Rip and Tayshaun for Wallace and Okafor?


Rip and Tayshaun for Wallace and Okafor?

Some fans over at posted some comments earlier today theorizing a potential Rip Hamilton for Emeka Okafor swap.  Then came a second hypothetical scenario in which the Pistons and Bobcats would also swap Tayshaun Prince and Gerald Wallace in the same deal with the Bobcats getting a little something back in compensation such as a prospect or a future Piston 1st Rounder.

At first, this deal sounds ludicrous.
You’d be dealing a 26 year old Top 10-15 center and a 27 year old face-of-the-franchise forward for a 31 year old shooting guard who’s owed over $48 million over the next four seasons and a wispy 4th option small forward whose biggest impact in the League came almost a half decade ago.

But then I started to think about it…

Why trade Okafor for Rip?

  1. Rip Hamilton is on the hook for $49.5 million over the next four seasons.
  2. Emeka Okafor is owed $62.7 over the next five.
  3. The Bobcats have two players behind Okafor who make the full mid-level and the team has recently inquired about the availability of Samuel Dalembert.  The other two centers (Gana Diop & Nazr Mohammed) are basically unmovable due to bloated contracts.
  4. Even though Rip will be 36 when his contract expires, his game and his build is much like that of Ray Allen or Reggie Miller.  He should be productive for at least the first three of those seasons, after which he turns into a huge expiring contract.
  5. The Bobcats desperately need scoring and since Larry Brown tends to favor players he’s coached before, it would not be a reach to suggest that a deal for Hamilton would be attractive to LB.

Ok, so that kind of makes sense but Wallace for Tayshaun!!!???

  1. Larry Brown likes defenders at the SF and likes guys that he’s familiar with.
  2. Tayshaun’s contract pays him $21.5 million over the next two seasons.
  3. Gerald’s contract pays out $41 million over the next four seasons.
  4. Over the past 5 seasons, Tayshaun has played in 82 games every one of those seasons.
  5. Over those same 5 seasons, Gerald has logged: 75/55/72/62/71 games played.

Yeah I know, Gerald is the face of the franchise and it would really suck to lose two of our home-grown guys for players whose prime may or may not be behind them.

But what if JoD sweetened the pot with this:

Nazr Mohammed’s contract for Jason Maxiell.

ESPN Trade Machine: Rip/Okafor PT1 Trade Machine: Rip/Okafor PT2

Could it be anymore perfect?

Although the Bobcats would take on an additional $250k in the deal, over then next five seasons, they’d save arond $35 million in payroll (which is apparently a good thing for a franchise up for sale).

In the meantime, Charlotte could compete immediately in the Eastern Conference with a balanced, veteran squad and would be in position to go after whomever they wanted in Free Agency during the summer of 2011.
With Hamilton on the roster, Raja would be expendable so there would be a potential for the ‘Cats to package Vlad Radmanovic and Bell together in order to complete the long rumored Dalembert trade (another big expiring deal in 2011).

Rip Tayshaun and Dalembert - First Unit

The first unit would feature five strong defenders and a dependable wing scorer (for once) in Hamilton.

Rip for Okafor - Second Unit

The reserves would feature two very promising younger players (Augustin and Maxiell), a potentially promising 1st rounder in Gerald Henderson and a dependable, defensive-minded center in Gana Diop.

A Win-Win Deal

From Detroit’s perspective, they hit a homerun.

  1. They get a HUGE upgrade at center in Okafor (to replace Kwame Brown).
  2. They get a dynamic wing player in Gerald Wallace to team with Charlie V and Emeka in a completed revamped frontcourt.
  3. Suddenly, Detroit’s core players go from early-mid 30s to all under 27.  Amazing.

It all sounds great but I’m still kind of torn.  If the Bobcats had decent (or settled) ownership, maybe it would be a better idea to hold on to Emeka and Gerald and build for the future.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case and the organization finds itself needing to make the playoffs and grow the fanbase while not adding to the payroll.
If the above scenario unfolds, those things just might happen.


27 thoughts on “Rip and Tayshaun for Wallace and Okafor?

  1. This trade would result in about 4 more wins. Not enough to warrant the deal.

    The two most recognizable faces of this barely-loved franchise would be swapped for guys that were All-Stars in their past.

    It doesn't seem like enough to get anyone excited about the team. More so, it seems like a waste in the "fan equity" that they built with Okafor and Wallace.

  2. MrHerb

    Gerald > Prince

    Just trade Okafor for Rip+Maxiell and keep Gerald. But I’m not high on trading Mek, he has too much value to this team and Dalembert is just a more athletic version of Diop.

  3. RobC

    Sorry, Bell is not included in the "for years to come" comment. But his contract of $5.5M will be due and we can use that as a trading bait (Bobcats also have $2M trade exception) or resing some SG in 2010 for up to $4-6M per year. That amount should get us someone pretty good.

  4. RobC-

    If you have any pull with the Suns organization, then lets get this deal done!

    Unfortunately, I don't think PHX settles for Okafor and Radman in return for Amare.

    The proposed deal before the trade deadline had Golden State sending Biedrins, Wright, Belineli and Stephen Curry for Stoudamire.

    Even removing Curry from the trade, the Warriors offer still looks more attractive. Biedrins doesn't have the offensive repertoire of Emeka (that's the last time I'll ever write about Okafor's offensive repertoire, btw) but he is a solid defender and rebounder. You add a potential 10 year starter in Wright and the Suns would set themselves up for a long time on the frontline.

    Plus, I'm not sure if Amare re-ups in CLT after next season and how does he gel with a defensive-minded coach like Larry Brown?

  5. Reggie-

    I'm hearing you and completely agree from a Bobcats fan perspective.

    My point with this post is that the franchise is broke, loves doing things on the cheap, up for sale and desperately needing to make the playoffs to attract new fans.

    I think Coach Brown could take the above roster to the post-season this year while saving the organization around $30 million. That's the ONLY reason why I'd think the trade would have a chance.

    …but yeah, I agree from a longtime Charlotte NBA fan's perspective, the trade would be an emotional kick to the groin.

  6. reggie

    not your best trade scenerio.

    the key for me is making a trade where the ‘Cats either almost or do hit a home run. this one is good for the ‘Cats, but this trade makes Detroit insanely better. Rip may be the only bright spot in this trade for the ‘Cats, but trading Wallace isnt going to help the team (unless we get a super C in return).

    even though Minny wouldnt do it, your Jefferson trade would have been a grand slam for the ‘Cats.
    i believe that the team first needs to find a superb C, who can play offense and defense, first, then start focusing on scoring. you got to have a foundation in the post, and right now, we have no foundation.
    of corse we slip in Okafor at C every night, but the man gets eaten by bigs like Howard, Shaq, and when Yao plays, his height and ability to spread the court creates massive problems for Mek.

    if we’re gonna pull a blockbuster trade, i think it has to fortify our weak-ass post play. thats where most of the scoring should be coming from.

  7. RobC

    That is a real tough scenario, since you're hurting the fans which are the initial issue for this team. But I would also like to refer to you another trade, that makes a lot of sense for both teams and it would work wonders for our fan base. It works great in the trade machine and I can argue the -1 win effect with anyone. The problem is that I'm not sure if Phoenix woul like to make another trade with us.

    Phoenix get: Okafor and Radmanovic & (maybe a future Pick)

    Charlotte get: Amare and Amundson

    Phoenix also gets a young solid defensive and rebounder C/PF projected to be a starter for a long time in Okafor and a big combo F that can shoot in Radmanovic. They also get to clear over $35M for next summer (maybe more since Radmanovic and Richardson are $20M of expiring contracts by the end of 2010) if not then they wait 1 year and clear an additional $20M for the summer of 2011.

    Charlotte will get a big athletic and solid C/PF who's a great scorer and rebounder in Amare who will be glad to play by Diaw. By the time Amare's contract is due (2011) Nazr's contract will be due we'll be able to resign Amare for a decent contract. We will have a really competitive starting five in: Amare, Diaw, Wallace, Bell and Felton for years to come; and a decent bench in Diop, Amundson, Brown, Henderson and DJ.

    What are your thoughts. I honestly think this could be more real than the Jefferson for Okafor trade. Just guessing (or dreaming).

  8. dudemanhey

    Personally i think the Cats should be play-off bound this season with Larry Brown coaching a healthy roster for a full season. And i mean the current roster.

    The above mentioned scenarios just don't get it done. I understand wanting a low post scorer. I think Rasheed Wallace would have been great. And Maxiell would be good too, but he's not worth swapping Okafor for. The Cats would be downgrading their post by swapping Okafor & Mohammed for Maxiell & Dalembert.

    If tweaking the roster is a must, here are 3 different options that i 'd like to see :

    1)Packaging Bell & Mohammed together for Rip Hamilton. Throw in Ajinca for some cash or a draft pick if necessary to get the deal done

    2) Mohammed for JJ Redick. Mohammed could be Gortat's replacement as Howard's back up and JJ might be a lift off the bench as a three point specialist. Pus, the cats ditch Mohammed's contract and Redick would draw some Duke fans.

    3) Sign a FA on the CHEAP. Either a veteran on his way down (Jamal Magloire, Juwan Howard, Donyell Marshall), or an unproven young player that might be a gem under LB if given the chance to play (Sheldon Williams, Cedrick Simmons, Sean May, Walter Hermann).

  9. dudemanhey

    But i like Radmanovic. I think he can be an offensive lift off the bench at the PF.

    With Augustin, Henderson, and Brown, plus Radmanovic on the 2nd unit – that's 4 players who should be able to create their own shots, play D, and hopefully put points on the board.

  10. reggie


    i have no doubt that coach could take this team–with this trade–to the playoffs. the only big problem i have with the franchise is just that though.

    why should we, as loyal fans, only be satisfied with a short lived playoff run? i think we should make a trade/signing that will launch us into the top 5 of the east and into the 3rd round.

    and yea, the emotional nuke wouldnt be good for the city either hahah.

  11. That’s all fine and dandy money wise, but I don’t think it makes the team much better, it might even make us worse. Okafor is about all we got going on down low right now and to trade him for Dalembert at that position would be ridiculous. The Bobcats need a BIG 5, not a skinny shot blocking specialist, but someone that dominates the low post and can body up with the East centers of Perkins, Howard, O’Neal, etc.

  12. dudemanhey-

    I like the Bell/Mohammed deal for Hamilton (I think it would work cap-wise if you add in the trade exception) but I'm not sure that:

    a) The Pistons would go for it. All they get is financial relief.

    b) The Bobcats would go for it. You are essentially trading $18.2 million in salaries for $49.5 – and the 'Cats aren't exactly in the best financial shape.

    As far as on-court value, it's a great deal for Charlotte and a big upgrade at the SG position.

  13. Detroit City

    The Pistons would never trade Hamilton for Bell and Mohammed. Detroit's already tried Mohammad as their starting center (remember, Charlotte acquired Mohammad from Detroit for Brezec and Herrmann), and I can safely say that the Pistons would rather give Kwame Brown the starting job than Nazr, since our main deficiency is a defensive-oriented, startling-caliber center.

    Also, the reason Hamilton is the odd-man-out is because Detroit has a glut of guards after the signing of Ben Gordon (Gordon, Stuckey, Hamilton, Will Bynum, Arron Afflalo, perhaps Deron Washington). Trading Hamilton for Raja Bell doesn't help that problem. If we wanted a shooting guard, we'd just keep Hamilton.

  14. Jared

    Haha, nice points D City.

    I can honestly say there is no single player on the Piston's squad that I really want on our team. Sure Detroit has some talent but not worth it for what Charlotte would have to realistically give up.

    I've said this before. Instead of a desperation trade to shed Nazr from our roster this season, the most likely and probably best scenario for Charlotte is to eat his salary now and trade him when his contract expires. That's the only time that Nazr is going to have real trade value. Any trade this season either:

    A) looks good but is far from realistic

    B) short sighted and probably bad for the team or

    C) an exceptional stroke of good fortune(maybe not quite Pau Gasol to L.A. good fortune, but still…)

    The team has made several short sighted moves to add bad contracts. Vlad-Rad looked like a good move when Wallace was hurt and we had a chance to make the playoffs. We have a team now that, if they play disciplined, can push for the playoffs. That should keep us happy now and make us look like a really nice FA destination in a couple years when some big contracts come off the books.

    I'm still not opposed to signing AI, but only because it's a gamble with a big off if it works

  15. Brown just had a heck of a summer league in Orlando with the Jazz. Not sure that you put a lot of stock in those games though.

    On another note, Adam Morrison is in Vegas playing for the Lakers summer league team. Embarrassing.

  16. reggie

    ive been thinking… maybe we shouldnt do some move this summer just 'cause.

    lets think realistically for a second. not that many good, young veterans are going to want to sign with the cats. im sure Bass looked at the offer from the Cats and was like "only when im homeless".

    the only moveable parts we have–and can afford to move–are Felton and Okafor. each player will be able to draw talent and Okafor would be a budget relief if we could move him.

    moving Nazr SHOULD be atop Higgin's to-do list, but theres no way we move him this year without taking some trash. next year will be the year we move him if we do, but im starting to think we should just hold onto him until his 3mill a year rolls off the books.

    the same goes for Radman too. theres no way a *smart* NBA team will just absorb giant contracts. especially with the economy dissolving as we speak.

    and yes, the league is getting more well-rounded and competitive. but maybe this is just what we needed to boost ourselves. i do know that the Cats almost always play 100% better against elite teams.

  17. Jared

    Not to quibble, but trading Meka isn’t really a budget relief. Not if we want to stay competitive. You have to pay for starting centers in this league and though you can argue that Okafor is over-paid, you could probably make the same argument for half of the starting centers in the league. We’re going to have to pay for good players, just a fact.

    Besides that I like to hear that I’m not the only one who sees future moves that make the team better are far better than desperation moves today.

  18. Well, looks like Bass just signed with Orlando so the Bobcats miss out on another one.

    I think MJ alluded to this a year or two back, saying that a team like the Bobcats won’t be a free agent destination and that the only way that they’ll ever get better is through trades and the draft. Bass ignoring the team’s tepid overtures is a prime example of this.

    Keep on the lookout for a big trade like the one above but more likely, the Bobcats head into the season with the same (or very similar) roster as last years.
    36-46 anyone???

  19. MrHerb

    David Lees production is overrated. This guy plays on a bad rebounding team, so it's no surprise he grabs 12RPG. He also doesn't have an offensive skillset or plays defense. And now he demands 12million a year.

    I also want to mention, how can you say that Brown is a Gerald Wallace replacement? Brown hasn't show anything yet, and I'm sure his role will be like Cartier martins last year. He just adds some depth to our bench

  20. Jared

    It’s too soon to know how Brown will pan out, but the guy has some game. I wouldn’t call him the next Wallace, but I like what I saw in summer league.

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