Ladies and Gentlemen…Tyson Chandler!


Fresh Off Their Most Promising Season Ever, The Bobcats Dump Salary!

Ladies and Gentlemen...Tyson Chandler!

See, it’s just like the Florida Marlins.  They stock up and win a World Series and then immediately dump payroll and start developing younger players for another run within the next decade. Except with the Bobcats, they win 35 games and dump salaries.  It’s almost identical.

Although my first response to the trade last night was overwhelmingly negative, I’ll try to channel my inner FOX NEWS and be “fair and balanced” in the following breakdown of the trade.


Put on Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief, dress in all-black, sneak a bourbon-filled flask into work and burn another Bob Johnson effigy…admit it, Bobcats fans, we’ve just wasted the past 5 years of our lives.

  1. After the most promising season in franchise history, the Bobcats pull a salary dump; sending a consistently productive player to our former home team for an injured lesser player with a smaller contract.
  2. This move basically states that George Shinn is more willing to spend on a winner than Bob Johnson.
  3. We ran Shinn out of town because he was cheap.  What kind of b.s. karma is this?

  4. Emeka Okafor has averaged a double-double in every one of his 5 NBA seasons.  Tyson Chandler has done it once…while playing with the second coming of Isiah Thomas (the player).  In other news, Michael Jordan has become the second coming of Isiah Thomas (the GM).
  5. The Bobcats were one of the bottom 5 teams in almost EVERY offensive category last season.  They replace a career 14ppg scorer with a guy who averages 8.2ppg.  Make it stop, please, make it stop.
  6. After an early bout with injuries, Emeka Okafor translates his practice of pilates and yoga (ala Kareem) into two consecutive seasons of 82 games.
  7. In 8 NBA seasons, Tyson Chandler has never played in all 82 games.

  8. Tyson Chandler is being lauded as defensive upgrade over Emeka Okafor.  An undisputed key defensive ability is shot blocking.  Okafor has a career average of 1.9bpg.  Chandler?  1.4bpg.
  9. Bobcats fans have ripped Okafor for being offensively offensive.  Wait till they get a load of Tyson Chandler (I’ll give you a preview…  Imagine Dwight Howard’s offensive game.  Got it?  Now take away 3 or 4 of his “moves.”  That’s right…)
  10. The OKC Thunder decided just a few months ago that Tyson Chandler wasn’t worth two stiffs that wouldn’t even be on their roster next season.  Now all of a sudden he’s worth a former Rookie of the Year.
  11. The same doctor who performed Tyson Chandler’s turf toe (or “death toe”) surgery two years ago deemed the toe to be a serious physical liability which rescinded his trade to the Thunder.
  12. Since the Bobcats are too broke to field a summer league team, conduct a proper training camp or retain proper organizational staff, they’ve arranged for Tyson’s physical to be conducted at the nearest Urgent Care facility.  He should pass with flying colors.
  13. Just to reiterate, Tyson Chandler couldn’t consistently average a double-double while playing with Chris-freakin’-Paul on a fast paced team like the Hornets.  What exactly is he going to do on a grind-it-out squad like the Bobcats?


H-H-Hey Kids!  Grab some Limbaugh-Strength Oxycotins everyone and put on your favorite rose-colored glasses, it’s time to take a positive look at this trade!!!

  1. Tyson Chandler is 7’1″.  Okafor is 6’10”.  We have a taller starting center for 60 games a year!
  2. Tyson Chandler likes to dunk the ball…well, actually, that’s his only shot but he does it with AUTHORITY!
  3. That yoga sissy Okafor would never just dunk on somebody.  Must’ve been all that soy estrogen in his system.

  4. Tyson Chandler’s contract expires in 2 Years!!!  Which means we can use that cap space to overpay some other seven footer in 2011…FANtastic!
  5. Tyson Chandler has played in meaningful playoff games.  Emeka Okafor will be playing in meaningful playoff games.
  6. Tyson Chandler is more “passionate” about basketball than Emeka Okafor.  This is apparently Larry Brown’s reasoning for making the trade.  This sets a great precedent, doesn’t it?  My brother just had PCL surgery.  Even though his doctor was consistent and skilled, maybe my bro would’ve been better off with a less talented, less dependable but more “PASSIONATE” surgeon?  By this rationale, Antonio Banderas is also the greatest living actor.

Let’s all be honest.  There is only one real benefit to this trade for Bobcats fans and that’s the fact that it makes the team look more attractive on the open market for a new buyer.  The sooner that Bob Johnson sells this team, the sooner we all get to potentially see a quality organization and Playoff basketball.

And I’m not hating on Tyson Chandler.  I really do hope that he comes in, stays healthy and improves the team.  I hope that I am dead wrong and that this deal plays out similarly to the Larry Johnson/Anthony Mason trade during the Summer of ’96.  Mason came in and put up the best numbers of his career and helped lead the Charlotte Hornets to a then franchise high 54 wins.
Realistically?  I doubt it.
After this move, Coach Brown might have to trade for some new fans.  The current ones just aren’t going to be very “passionate” about the team anymore.


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43 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen…Tyson Chandler!

  1. Yash S

    I was furious at this trade when it was first announced yesterday, but the more I think about it, if we can resign Felton to a reasonable deal and then give Iverson a 2 year deal at the mid-level, it just might work.




    Diaw/Ajinca/Vet. Min. PF


    If Chandler can play in 60-65 games, are you telling me that team couldn't compete for the playoffs in the East? We're still in the same position as we were with Okafor, a fringe playoff team that won't get past the first round, but now without Oak's albatross contract around our necks. And then in 2011, Iverson, Chandler, Diop, and Mohammed all come off the books, LB will probably be gone by then and we can get a new coach and be a player in free agency with a solid core of Felton/Augustin/Wallace/Diaw.

    Again, this is contingent on Chandler being able to play at least 3/4 of the season, but if he can and we sign Iverson, this just might be a shrewd move on the Bobcats part. Anyway to find a silver lining on a trade about which admittedly I'm still not happy.

  2. You guys are great.

    "If" he can play 60-65 games next year???!!!

    Does anybody remember how terrible this team looked when Raja went down in April? When Gerald was out for 10 games? This trade was made for financial reasons and financial reasons only. "Improving" isn't part of the equation it seems until Johnson sells the team.

    My other worry is that Portland may be finally closing in on their long running bid to pry Gerald Wallace away. I could totally see a Martell Webster/Travis Outlaw for Crash deal by the end of the summer.


    Maybe Bob Johnson can just cancel the season out right next year and rerun old episodes of "Good Times" on the Cable Box big screen instead. Isn't that how he used to run BET?

  3. parker

    lol i love the picture, and the caption

    ladies and gentlemen, TYSON CHANDLER!!!!!!!!!!!

    (chandler on ground grimicing in pain)

  4. Yash S

    "You guys are great.

    “If” he can play 60-65 games next year???!!!

    Does anybody remember how terrible this team looked when Raja went down in April? When Gerald was out for 10 games? This trade was made for financial reasons and financial reasons only. “Improving” isn’t part of the equation it seems until Johnson sells the team."

    Hey, when life gives you lemons…


  5. Yash S

    Sometimes I realize the Bobcats could've had a starting five of Paul, Roy, Wallace, Okafor, and Lopez.

    Then I want to go kill a kitten.

  6. I don't know if we would have been able to get Chris Paul because we were third in the draft but I am thoroughly convinced that our team has no future now. I've lived in Raleigh for 16 years and through the mismanagement of the Hornets, Panthers, and now the Bobcats (which is STILL a stupid name for a franchise). There is no silver lining. Felton will be gone to shed salary. Wallace will be traded for a six pack and a lintball at this point. The only thing Charlotte got back in return is the complete and utter disdain of fans everywhere. Chandler does nothing for us that Okafor didn't and chances are he'll probably be injured AGAIN but at this point it doesn't matter. We won't even make the playoffs this year, the next, or for the foreseeable future as long as Johnson, Brown, Higgins, and Jordan are in the front office it does not matter if Johnson is gone if all these people are still in capacity. Hell, the damn Knicks will make the playoffs before we do now. We're not even going to the cellar on our way down folks, we are on a bullet train straight to NBA hell. And here is my sendoff:

  7. reggie

    wouldnt it be great if Ajinca and Chandler beasted this year? and the Cats finished 5th?

    yea. i know i can dream.

    but for the life of this franchise, im hoping for the better.

  8. Jaxon

    The Bobcats need a go to guy, they need points. Neither Chandler or Okafor are that guy. At least Chandler is a better rebounder, and can maybe get the ball more often to someone who can score.

  9. reggie

    LB claims that Chandler can play multiple positions along with Boris and Gerald (wallace).

    so maybe hes looking at the roster like this:

    PG: DJ/Jefferson/ (Felton when or if he signs)/Boris?

    SG: Bell/Gerald(henderson)

    SF: Gerald/Boris/Derick

    PF: Boris/Gerald/Derick/Radman/Chandler

    C: Chandler/Diop/Nazr

    the reason why LB wanted Chandler was probably because hes a better perimeter defender. but thats if hes healthy…

    im baffled. LBs ways make no sense to me at times, but im willing to give it till thanksgiving.

  10. I think this was the Bobcats way of participating in the NBA Cares program. Giving Emeka to New Orleans was such a kind gesture by the organization.

    With the Bobcats obvious need of offense / playmaker / seat-filler following this trade, I'm really thinking that Allen Iverson has got to be headed to town.

    So the new starting five of DJ, Raja, Gerald, Boris, and Tyson looks like a fine way to tempt Mike D'Antoni to take over as the new Bobcats coach when Lebron turns down the Knicks next summer.

  11. reggie

    Yash S:

    wouldnt Vlad's contract be expiring as well that year? so maybe we would be able to move him that year.

    but its not like we can say "Carmelo, come on down!!!" or anything like that. it all comes down to bob johnson being reminded that he owns a failing team.

    hell, the old BET was better than the state of the team right now.

  12. spectre

    Hollinger? The same guy who said Kerr should have been wearing a ski mask when we did the Richardson/Diaw, Bell trade? That guy?

    He just went on a rant…QCH showed stats to back his statements up.

    Brett at QCH actually follows the team…but if you'd prefer a national columnist that doesn't and bases everything on his formula then that's up to you.

    Just be prepared to be wrong.

    That "massive red flag" was the doctor saying that it's possible that injury could affect him over time. He's only under contract with us for 2 seasons.

    You average out those years and the games played by Mek & TC are almost exactly the same. If they play over 70 I consider that pretty much a full season as everyone misses a game or two due to the rough schedule. If you look at Mek's career he had 2 seasons where he only played 67 & 73 besides the one where he only played 26.

  13. Alright spectre, if I'm wrong and Tyson has a better year than Emeka and the team makes the playoffs then I'm sending you my Autographed Replica Primoz Brezec jersey.

    What are you putting up?

  14. spectre

    I never said he would have a "better season"…but I think Chandler fits our needs better than Mek does. If TC can stay healthy (which is never a given with bigs who's had ankle issues…and that includes Mek as well) I think he will help us more than Mek would.

    Didn't Mek frustrate the hell out of you with his passion less game? Playing under the rim and being the most blocked C in the league? And not by other Cs…small guards repeatedly blocked his shot when he'd continually bring the ball down to their level vs. keeping it high.

    I liked Mek a lot…but I'm not going to ignore his shortcomings. I know you've heard the famous "Mek, just dunk the damn ball". Or how about "It'd be nice if we had a Center that can run the pick and roll".

    A Primoz jersey? LOL, that'd be hard to top! I could offer my Rufus bobble head but I think that's majorly overpaying.

  15. spectre


    Have you guys looked at the career games played between the 2? Chandler had 6 years out of 8 where he played the whole season. Last year he had a recurring ankle injury (sort of like Mek in year 2?), but he tried to come back too soon so it didn't heal.

    Check out queen city hoops if you think we lost this trade so badly…maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised.

  16. Jeffrey

    I am a Hornets fan that attended many games and just thought these references were hilarious and on the mark. Very entertaining writing

  17. Charlie

    Traded Okafor so Ajinca could come an get more PT to be a beast, and DJ is gonna be a great defensive player.. Okay that probably wont happen but we need to re-sign Raymond Felton soon because he is one of fastest PG's in league, now we have one of faster Center's in league. Might as well run the Tar Heels fastbreak offense.

  18. Michael Procton

    Jaxon, Chandler is NOT a better rebounder than Okafor by any measure.

    spectre, what is it that you think Chandler does that fits our needs? Having a longer neck? More tattoos? Scrappiness?

    Okafor, passionless? How do you figure? Because he suited up every night for the last two years while Chandler was on the bench in a sportcoat? Because he didn't do a dance every time he made a block or mean mug every time he put the ball in the basket? Isn't having a jumpshot a requirement of a center that can run the pick and roll? If so, we took about eight steps back in that department. Chandler's offensive "arsenal" makes Okafor look like Wilt.

  19. spectre


    You'll be ok; you're just going thru the 5 stages of grief. Looks like you're well into denial and anger; soon you'll be on the road to acceptance.

  20. Jared

    Let's not forget that Okafor contributed to those 30 win teams as well. He didn't "lead" the Bobcats anywhere special.

    Chandler may not be better than Okafor, per se, but he's not significantly worse either. The stats show that. Chandler's career scoring average is significantly less, but Okafor takes significantly more shots per game. Chandler's FG% is higher than Meka's. Their rebounding stats, advanced stats anyways, are identical. The true knock on Chandler is his health. Chandler and Okafor have both had injury plagued seasons, but Meka does seem to be the more durable player right now.

    If Chandler can average 70+ games a season for 2 years, we're not really losing anything talent-wise.

    In terms of making a playoff run next season, I think we lose some continuity and chemistry, though long-term, it might have been time to blow it up.

    I think sentimentality is causing many of us to over-value Okafor's contributions. He's a really solid NBA player and I was happy to have him on the team, but I'm honestly not that upset to see him go.

  21. The tough part about this trade is that we'll get another close inspection of the Chris Paul / Raymond Felton comparison.

    While Paul has become an Olympian, All-Star, and a post-season regular, Felton has delivered the Bobcats with 30 wins yearly and consistent trips to Myrtle Beach. Now we get to see how much of better player Chris Paul will make Okafor as a teammate.

    Perhaps, the negotiations with Felton's agent reached a point where they decided that if Felton wanted a Chris Paul kind of contract, he should show us what he could do with Tyson Chandler, some Euro dude with a beard and a super athletic small forward.

  22. Jared


    I'm not ignoring the cap room at all. When you're getting roughly equal talent back, a salary dump is not a pejorative.

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