It’s the City


It’s going to be difficult to type because I’m trembling with excitement…

I balled it up today at Latta Park with the owner of this impressive Charlotte Bobcats Crown Victoria. Enjoy the gallery.

**update June 19th: Big thanks to Deadspin and Yahoo Sports for the kudos. 

Bobcats Crown Vic
Full Frontal

Bobcats Crown Vic
This slogan confuses me in an awesome way.

Bobcats Crown Vic
Any guesses on the 2″?

7 thoughts on “It’s the City

  1. E

    You played hoops with Jermareo Davidson?

    Just kidding — great find.

    I'm thinking there is another number missing there, either a 2 or a 4, which would indicate 22 (or 24) inch rims…

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