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Monta Ellis and Brandon Bass would make great additions to the Bobcats

No, “Post-Moratorium” is not a medical term for examining dead people.  In the NBA’s case it means that as of July 8, the temporary hold on free agent signings will be over, new cap numbers will soon be announced and teams can start officially trading and signing players as usual.

This is big news for the Bobcats because they can now officially re-sign (or re-sign and trade) Raymond Felton to a new deal.  This would remove his current cap hold of $12 million (300% of his ’08-’09 salary) and give the team a better idea of what their salary situation is as they start bidding for leftover Unrestricted and Restricted Free Agents.

So what should Bobcats fans expect to see in the next few months before the team heads into Training Camp?

This blog’s guess is that you’ll see one of the following two scenarios unfold.


Okafor and Felton are A-OK

In this scenario, the Bobcats play it safe.
From a personnel perspective, they come to the conclusion that with the current lineup they are more than ready to challenge for a playoff spot in the East.
From a business perspective, they conclude that a team very much on the market should not add any unnecessary payroll and should keep lean heading into a potential ownership change.

If this is the direction the organization chooses to go, then expect some very minor tweaks to roster.

  • A veteran backup PF, such as former Terp Joe Smith, will be signed to relieve Boris Diaw.
  • A veteran backup PG, such as Larry Brown fave Kevin Ollie or former Nugget Anthony Carter, will be added for depth and leadership at a key position.
  • Coach Brown will continue to develop youngsters DJ Augustin, Alexis Ajinca, Derrick Brown and Gerald Henderson for the future.  Expect Ajinca and Brown to do a stint or two in the D-League.

Even if the team misses the playoffs in this scenario, they can still look forward to Raja Bell’s $5 million salary coming off of the books in the following summer and will have two more expiring deals (Mohammed and Radmanovic) heading into the ’10-’11 season.

This scenario might sound boring (it is boring) but you have to remember that with Radmanovic, Mohammed, Diop and (soon) Felton, the Bobcats will have four players earning between $6-$7 million per year.  You think they wanna add another deal like that in Brandon Bass?


In this scenario, There Will Be Ink: either on the contracts of a prime free agent and/or on the bodies of Allen Iverson or Monta Ellis.
From a personnel perspective, Higgins, Brown and Jordan decide that the landscape has changed dramatically in the Eastern Conference and that they need to upgrade or risk taking a step back.
From a business perspective, Bob Johnson and Jordan decide that the best way to increase the franchise’s popularity, attendance and, ultimately, its value is for the team to be very, very good.

The Bobcats know that they’re in a bind.  They’re a small market team that’s losing money and have around $60 million in payroll to answer to and praying for a winning season in a conference that just seriously jacked up over the past few weeks.  No less than 8 teams (CLT, IND, WAS, TOR, DET, ATL, PHI, MIA) will be jockying for the final four playoff spots in the East.  In order to bolster their roster, the ‘Cats are going to have to be daring and creative.

In my mind, the Bobcats only have two* assets to play with heading into next season:

  1. Emeka Okafor
    A quality big man who’s better than the suddenly-hyped David Lee.  Still young at 26 and a big cap number around $10 million.
  2. Raymond Felton
    Great presence on and off the court, only 25 years old and the Bobcats could pay him more money for more years in a sign-and-trade.

So, in this scenario, expect big moves to happen.  My personal preference:

Trade Scenario: Emeka to Golden State for Monta Ellis

Okafor for Ellis? - First Unit

Let’s face it.  The Bobcats aren’t going to unload Diop’s contract on anybody anytime soon and they sure as hell aren’t going to unload Mohammed’s contract until at least next summer.  They have over $100 million committed to the center position and they desperately need scoring.

This trade works because the ‘Cats can start Diop (remember that Gana started for Dallas during a playoff run a couple of years back and did fine) and substitute Mohammed for a different look.  Also, Boris is capable of playing some center (as he did with PHX in ’05-’06) when the team goes small.
Meanwhile, Ellis provides an explosive wing player who can play both backcourt positions and who can get to the free throw line as much as anybody.  Monta instantly becomes the Bobcats leading scorer and the clutch shooter that the ‘Cats have needed since 2004.
Of course, Golden State only does this deal if (or when) the proposed Amare Stoudemire for Biedrins/Wright/Belinelli deal goes down.  I doubt that Amare will want to play center every night and an Okafor/Stoudamire/Maggette frontcourt should play very well together.

This trade would give the Bobcats one too many PGs (I have Ellis penciled in as the starting PG) and not enough depth at the four.

Trade Scenario: Felton to Dallas for Brandon Bass

Felton for Brandon Bass? - 2nd Unit

Indulge me for a second.  I know that a sign-and-trade deal like this is difficult (if not near impossible) to pull off and we don’t know if Dallas still has any interest in Felton after reportedly coming to terms with Jason Kidd.  But with Kidd turning 36 and Jet Terry more of an off-guard, perhaps the Mavs would be open to bringing Raymond on board as a backup/insurance policy as they make one last push for the finals with their suddenly aging core.

The move would open up the “true” PG spot on the ‘Cats for DJ to take over and create a great four man backcourt rotation of Augustin/Ellis/Bell/Henderson.
Meanwhile, the Bobcats frontcourt would be stacked with Diaw/Bass/Wallace/Radman/Diop.  Although he’s only 6’8″, Bass has played a lot of Center for the Mavs over the past couple of seasons and could sub in behind Diop when needed for a dynamic Diaw/Bass/Wallace lineup.

I love this roster.

The Bobcats add a scoring, slashing wing who wants to take shots and a skilled, tough rebounder down low.  They have depth at every position and a nice mix of youth, prime and veteran players.  And the best part of all is that they wouldn’t have to add any serious payroll to do it (just the trade exception from the JRICH trade).

This roster is a playoff team now and in great shape 2 seasons from now when only Wallace/Ellis/Diaw/Diop/Bass/Augustin/Henderson will be on the books.

Come on Rod Higgins, work some of those connections that you have in Golden State and get this done!

*I refuse to count Raja Bell’s expiring contract as a potential trade asset as the team needs to stop their 2 year trend of dealing expiring deals for stop-gap help. That said, expect him to be traded after you finish reading this.



POLL : Who Should The Bobcats Sign?

  • Allen Iverson (47%, 23 Votes)
  • Brandon Bass (33%, 16 Votes)
  • Andre Miller (6%, 3 Votes)
  • Linas Kleiza (12%, 6 Votes)
  • Anthony Parker (2%, 1 Votes)

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8 thoughts on “Charlotte Bobcats: State of the Roster | FA ’09

  1. Detroit City

    How do you guys think Charlotte would feel about either one of these trade proposals:

    Detroit gets:

    C Emeka Okafor

    Charlotte gets:

    G/F Rip Hamilton

    Future 1st round pick


    Detroit gets:

    F Gerald Wallace

    C Emeka Okafor

    Charlotte gets:

    G/F Richard Hamilton

    F Tayshaun Prince

    Hamilton's contract runs out one year earlier than Okafor's, and Prince's runs out one year earlier than Wallace's, giving you guys more flexibility in the future considering the purported future ownership change. Prince would be an upgrade defensively to Wallace, and Rip would be a solid starting 2-guard bringing 20ppg, solid defense, veteran leadership and someone to mentor young Gerald Henderson. Also, both Tay and Rip have played under Larry Brown and have a great relationship with him.

  2. dudemanhey

    The 1st scenario is by far the best one. The Cats have plenty of depth and adding a player like Bass or Joe Smith that may –or may not — make the team better is a pointless move.

    PG Felton/Augustin/Jefferson

    SG Bell/Henderson/Jefferson

    SF Wallace/Brown/Radmanovic

    PF Diaw/Radmanovic/Ajinca/Mohammed

    C Okafor/Diop/Mohammed/Ajinca

    Face it, we're stuck with Mohammed's contract for another season. We'd be better off to play him rather than sign a FA of Bass/McDyes/Joe Smith caliber. A player like that does not really make the bobcats enough better to be worth the money.

    Be patient and let Larry Brown work his magic with the roster intact as it is. That s the best option right now.

  3. Detroit City-

    We've been thinking about a Rip Hamilton deal here at the Baseline. It seems that Joe Dumars is collecting former Huskies and Okafor would be a great fit on the frontline with Charlie V.

    I like the first deal a lot more than the second one. I just don't think that Tayshaun is as good as Gerald at this point – especially with Wallace being a full 2 years younger. Although the shorter length of Prince's contract might make the 'Cats at least consider it.

    The biggest issue with either of those deals is Rip's contract. He's 31 years old and is owed $12/year for the next four seasons – finally expiring when he turns 36(!). Now, is Rip a "Reggie Miller" type player who won't degrade seriously with age? That's what the 'Cats would have to determine.

    I would counter offer with:

    Gerald, Emeka


    Tayshaun, Rip, 1st rounder


    Gerald, Emeka, (Diop/Radman/Nazr)


    Tayshaun, Rip, Maxiell

    And then work from there.

  4. dudemanhey-

    "Larry Brown Magic" will prevent Nazr from ever setting foot on the court. Remember that Brown was so disenchanted with Mohammed that the team took on Diop's semi-ridiculous contract midway through last season.

    Also, I really don't see Joe Smith getting any more than a partial mid-level deal this offseason. He'd be good and cheap if the Bobcats can get him.

  5. Detroit City


    I personally like the first option better, as well. Tayshaun has always been a solid 4th option on offense, and he'll continue to play that role with Gordon, Villanueva and Stuckey ahead of him. We need his veteran leadership with our new youth movement, and we'd also be taking a step back defensively if we were to move him.

    Rip's strengths match those of Reggie Miller and Ray Allen, which don't deteriorate with age, so it's more than likely his game will age like fine wine. $12mil is definitely a little steep for the next 4 seasons, but it's not as bad as it seems if you break it down:

    2009-10: First season back with Larry Brown will be invigorating, so expect his best season since the Pistons' championship run in '04. Worth the bucks, and then some.

    2010-11: Will come back down to earth, but will still produce at least 19ppg in Larry Brown's system as the 1st or 2nd option. Not $12mil/year good, but you'd be hard-pressed to find many SG's who could produce at his level with that kind of salary.

    2011-12: Will take at least another step back, and might end up taking a backseat to Gerald Henderson. Will play mentor to the young gunner, role as a solid 6th man, and could be a trade chip considering he only has 2 seasons left.

    2012-13: ~$13mil expiring contract. Enough said.

  6. Detroit City

    Mr. ASChin:

    After analyzing your proposal of Rip/Tay/Maxiell for Wallace/Okafor/Diop, submitting this for consideration to my peers at, and weighing all of our options, I am pleased to inform you that we have reached a consensus and accept your offer.

    We thank you for your cooperation and wish you the best with your future roster.


    Detroit City

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