Playoffs Hopes Gone; Fans Watch Horses


There is only one thing Bobcats fans can do to ease the sting of last night’s loss to eliminate our playoff hopes…Watch some damn horses.

That’s right, the Charlotte Jumper Classic (“the nation’s premier equestrian event”) takes place this weekend on the Bobcat’s home court.

I, for one, am ecstatic. This event is going to be great. I completely disagree with Bonnell’s convincing case to move the date because it forces the Cats to end the season on the road. I also disagree when people call the event “stupid”, “lame”, or “wildly pretentious”.

Who cares if the CJC is Bob Johnson’s equivalent to buying his daughter a pony. The Jumper Classic cleanses Charlotte’s palate; after all the monster truck rallies and the NASCAR nights, CrownTown could stand a little equestrianism.

Besides, jockeys like to party. Check out out the clip below for a taste of the Jumper scene.

I’m hopping on the light rail right now to go buy some scalped tickets.

I’ll meet you there.

2 thoughts on “Playoffs Hopes Gone; Fans Watch Horses

  1. Oh $#!t – what an impressive video.

    Old Charlotteans are never going to understand how much change has occurred in the culture of Basketball and Equestrian Competitions.

  2. Those prancing ponies are a sight but…

    HOW CAN BOB JOHNSON allow his daughter on one of those things after what happened to Christopher Reeve!!!

    I am outraged!!!

    He is a completely irresponsible parent. This is the worst case of poor-parenting I've seen since Michael Jackson dangled his infant over the balcony railing at the Vatican.

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