to the Philippines. HEY FREEDOM FRIES! THIS THE SOUTHEAST, not SOUTHEAST ASIA!

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