Bobcats Abound in UNC Alumni Game



UNC basketball launched the 100th year in existence last Friday with an alumni game which featured numerous past and present members of the Charlotte Bobcats organization.

All former Tar Heels were honored with limited edition commemorative watches.

Here is a count down the Top Five highlights from the evening…

5. Phil Ford calling his clock-draining “Four Corners” play half-way through the first half.
4. Carter’s Vinsanity (YouTube Clip)
3. Julius Peppers heading to check in to the game knowing damn well that the Carolina Panthers $16 Million franchise tag prevented him from playing.
2. Sean May getting an much needed ego boost with his 21 points and 10 boards.
1. Seeing Jeff McInnis again. God, I missed seeing him.

Bobcats’ coach Larry Brown was also in attendance and Managing Member Michael Jordan was honored near the end of the game for his future induction into the Naismith Hall of Fame.

A more in-depth analysis on the game can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Bobcats Abound in UNC Alumni Game

  1. Maybe we can get Peppers to play back up Power Forward next year.

    I heard his going rate is $1 million per game.

    Raymond Felton might not get his $7 million per year, if the Cats have to give J Pep $82 million.

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