Delonte West, Cavs Shoot Bobcats Down In Cleveland


Bobcats Charlotte Bobcats @ Cleveland 10/31/09

More of the same tonight at the Q as the Charlotte Bobcats follow up a solid first half effort with only 13 third quarter points and lose to the Cavs 90-79.  Box score here.

1. Find somebody who can score by December 1st and the Bobcats make the Playoffs

The Bobcats played very well in the first half, negating Lebron James and held Cleveland to just 45 points per half.  In the second half, Lebron, Mo Williams and Delonte “Have You Seen This Boy?” West got hot and the Bobcats started playing Hot Potato again, unsure as to who should be shooting the ball and when.  This has to stop in order for the Bobcats to be taken seriously.  Charlotte did a great job of forcing turnovers (17) but committed just as many themselves by taking errant shots or passing the ball two or three too many times.  Cleveland’s Mo Williams led the way for the Cavs with 24 points (including 5-8 from downtown) while the ‘Cats were lead by Vladimir Radmanovic off the bench.  He scored 12 points.

The Bobcats had a very good chance of stealing this game in the third quarter when both teams started slow and if they’d had someone whom they could have gone to consistently for offense they probably would have.  I’m starting a list right now of scorers who could be available to help now.  Thus far: Rip Hamilton, Monta Ellis, Michael ReddPlease send me anymore that you could think of.

2. Silver Linings?

Gerald Henderson played well tonight.  He played 18 minutes and guarded Anthony Parker and Delonte tight on defense but his best play was during a second quarter Cleveland fast break when the rookie raced down the court and pulled a ’05-’07 era Gerald Wallace monster stuff on 6’9″  J.J. Hickson.  The Sequel came out of nowhere and just threw it back.  Play of the game for the Bobcats.  Henderson’s shot selection was mixed (went 2-4 from downtown but 1-4 from in close) but he finished with 11pts and 3rbs.  Not a bad third game in the NBA.

After a shaky start, the Radman finally resurfaced as Vlade dropped 2 of 3 from beyond the arc and played his sneaky good defense mostly against Anderson Varejao.  Speaking of Varejao, the Cleveland broadcast color man calls him “Andy” but does so in such a voice that he basically mimics Morgan Freeman’s “Redd” character from The Shawshank Redemption.  I kept waiting for him to go all sentimental and reflective, “My friend Andy never had the most skill or the most athleticism but devil-be-damned he hustled and that’s what kept him in the League.”

3. On Second Thought, Maybe Raymond Isn’t The Man

After two quality starts to begin the season, Raymond struggled against the Cavs turning the ball over 8 times against just three assists and the team played visibly better when D.J. Augustin came in and took over late in the third and into the final frame.  I’m not “hating” here.  If Raymond could develop a consistent three pointer, he’d be every bit as good as Mo Williams, especially if he was on a team like the Cavs.  For the time being however, the lack of respect the opposing teams have for his jumper makes him a liability in the half-court set.


Nothing new here.  Bobcats play comparatively stellar Defense but can’t score on offense which leads to turnovers which leads to easy buckets by the other team which leads to Charlotte being forced to shoot itself back into the game which is something that they are currently not configured to do.

Cross your fingers Bobcats fans, let’s hope that MJ and Ron Higgidy Higgins got the memo and are working on bringing in reinforcements before it’s too late.

Next up is Brook Lopez and the Nets at the Cable Box on Monday night.  Dr E will tweet you there.


36 thoughts on “Delonte West, Cavs Shoot Bobcats Down In Cleveland

  1. spectre

    Pretty good against the Cavs after the starters logged 50+ minutes the night before…no doubt they were all exhausted, and Felton probably more than most. Why LB didn't pull Felton sooner I have no idea; whenever Felton is tired like that he always gets sloppy with the ball.

    DJ did run the team better this game in that he didn't throw the ball away, but as you noted no one still wanted to shoot so much.

    Don't you think the biggest culprits in our struggles right now are Boris and Crash? Boris took FIVE shots, and Crash goes 4 of 11 in another subpar shooting game where he tries to become a jump shooter in the 2nd half. It was actually pretty amazing that we won the NYK game with them both a combined 9 of 35.

    Until those guys get on track odds are way stacked against us.

    Bonnell says probably no Raja on Monday but both him & Flip will most likely be back on Friday. You want someone who's not afraid to shoot? Here comes Flip! I have a feeling tho that this'll be about as bad as it is good.

  2. John

    how in the world would you go about getting a good scoring player in a trade? is your stingy owner gunna take on rip hamiltons contract? i doubt it. Should have just taken AI at the insanely good asking price of 3.1 million. that was absolutely the blunder of the year.

  3. Was just checking Hollinger stats over at After 3 games, they are just horrifying for the Cats. We are at the bottom of the league in offensive efficiency at 82.9. That is a full 10 points lower than the 29th ranked team.

    Felton's PER is 8.95, Wallace's is 7.24. Average, or "replacement level" is 15. Ouch.

  4. br2850

    We need to make a trade with the Golden State Warriors. Both teams are struggling. Golden State needs defense and we have that. Charlotte needs offense and Golden State has alot of that. Here are some guys we need to go after on Golden State's team :

    Corey Maggate

    Monta Ellis

    Stephen Jackson

    Anthony Morrow

    Klenza Azubuike

  5. J2.0

    NewYork cutting payroll what about

    Al Harrington

    Larry Hughes

    Newyorks gotta want Bells expiring contract

    Id hate to do that to Bell though

  6. br2850

    Trade Raja Bell and Vladimir Radmonavic to Golden State for Corey Magette and Anthony Morrow. Golden State gets great defense in Raja Bell. Vladi can shoot the quick jumpers and threes for Golden State. We get our go-to-scorer in Corey Magette. Anthony Morrow would be the third most athletic guy on our team next to Gerald Wallace and Gerald Henderson. Anthony Morrow would be a great upgrade too our bench.
    This would be the Bobcats new depth chart:

    PG- Raymond Felton,D.J Augustin
    SG- Corey Magette, Flip Murray, Gerald Henderson
    SF- Gerald Wallace, Stephen Graham, Anthony Morrow
    PF- Boris Diaw, Derrick Brown, Alexis Ajinca
    C- Tyson Chandler, Nazr Mohammed, DeSagana Diop

    Now we are three deep at every position except point guard. We got three times faster then before. Are staring lineup becomes a legitimate lineup. Now are team looks like a 6th-8th seed team. Rick Bonnell needs to get this trade to the Bobcats so we can finally start winning.

  7. Guys-

    Thanks for the feedback on potential scorers. Of all of the ones that you've mentioned, I like Al Harrington and Anthony Morrow the most.

    Unfortunately, we'd probably have to pry Morrow away from Larry Riley's cold dead hands as the young sharp-shooter is a fantastic bargain earning just $700k this year and $1 million next season. We'd have to offer a pretty package or take something ugly back in order to get him in the deal.

    The Harrington option would require the 'Cats to send back expiring contracts because Al's $10 million comes off the books this summer and the Knicks want to be players in free agency. The only two expirings on the Bobcats roster are Raja and Raymond. Not sure that I want to ship out the entire starting backcourt for a guy who would be at best the team's sixth man.

    I think the best deal for the Bobcats (and I'm going to get a lot of junk for saying this) is to trade Gerald Wallace. He's still young enough to have 2-3 great seasons in him and he deserves to play for a contender. From the Bobcats perspective, his reckless (read "dangerous") style and offensive limitations don't justify his cap number – especially in '12-'13 when his $11+ player option kicks in at age 30.

    If Portland is still interested and would offer a similar variation of the deal rumored during this summer involving two of these four players:

    Travis Outlaw, Martell Webster, (Rudy Fernandez/Nick Batum Combo) or Andre Miller

    THEN I say make the deal.

    You'd be looking at a nice, balanced team of either:


    Andre Miller/Raymond Felton/D.J. Augustin

    Raja Bell/Gerald Henderson

    Travis Outlaw/Derrick Brown

    Boris Diaw/Vlad Rad/Lex

    Tyson Chandler/Nazr Mohammed/Diop

    *This scenario also allows you to trade Raymond and Raja's expiring for another scorer or proven front-court depth.

    Dr. Dre comes in and runs the team like he did in Philly (he's a BYC player and the trade couldn't go down until after December I believe) and Outlaw is a sweet shooting young SF who could provide some offense when the team is in desperate need of it.


    Raymond Felton/D.J. Augustin

    Martell Webster/Raja Bell/Gerald Henderson

    Nic Batum/Rudy Fernandez/Derrick Brown

    Boris Diaw/Vlad Rad/Lex

    Tyson Chandler/Mohammed/Diop

    *Again, in this scenario you still have the option of trading Raja's expiring deal for depth or combining him with an attractive piece for another scorer.

    Webster can really shoot and would be a great defense/offense combo with The Sequel at the two.

    Nic Batum is known for his defense and would instantly make this team more French (maybe even attracting Tony Parker to the QC in '11-'12? Or at least elicit a statement from Gérard Depardieu?). Combined with Rudy, the two could hold down the SF position much as they do in Portland now.


  8. reggie

    as much as i love that scenerio, i doubt it would happen.
    GS still has this Steven Jackson storm that they want to deal with, and even if it takes them until December, im sure thats their first priority so that they can let Magette become their first option.
    but again, maybe this could be what Steven Jackson wants. what if he was assured the premiere spot without much competition behind him at SF? Vlade? GTFO.

    this trade also gives us 2 more years of payroll than we had with Vlade and Bell (5:3) and i doubt sir Bob Johnson wants to flirt with the luxury tax. i heard he wants to make a Carolina’s horse racing television network and operate it from Alaska.

  9. br2850


    If brown knows whats best for the team he would make this trade happen just like he made the Phoenix trade happen last season. The 2 years of payroll would guarantee we have Wallace, Maggette, and Boris for the next 3 years. Bob Johnson is not going to manger for much longer if we keep losing so he might want this deal done too.

  10. br2850

    I'm sorry ASchin but the trade to Portland dosent help us that much. With the Portland trade we still don't have a legitimate scorer. Take this scenario:

    Bobcats have the ball with 8 seconds to go. The Bobcats are down by 2 on the road at Boston. Nic Batum is inbounding the ball. Who do you pass it to ???

    You can't pass to Ray because he isnt a consistent threat in the fourth quarter.

    Chandler can't shoot in clutch time.

    I've never seen Martell Webster win a game for anyone in the past few years.

    Maybe Boris and D.J would shoot the shot but its not a very good chance they will make it.

    Bottom Line- If we had Corey Maggette, Al Harrignton, Anthony Morrow, or Monta Ellis we would win more close games and maybe games some games in the playoffs.

  11. spectre

    Maggette is pretty much known as a knucklehead, and I question Harrington's BBIQ as well. Morrow isn't going anywhere and tho I love Monta he's a pretty highly paid combo guard who has shown a lot of immaturity lately.

    Webster…coming in young and his injury history combined make him still a risk under his new contract.

    We've targeted Batum before; rumor has it at the beginning of the year last season Portland was after Crash and was wanting to give up LaFrenz' expiring deal along with other parts. We insisted on including Nazr and them including Batum. While they were willing to take Nazr adding in Batum killed the deal.

    I'd keep my eyes on Sacramento first (Kevin Martin) and to a lesser extent Detroit (Rip).

    Here's one on RGM's trade forum that was put up today by a SAC fan:

  12. spectre-

    Kevin Martin would be spectacular and we've talked about that possibility before but I haven't read anything coming out of Sac-Town that says he's not in their long term plans.

    If he isn't then yeah, some combination of Augustin, Raja and Diop or Mohammed works under the cap.

    The deal over at RealGM has Udrih coming back to CLT and I think Raja going to Sacramento. Too much salary coming back the Bobcats way. Think BJ balks at that one.

    I guess the deal that works easiest right now would be Raja/Nazr to Detroit for Rip in a salary dump by the Pistons. Bobcats would take on a lot more salary but by the time Hamilton's deal comes off the books, Gerald Henderson will still be on his rookie deal so if you look at it that way, it kind of makes sense. Plus, what big name free agents are going to sign with the Bobcats in the next few years anyway? They are going to have to nail the draft from this point on. The ghost of Adam Morrison will haunt the team for years to come.

  13. Jared

    I begrudgingly admit that trading Wallace may be the way to go for the future. The Portland scenarios look solid, especially if it works out that we can bring Miller in and send Felton out, though I think Wallace is crucial to the success of Charlotte this season. I'd have to see a really great scorer come in to justify trading him this year.

  14. spectre

    AsChin I think we should keep an eye on SAC; remember the salary dump last season that pretty much turned CHI around (Miller/Salmons for Nocioni). I'm thinking they'd be willing to move Martin if he and Evans can't start making some noise together.

    If someone whispers in BJ's ear that Martin went to Western Carolina and he might sell another ticket or two he might be willing to take on the salary.

    I don't care for Udrih, but I care for Gana about as much so I'm considering those two a wash (not to mention we'd need Udrih with DJ going out and we don't need Gana in either case).

    Ajinca/DJ/Raja for Martin sounds pretty darn good to me.

    You're probably right though; BJ probably won't take on ANY longterm salary. No matter how much he's supposedly "re-engaged"…something tells me that the offers he was getting had more to do with that than any epiphany he might have had about the team.

  15. I think everyone has listed a lot of good ideas for ways to bring scorers to this team. Nevertheless, the major element missing from the Bobcats isn't simply a player that can score. The Bobcats greater need is for an All-Star caliber player.

    For the Bobcats, an All-Star :

    #1. Will get butts in the arena's seats, thus helps to minimize the financial bleeding.

    #2. Will draw whistles, and respect from the officials – especially in the 4th Quarter to decide close contests.

    #3. Will make the rest of this team better, because drawing double-teams will make the rest of this team's unselfish, supporting cast shine.

    #4. Will improve the visibility of the team to a national audience, thus improving the opportunity for sponsorships and an offer from a viable new ownership group.

  16. reggie

    check that out.

    i doubt this gets done unless we throw in a pick and some cash. but this offers Philly a salary dump and gives Charlotte a legit scorer and ticket-seller.

    Philly will also be getting two good defenders and a good rebounder in Gerald (whos contract is still cheaper than AI's anyway)

    imagine this:






    you automaticly become the biggest team in the southeast (well, with ATL) and you get three plauseable dynamic scorers (AI, DJ, and Boris), two excellent passers (Boris and DJ), a legit farce in AI (given the fact he could play anywhere from the 2-4) and Chandler could defend people like Josh Smith along the perimeter.

    AI would automaticly become our franchise player and potential All-Star

    lets be real for a second too: Gerald does run us a high risk high reward, but hes never going to solidify himself as an all-star player–espicially with this terrible marketing.

    but i dont want to be the first to trade away a fan-fav. i find Gerald to be the only reason i watch our cats sometimes.

    but if Philly had Gerald, they could create a tandem between him and Jure Holliday. imagine that two years from now? allys from half court hahaha.

    so. thoughts? like i said, this wont get done unless we give up a pick and some cash most likely.

  17. Don't give up reggie, NEVER GIVE UP!

    Raja and Crash for Iggy???!!! Where do I sign? Not sure what the benefit is for Philly though other than saving cap space and establishing Elton as your go-to guy. AI 2.0 is basically their star.

    Anyways, as we all witnessed tonight against the Nets, the Bobcats HAVE to do something soon if they even want to sniff the Playoffs.

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