Fair Jordan


Don’t forget to vote for Jordan today in the First Round of the 2008 Lady Cats Hot Shots Tournament.

Jordan, originally from Fort Mill, SC, is going up against Jesi who, bless her heart, is a major underdog. “I think this would be a great opportunity to perform and dance in front of a huge crowd and make some lifelong friends” said Jordan.

If fair Jordan gets a slam dunk, she’ll be going up against Christina who squeeked by Stefanie in an overtime nail biter last week. It’s sure to be a tough match up; Christina has red hair…but Jordan counters with some strong Jazz and Lyrical dance talent.

If she can find the time between hanging out with her sister, coaching the Nations Ford High Dance team, and hitting the clubs at night, Jordan’s second round of action will be on May 25-27.

3 thoughts on “Fair Jordan

  1. Excellent Public Service Announcement!

    Voting is one of the greatest things about our nation. It's important to exercise our rights when given the opportunity.

    Jordan is gonna turn this team around!

  2. Jody

    I've been waiting for this post since Bobcats Baseline was conceived. I will definitely being voting in this election. I find this way more important than the so called "election" in November. I've been passing out "Vote for Jordan" flyers at work during my lunch break. I hope we can generate enough support to send Jordan to the final round of the Lady Cats Hot Shots Tournament. So get out and vote!!!! Hooray America!!!

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