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We have heard many arguments against the signing of Allen Iverson over the past few of weeks. Much of the opposition rooted in the concern that Allen Iverson is going to destroy the Bobcats’ “team chemistry”.

Now, aside from the fact that this Bobcats team is basically brand new, I can’t imagine the “chemistry” being so vitally important to this franchise. Our team history is overwhelming horrible. Why, all of a sudden, does a thing like team chemistry matter?

What would make the Bobcats team chemistry so bad if we sign Allen Iverson? Is it going to be from all the games we’ll win? Or is it because of all the slam-jams Gerald is going to be putting down? Maybe it’s because DJ Augustin is going to be miserable playing with a potential Hall of Famer.

If we don’t have team chemistry, we can’t have team chemistry. It is as simple as that.

It’s easy to sum it up if you’re just talking about team chemistry. We’re sitting here, with Allen Iverson about to be signed to the CHARLOTTE BOBCATS, and we’re talking about team chemistry. I mean listen, we’re sitting here talking about team chemistry, not winning games, not winning games, not winning games, but we’re talking about team chemistry. Not winning basketball games.

Allen Iverson is going to be playing professional basketball IN CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA but we’re talking about team chemistry man. How silly is that?

I know Allen Iverson is supposed to lead by example and I know it is important, I honestly do, but we’re talking about team chemistry. We’re talking about team chemistry man. We’re talking about team chemistry. We’re talking about team chemistry. We’re not talking about the Charlotte Bobcats having a WINNING SEASON. We’re talking about team chemistry. When you come to Time Warner Cable Arena, and watch Allen Iverson score 42 points, are you going to be talking about team chemistry? Hey I hear you, it’s funny to me too, hey it’s strange to me too but we’re talking about team chemistry man, we’re not even talking about winning games, when it actually matters, we’re talking about team chemistry.

How the hell would Allen Iverson make the Charlotte Bobcats better by improving team chemistry?

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32 thoughts on “Allen Iverson & Bobcats Team Chemistry

  1. E

    Agreed, RobC. While it's much easier to coach a team with a classic, pass-first PG, "shooting" guard, slashing SF, low-post center, etc — you don't have to do it that way. I think Iverson can work on the Bobcats because the offense can run through Diaw much of the time and Wallace and Chandler can provide good help on the defensive end.

    Also, in an ideal world we'd sign him to a contract with lots of incentives, for FG%, assists, maybe some defensive metric, hell, even team wins. Of course, that is an idea that's been promoted for years in professional sports and mostly remains a fantasy, but still…

  2. RobC

    One of the comments from Bonells story (see link) that really strikes me is when King said "When Allen plays the point, nobody else touches the ball.". That might be true in any other team, except in Charlotte. Why? Not because of AI, but because we have a guy called Boris Diaw, who is a Point Forward. Similar to what Hedo did with Orlando, Diaw will be our Point, the one organizing the offense and the distributor, he did it last year and it worked great. I'm sure there will be no problem giving AI minutes at SG anytime and at PG while Boris is on the court. That will work just fine. Gerald Henderson will be the one sacrificing his minutes here, but at the same time, that's a good thing since he will have a defensive minded teacher in Bell and a Offensive minded teacher in AI. That will make Henderson so much better if he has the same attictude of DJ, who by the way will benefit from having AI by his side. I think the Bcats should risk it and sign him to a 1yr deal and maybe an option for year 2. Worst case scenario, people will pay to see AI.

  3. John

    That article, although an interesting read, is pretty comical because Billy King is the main person cited. Billy King is one of the most inept GM's of the past 15 years and really has no room to speak. He never constructed one competent team to put around AI during the ten years he was there.He comes off as bitter and frankly childish in his bashing of AI. This is like Keving Mchale (another terrible GM) hating on KG because he never led the T Wolves to the promise land. Billy King virtually destroyed AI's chances of winning a ring for the first ten years of his career and no one on this board should put any stake into what he is saying. No lets get AI so we can start getting excited about the 2009-10 season!

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