With the Ninth Pick in the 2008 NBA Draft…



the Charlotte Bobcats select: DJ Augustin


Shows what I know. For the record, I don’t care for the pick at all. Sends a terrible message to Raymond Felton. And if Felton continues to grow and get better (which I expect) then you’ve spent the #9 pick on a backup.


6 thoughts on “With the Ninth Pick in the 2008 NBA Draft…

  1. Dr. K

    I think the bobcats made a serious error with their two picks. The two pressing needs were PG and PF and we got both, however we could have done better. I think Brook Lopez and Mario Chalmers, both of whom were available with the 9th and 20th pick respectively would have been better for us than Augustine and Ajinca. By the way, who the hell is Ajinca and what guarantee is there that he will actually leave France. By the way did I mention that he averaged 5ppg in the French league. As far as making picks go with the Bobcats it seems like some things never change.

  2. I disagree. I think this is a great pick! Augustin is going to be like Brevin Knight (post Gatorade Sports Lab) with a better attitude. Looking at Hollinger's Draft Rater over at ESPN, Augustin actually rates as the best PG coming out of the college draft, coming in much higher than Bayless. I never was on the Lopez wagon; that guy has stiff career backup written all over him. Lopez would've also been a terrible fit next to Okafor and would've likely ended up as a backup center as well.

  3. Dr. K

    You have a point there with Lopez, but I think Ajinca is an absolute joke and would have gladly taken anyone else in his place. Power forward is still another hole in the starting lineup, and its sad we gave away next years pick to get the likes of Ajinca.

  4. Well, all points are valid here. Really.

    Augustin at the #9 pick was a surprise, but the more I saw from Lopez made me appreciate the 'Cats passing on him there. I kind of think that the #20 pick was meant for Roy Hibbert and that Ajinca was a Plan B. It sounds like Larry Brown really liked his workout and the Bobcats may bank on his development overseas for money reasons.

    Also, doesn't Ajinca seem like a ridiculous version of Ryan Hollins (who is ridiculous enough as is).

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