Bobcats Finish Strong To End Knicks’ Streak


Charlotte Bobcats vs. Knicks, 12/15/09

Home Sweet Home

The Charlotte Bobcats used a 15-2 game-ending run to defeat the New York Knicks 94-87 on Tuesday night at the Cable Box to improve their home record to 9-3 (10-13 overall).  AP story here, box score here.  These two teams came into the game under opposite circumstances: the Bobcats had lost two in a row over the weekend in Texas, while the Knicks were on a season-high four-game win streak.

This was a poorly played game that neither team seemed to want to grab control of.  Nonetheless, the Knicks found themselves in position to extend their win streak to five after a Wilson Chandler three and a Jared Jeffries dunk gave them a six-point lead with just under four minutes left.

Instead, the Bobcats would come alive and dominate the rest of the way.  They tightened the screws on D, forcing several turnovers and allowing the Knicks only one more bucket the rest of the way.  Meanwhile, Flip Murray hit a huge three, Raymond Felton had two great driving layups and Stephen Jackson finished a break with a big dunk as the Cats would score 15 points in the last four minutes to steal the win.

It’s worth noting that this is the exact opposite of what usually happens in Bobcats games — usually it’s the Cats who can’t get any buckets when the opponent tightens up on D.

Gerald Wallace had a monster 15-point first quarter and coasted to a 21 point, 8 rebound, 5 assist, 4 steal performance.  Stephen Jackson continued to take the offensive pressure off the rest of the team by going for 24 points.  Tyson Chandler had a decent game in limited minutes: 8 points on 3-4 FG and 12 rebounds while only committing 2 turnovers and 1 foul (the limited minutes were due to the D’Antoni smallball being played).


  • This was an extremely sloppy game overall, with 22 turnovers for the Bobcats and 21 for the Knicks.
  • The Cats shot poorly from distance (2-15 3PT) but were on point from the charity stripe (19-22 FT).
  • DJ played 11 minutes and didn’t tally a statistic except for a foul.  He’s like the anti-Gerald Wallace.
  • The Bobcats get another good chance to right their road wrongs tomorrow night in Indiana (7PM ET).

-Dr. E

10 thoughts on “Bobcats Finish Strong To End Knicks’ Streak

  1. Ross

    good win. The Bobcats are at least not going down without a fight. I applaud them for actually competing. Gerald Wallace is playing consistently, way to go Gerald. DJ Augustine needs to attend the Bimbo Coles fundamentals workshop. I would like to see the team keep moving in the direction they're heading, great teams don't take shit from other teams cause they got a big name. Ask Anthony Mason if you're not sure what I'm talking about. Anybody seen Chris Dudley lately?

  2. Rumors abound that the Knicks are interested in a D.J. for Nate Robinson swap. ESPN is reporting that Coach Brown wanted the deal done yesterday while MJ vetoed the trade. Seems that Jordan hasn't given up on the little man just yet.

    I wonder if the Knicks would be interested in a larger trade that would send them Diaw and Augustin for Nate and David Lee?

    Although I'm sure that I'm far from the first person to put forth such a trade idea, the move would make sense for both teams both this year and beyond.

    The Knicks would like to dump salary for next season but they'll still need to field a twelve man roster. The combination of Boris and D.J. will only count for $11 million next season and that's quite a lot less than the combo of Lee/Robinson on new contracts.

    The Bobcats meanwhile would have the option of bringing Lee and Robinson back as unrestricted FA's next season or letting them both walk while shedding cap space.

    (maybe spectre can take a look at this deal and find any holes in it)

  3. spectre

    I missed that one ASChin. I mean, I caught the NY paper one, but they said (and I remember) that LB didn't like Nate. As soon as I read the ESPN one I'll comment again.

    Lee is BYC tho, so to get him the deal would have to be in the 12-15 million range.

    Missed the game other than about 2 minutes in the 4th where I got to see Jax make a bad pass, Felton drive too deep and miss a layup (maybe he was fouled), Jax hit a 3 and then Jax let the ball go thru his fingers.

    Was VERY pleasantly surprised to come home and see the win!

  4. spectre

    Knowing LB I have to think he'd want Jeffries. Since he's a negative however I figured if a trade would be made it'd be along the lines of:




    I think that's overpaying (what else is new) but to do a deal with NY and get them to take on salary it'd have to be a little skewed.

  5. Newsinz

    Nate "Class Clown" Robinson? The same guy that is currently rotting on D'antoni's bench after shooting at the opponent's basket after the buzzer? Larry sure is a strange bird sometimes, and I wish he'd save a little of his seemingly endless patience for Flip and give it to D.J. during his certifiable sophomore slump. Hopefully, Jordan's veto is his final answer.

  6. Jared

    I like Nate, but the guy's another too short shooting guard. We need a back up/ future starting pg. That's not Nate.

    If we could somehow get Lee I'd be happy though. Likely? I don't think so.

  7. Jason

    "Ask Anthony Mason if you’re not sure what I’m talking about."

    Word up, Ross. Matt Geiger, Dr. K, and Eddie Robinson have a thing or two to say about that as well.

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