Charlotte Bobcats @ Trailblazers 1/28/09


Larry Brown wants to play the right way

A tired Bobcats team falls behind early and stays there as they lose to the Portland Trailblazers 88-74 at the Rose Garden.  AP recap here.  Box score here.  Bonnell recap here.

1. Not much to say that the folks linked-to above haven’t.  The Bobcats looked exhausted after their double OT victory over the Lakers the night before and never really stood a chance.  Broadband League Pass featured the Blazers TV team making a good point: Not only were the Bobcats coming off a double-OT slobber-knocker, not only was it against the Lakers, not only did the ‘Cats lose their best player to injury, not only did they find out the cavalry (DJ Augustin) would not be showing up any time soon, not only was this a West Coast back-to-back, not only was this against a motivated Portland team that they had just beaten at home 11 days ago, BUT apparently (according to the Blazers TV guys–one of which is Michael Holton, I think) getting to the airport from The Staples Center takes an additional 2-3 hours than getting out of most places.  So basically there was about a 1 in a 16,000,000 x π chance of the ‘Cats gutting this one out.

2. I hate to say this because I’ve been an Adam Morrison apologist for the better part of two seasons but I think it is now official.  He’s as bad as everyone says he is.  This is not personal.  I’m sure he’s a heck of a guy but c’mon.  You get a spot start in front of your hometown crowd with the team sorely in need of some replacement offense with captain Gerald Wallace going down a night earlier to a b.s. flagrant foul and right in the thick of the playoff chase.  Adam–WAKE UP!  This was your Lou Gerhig moment.  The moment in which you’d finally silence the critics and step up when we need you the most.  And what happens???  2-6 from the field with 1 rebound and 1 assist in 26 minutes.  Adam–please–if you are reading this let me tell you something: The people WANT TO LIKE YOU.  All you have to do is have one good run to end the season and you will jump right back into the warm, protective glow of the white basketball fan.  You have the ability.  Just do it.  We are going to need you during this stretch if the playoffs are going to be a remote possibility.  You’ve tried everything you say?  What about music?  Doesn’t Rage Against Machine have a song about scoring 15-18 points per game?  No?  Then why don’t you just get the AV guy who does the scouting tapes to splice together “Killing in the Name of” with Tony Robbins “Personal Power.”  That might do the trick.

3. You have to hand it to the ‘Cats for putting out a decent effort though.  To quote Larry Brown post-game:

After what we went through last night and the trip here, I was proud we didn’t pack it in and we kept competing.

But then again, if you make seven figures to work eight months a year then maybe a decent effort should be expected.  Okafor with another nice game at 18pts, 16rbs.  Bench was again suspect with Juwan Howard leading the way (as usual) with 9pts but a frightening -13 plus/minus.  Shannon Brown with two ridiculous dunks back to back at the end of the second gave him four points–four of his six for the entire game.  Bonnell just reported that the team signed FA swingman Cartier Martin (yes, that’s his real name apparently–don’t get me started) from the DLEAGUE and we all hope he can turn into another Matt Carroll type “diamond” in the rough (YEAH BABY!).

Lets hope LB was just resting his guys for stretch run of this West Coast trip.  A day off to regroup may be enough for the ‘Cats to take on the suddenly spectacular Nuggets.

Remember all you Bobcats-maniacs: take your vitamins and say your prayers (for Gerald’s swift return).

Enjoy the Loss ‘Cats fans.


One thought on “Charlotte Bobcats @ Trailblazers 1/28/09

  1. Jaxon

    Morrison should not be starting ahead of Shannon Brown. Adam has no game except a jump shot and an occasional 3. And he is not even consistent at that!

    Shannon Brown has got skizzillz. He doesn't play great with a lot of structure, but it sounds like Jordan and the coaches are spending a lot of time with him. If he improves his BBall IQ he could be a serious threat.

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