Bobcats Unveil New “Avant Garde” Uniforms



The Charlotte Bobcats released their new uniforms today that we already knew about. They’re pretty sweet even though they look like the Orlando Magic jerseys. You can get your very own for $65 at the Bobcats’ Yahoo store but be sure and get one that belongs to a player that’s not getting traded by December.

The new threads were released via a media blitz which included some overly-dramatic marketing copy:

Juxtaposing history and modernity.

Modern materials meet timeless pinstripes.
Contemporary fonts meet history-invoking marks.
Avant garde orange meets classic blue.

The new Bobcats uniform is here, officially bringing basketball’s past and present together in one new look.

So there you have it. Juxtaposition has happened. History was made.

18 thoughts on “Bobcats Unveil New “Avant Garde” Uniforms

  1. The stripes on the blue aren’t looking so hot. . . I’m sure the orange will be worked in as an alternate down the line.

    I’m really concerned about how this new uniform will look on Rufus.

  2. reggie

    the home jerseys look better than the road ones. i guess if they were released last year (when orlando and NO hopped onto the ‘stripe bandwaggon), then there would be more excitement over them. but they do look nice. i would love to see how an orange alternate goes. maybe with blue stripes.
    thats another thing, we totally lost our originality on this one. too many teams in the NBA wear blue road jerseys.
    remember the black/purple raptor jerseys? those were original and fresh at the same time.

    but im more puzzled by the choice that the marketing team made by only making a few home jersey’s available for pre-order. out of all the players on the team, Gerald and DJ probably have the most marketability.
    so why do they not have a #3 home jersey for sale?

  3. reggie

    i dont think the blue ones are exactly lame, but they are just plain. i welcome the new jerseys….
    but we should be spending the money on players.

  4. RobC

    How many more games will the uniforms get us. Heck i could care less if they play in underware…as long as they start getting some "W". But yes, the home uniform is nice, road is more of the same; they should get an orange alternate!!!

  5. SkidNsnaP

    The white ones definitely look good. A lot of people didn't like the old orange away jersey for some reason, now we only get this plain blue one. Bring the orange one back!

    Does anyone else think $65 for a REPLICA jersey is way too much? Normal swingman jersey's go for $75, sorry I'm a jersey collector and I only get the swingman ones.

  6. That copy about "Juxtaposing history and modernity…" might have taken hyperbole to new unseen heights. Yeah, it's funny that they aren't offering a Crash jersey right out of the gate. Wonder if the conspiracy theorists will point to an impending trade.

    As far as the look… I'm with the consensus.

    This also goes as a reminder of how much Charlotte lost when it lost the Hornets.

    We may have not had many championship banners in those 15 plus seasons but we had the best jerseys in the League (completely original, mind you), the best mascot and best sub-mascot (super-Hugo), some of the best fans (fat guy doing flips), All-Stars, ROYs, a little history (ZO nailing the shot)…

    Don't mean to get all Ron Green, Sr. on y'all but it woulda been nice if Stern would've left the Hornets brand in CLT like the NFL did with Cleveland.

    …anyways, the new Cats white jerseys aren't so bad.

  7. Luke

    Bleah, these look very generic, I prefered the old design. If the orange absolutely had to go, they could have made the blue alternates the standard road jersey.

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