New Years Eve Party Hosted by Some Bobcats


I must be on some kind of high class Bobcats spam list because I just received this exclusive invitation to hob nob with Charlotte athletic elite…


20 TVs, Party favors, balloon drops, Flip Murray talking about the “good ‘ol days”, Stephen Jackson (wasted) hitting on your girlfriend; I can’t imagine a better way to ring in 2010.

So I visited for more info (as the invite instructs), waited 3.2 minutes for the Flash site to load, and I found the photos at the bottom of this post.

It seems that this place draws a smaller crowd than the Bobcats do.

At least the Dom is on ice.

If anyone goes to this, please report back with some pics.

Happy New Year Bobcats fans.

935-1 935-2


4 thoughts on “New Years Eve Party Hosted by Some Bobcats

  1. Newsinz

    Should I (or anyone else, for that matter) know who Cookie Kev, Yomie, or the Big Business Boyz are? Me thinks leaving those fine gentlemen off the flyer would probably generate a more positive response. Just a thought.

  2. I like how they couldn't even bother to spell DJ Augustin's name correctly.

    And once he pays his taxes and gives his agent his cut, is Flip Murray really a millionaire?

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