Sam Vincent

It’s official. One season and 50 losses later, The Sam Vincent Experiment has come to an end.

Congratulations to Michael Jordan for owning up to past mistakes and getting this organization on the right path. In the past month the team has:

  • Settled the arena naming rights issue.
  • Finally resolved their horrific local TV distribution deal.
  • Removed their inexperienced, under-performing coach.

Hopefully these moves can make up for the PR disaster that is Bob Johnson. Next up on the team’s offseason agenda:

  • Hire Larry Brown.
  • Luck out in the lottery and draft Michael Beasley or draft wisely and find a PF or Center who can help out immediately (we all know how much LB loves to play rooks. Right, Darko?).

3 thoughts on “SAM CANNED.

  1. Interesting note on Larry Brown as Carolina Cougars Head Coach.

    From Wikipedia:

    Early on, the Carolina Cougars were not especially successful on the court, posting a 42-42 record in the 1969-1970 season, a 34-50 record in 1970-1971, and a 35-49 record in 1971-1972.

    In 1972-1973, the Carolina Cougars hired retired ABA players Larry Brown and former Cougar Doug Moe as coaches. The '72-'73 Cougars were fairly talented and featured players Billy Cunningham, Joe Caldwell, and Mack Calvin. All three appeared in the ABA All-Star Game that season, and Cunningham was named the league's Most Valuable Player. Carolina went on to post a 57-27 record, which was the best in the ABA. The Cougars beat the New York Nets in their first-round playoff series 4-1, but lost a close series to the Kentucky Colonels 4-3 in the Eastern Division finals.

    Could he pull a "Cougars-like" turnaround for Charlotte?

  2. That's some nice info, Mike. I'm also glad that you dropped a Doug Moe on us. Remember, he was the original fat/casually dressed head coach. Don Nelson is just a poser.

    History shows that LB would put 'Cats in the playoff contention immediately. If he does take the job, he'll be helped by the fact that the roster features a bunch of players that are "Larry Brown"-type guys. Can't wait for '08-'09.

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