Effort Questioned in Bobcats’ Loss to Jazz


Charlotte Bobcats vs Jazz, 12/19/09

Road Shenanigans Infecting Home Play?

Hello all — the Bobcats Baseline crew took the night off to celebrate the holidays, so this is just a rudimentary post to provide a place to comment.

The Bobcats dropped one to the Utah Jazz last night, 110-102, at the Cable Box.  All accounts are that the Bobcats troubling pattern of play in road games was on full display for the home fans last night.  AP recap here, box score here, PopcornMachine.net game flow here.

The pattern goes roughly like this: come out flat, fall behind, no production from Chandler, more laissez-faire from Diaw, turnovers from Felton, Gerald Wallace beasting it to keep hope alive, and a furious charge late in the game that comes up short.

Bonnell’s game story for the Observer is heavy on some critical postgame comments that Gerald Wallace made with regards to the starting “4 and 5” — ahem, Boris Diaw and Tyson Chandler.  It’s good to see Gerald taking a leadership role like this.  Let’s hope that the comments are inspiring and not divisive.

Or maybe it would be best if they “inspired” the front office to find a trade for a PF that would fit better than Diaw does right now.  How good would the Cats be with a guy like Millsap, Landry, Bass or even D. Lee at the 4?

We won’t have to wait long to see how the team responds to the loss and Gerald’s comments.  Assuming they were able to fly from Charlotte to New York last night or this morning, the Cats will take on the Knicks (again) at MSG tonight at 7:30 PM ET.

-Dr. E

4 thoughts on “Effort Questioned in Bobcats’ Loss to Jazz

  1. reggie

    oh yea. i had fun.

    E, cant thank you enough man. you got some really nice seats.

    as for the game, it was terrible to see Chandler get out-rebounded by his own teammates. i saw Gerald snag a good bit away from Chandler.

    one stat they wont show you on the box score is the number of times Chandler dropped a pass. its unreal. the man even missed an EASY two handed jam after pump faking the rest of Utah's frontcourt. its quite painful.

    i first thought this trade for Chandler was a wash, but man, Okafor would have a solid 20-10 night easy with Utah–especially after the addition of Jax.

    Gerald Wallace is a man. nothing else to it. if he doesnt get into the all star game, im taking a brick to the side of Stern's face.

    i cant believe how well DJ played. it was a pleasant surprise. he came out, defended, and did everything he had to to get us back in the game.

    i remember telling my dad that if they could get it down to 10 with 4 mins left, we had ourselves a game. but LBs benching of the rest of the starters didnt help much.

    im thinking that in those last 4 mins, with a lineup of DJ, Henderson, Jax, Gerald, and Naz, we walk away at 11-14 instead of 10-15. the other thing im worried about is GW playing tonight after running for the whole game last night.

    ive reached the conclusion that Grahm is a good player, but certainly not NBA caliber. he made several poor decisions that even i would have never made.

    one constant thing i see with the Cats is that they fail to switch on pick-and-roll D. there were times Naz or Chandler were out on the perimeter guarding Deron Williams (who is pretty sick might i add. very quick) and leaving Raymond on Boozer. that should never happen.

    anyway, im thinking that we get a W in NY tonight, but solely because of Raymond, Gerald, and Jax.

  2. Jody

    Hope you had fun at the game Reggie. Looks like DJ had a good game. It seems like there is leadership within the locker room(Crash and Jax). Let’s hope that the others can start feeding off of their energy and bring. Hopefully the comments made post-game by Crash will get the “4” and “5” motivated to play hard and be accountable.

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