Editor’s Note: Baseline Doesn’t Recap Dark Matches


Al Snow and the Job Squad

Faithful Baseline readers may have taken note that our celebrated “Baseline Observations” have been absent over last two games of the season.  This wasn’t an accident.  The Baseline doesn’t recap dark matches.

Bobcats ringside manager Larry Brown sent out The J.O.B. Squad against both the Nets and Magic, losing each game decidedly under the guise of “developing the youngsters.”  Which is why 37-year old Nazr Mohammed played 48 minutes against New Jersey.

Although it was a sour way to end such a sweet season for Charlotte, we here at the Baseline are just getting started with our rad offseason coverage.  Look for our Season In Review posts to begin early next week and 2009 Draft coverage to start soon after that.

Thanks again to all of you for making this the best season yet at Bobcats Baseline.

2 thoughts on “Editor’s Note: Baseline Doesn’t Recap Dark Matches

  1. reggie

    dont blame ya. i wouldnt. but thanks for the awesome season. im looking forward to next year when we dominate the 7th or 6th spot.

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