Bobcats Roster Holes


The Bobcats still have a big hole in their roster – Power Forward.

Who could fill that void, if Emeka Okafor returns for the 2008-09 season?

A) Sean May

Sean May

Two years ago, the Bobcats were able to show America the stellar talent within this guy’s chubby frame. Since, he’s been on the shelf with busted knees and has slimmed down. . . slightly. Can he give the ‘Cats what they need offensively and defensively? His ability to guard guys on the perimeter is a question.

B) Jermareo Davidson


While he has an amazing turnaround jumper at about 6′ to 8′ from the hoop, his defensive skill set involves a lot of fouls. He was a rookie last season and should bulk up a bit over the next couple of years. His energy and development could provide a lot to the club. While the Bobcats need a starter, he should aim to become a strong reserve for the team.

C) Emeka Okafor

Emeka Okafor

If he is moved to the PF spot, which fits his size, the team would lose a lot of his abilities on the defensive end of the floor. While Nazr Mohammed did well as a back up Center, he certainly couldn’t start. Charlotte would need to pull someone via trade or free agency to start at Center if Okafor were moved to Power Forward.

D) Free Agent

Who could fill this spot and still fall within the salary space that the Bobcats have available? Really, who could do this? Elton Brand is available, but Okafor would have to leave. Now, you’re back in a similar spot – finding a big man to start alongside Brand.

E) Trade

Could the Bobcats make a trade for a starting Power Forward? Do they have pieces valuable in the trade market? Does Larry Brown wait until training camp to see what he’s got to explore trades? Most assume that no one is safe on the roster, so everyone will have to show up ready to play late this summer.

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