Shannon Brown Becomes a Bobcat – Shannon Who?


Shannon Brown vs Raymond Felton

The Bobcats announced the signing of guard Shannon Brown on Wednesday. Perhaps the team was reviewing their freshly printed schedules when they realized that they need this guy. Although he plays a wing position that in no way appears to be a need for the Bobcats, he does fill an important gap for the team. Brown brings with him a hair style that fits perfectly between that of Jermareo Davidson and Jared Dudley.

Browns Hair Style

Brown has already spent some time in the D League and rode the bench heavily for Cleveland last season. Will this simply be another player for training camp, or do the Bobcats have a move in the works that will require another guard on the bench?

Here’s how the Bobcats look at shooting guard:

Jason Richardson

Matt Carroll

Gerald Wallace (primarily playing Small Forward)

Kyle Weaver

Shannon Brown

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