Wallace Powers Bobcats to Ugly Win Over Nets


Charlotte Bobcats vs. Nets, 11/2/09

The Skinny

The Bobcats move to 2-2 (2-0 at home) with an ugly victory over the Nets: AP recap here, box score here, Bonnell story here.  Quick caveat/reminder here: I was out of town for the first three games and only saw highlights/recaps/boxscores, so this was my first full game.  I say that because I hadn’t realized just how offensively challenged the Cats were.  I mean, I knew on an intellectual level, but to see it in person is horrifyingly reinforcing.

At home, against a fellow Eastern Conference lottery team missing its best player (Devin Harris), the Cats struggled mightily out of the gate.  After 9 minutes of the first quarter, the Cats had more turnovers than points, but only trailed 12-4.  Both teams picked it up a bit in the second quarter, with the Nets maintaining an 8 point cushion at the half.  Then, halfway through the third quarter, the Nets began a stretch of ineptitude that made the Bobcats slow start look like child’s play.  With the score 48-39, the Nets would not score for over 9 minutes, whilst the Bobcats practically exploded for a 24-0 run and a 63-48 lead.  From there, the Cats would coast to victory.

To say it was all ineptitude on the Nets’ part would be disingenuous — the Cats did play very good defense during the stretch.  And Gerald Wallace had a strong game, eventually totalling 24 points (7-14 FG, 10-13 FT), 20 rebounds (7 offensive) and 4 steals.  DJ came to life with 21 points.  But that’s it for the positives.  Otherwise, this was a dreadful game between two bad teams that was hard to watch.

The Bobcats shot 24-74 for 32% and 1-15 from 3PT.  Raja Bell returned to the lineup with a 1-8 night; Radmanovic shot 0-7.  Diaw’s line looks OK, but we need him to be contributing more.  Both he and Chandler look like they are going at 80-90% and need to round into mid-season form pronto.  Despite not getting much from Bell, Radmanovic, Felton or Graham, Gerald Henderson only played 4 minutes.

As currently configured (and barring Flip Murray going for a career best 16+ PER and 25+MPG or Gerald Henderson turning into Brandon Roy) the Bobcats aren’t going to sniff the playoffs this year.  Sorry, Baseliners, just isn’t going to happen.  We just had to play our starters/veterans extended minutes with a superhuman effort by Gerald Wallace to eek by the Nets (who were without their best player and are essentially rebuilding with a shot at getting Lebron next summer) in an excruciatingly ugly game.  That’s where we are.

Quick Thoughts

  • Weeks ago, without looking at the schedule, I had written something about wondering what the attendance would be for the first Mon/Tues night game against a non-marquee Eastern Conference team.  We got our answer tonight: no more than 5,000.  That’s generous; upper deck was almost completely empty.
  • Both Michael Jordan and Bob Johnson were at the game.  MJ in his usual seat at the end of the bench, BJ at midcourt (at least for the first half, didn’t come back out for second half).  Must be a weird dynamic there.  Conspiracy theory: Jordan puts this crummy team on the court, knowing that it drives BJ’s selling price down, maybe so low that he can buy controlling stake?  Conspiracy theory falls apart as it presupposes that Jordan has a clue what he’s doing in helping to put the roster together.  He’s never shown that he does.
  • During a particularly grueling stretch in the 2nd quarter, a fan in the section behind the Bobcats bench yelled for Jordan to sub himself into the game (yes, you can hear this stuff when there’s only a few thousand people in the arena).  Everyone in section cheers and laughs, Jordan puts his head in his hands and chuckles.
  • Raymond-hating note of the game: Raymond gets home-cooking on his turnover numbers.  Late in the second quarter, I had an unofficial count of 5 Raymond Felton turnovers — official count at the time was 3.  I may have to start paying closer attention to this.  It is noteworthy, as Raymond’s official totals on the year are 18 assists:20 turnovers.  For comparison, Aaron Brooks’ ratio for the year is 34:14.  Just sayin…
  • Be sure to check out our Twitter feeds for more thoughts, including plenty of in-game tweeting: mine and ASChin’s.
  • A few days off before the next game, hosting the Hawks at the Cable Box on Friday night at 7PM ET.

-Dr. E

13 thoughts on “Wallace Powers Bobcats to Ugly Win Over Nets

  1. reggie

    bob johnson? as in that ghost that bought the team way back when? HE was at the game??????

    wow. maybe the cats WILL make the playoffs.

    (but seriously though, somebody get Philly on the phone ASAP)

  2. Let us all pray that The Sequel turns into Brandon Roy and Flip puts in a career season. That's about the only way in which the 'Cats turn it around this season without further complicating their salary cap situation.

    As it stands now, the team is in salary cap hell until the summer of 2011 when Raja, Raymond (if he's not re-signed), Mohammed, Chandler and Radmanovic will all be off the books. The only albatross remaining will be Gana Diop's re-donkulous contract which brings me to my next point:

    Why isn't Coach Brown playing Diop more? You are on the hook with this guy for ~$7 million/year until '12-'13, it's time to start developing this dude or risk turning him into a Malik Rose or Samuel Dalembert tackling dummy.

    I've been thinking about the proposed Rip Hamilton trade and I think the ONLY way the team should make it is if Detroit takes Diop back in return. The Pistons would still save $5 million/season after Raja or Raymond's deal expires so maybe throwing in Lex or Derrick Brown would sweeten the pot. If the Pistons don't take Diop back in the deal, then under no circumstances make it. Let the team struggle for this season and next and then go into the summer of 2011 with a boatload of cap space and try to Run The Organization The Right Way.

  3. reggie-

    All I can say is…Wow.

    Looks good but I don't think Michael Jordan is capable of understanding any of this. Also, don't AI 2.0 and Crash sort of play the same position? I think Kevin Martin coming to the QC makes more sense if you are gonna keep Wallace.

    Still, I admire the passion!

  4. reggie

    so Jeremy was talking about “dont trade Gerald” right?
    well, ive sort of come up with something that may work.

    Raja Bell (from Charlotte)
    Jason Kapono (from Philly)
    Speddy Claxson (from GS)
    all expiring contracts that would add up to about 12 million at the end of the year.

    Charlotte would get:
    Andre Igudala (from Philly)
    yea, this does add some more to some payroll, but this team becomes stacked with Raymond/Iggy/Gerald/Boris/Chandler as its starting 5

    Philly would get:
    Stephen Jackson (from GS)
    Nocioni (from Sac)
    these contracts are lengthy though, but they will take on a very decent Jackson and a slightly above mediocre Nocioni that could come off the bench for solid production

    Golden State would get:
    Kevin Martin (from Sac)
    Vladimir Radmonovic (from Charlotte)
    a super-dynamic scoring duo of Martin and Monte in the backcourt. imagine the possibilities. but they would have to absorb the contracts as well.

    so baisicly, Sac just frees itself up for a major signing this summer (maybe) and the Cats, 76ers, and Warriors get scorers.

    (yes, this trade will work)
    for the Cats; this way, people show up to see Iggy and Gerald break the rims every night. Iggy becomes the all-star. Boris has a field day throwing lobs to Gerald, Chandler, and Iggy. MJ and Bob get rich.
    works for everybody.

    thoughts? or am i just crazy?

  5. CharlotteHokie

    Really think it'd help attendance if the Bobcats got the sports talk radio hosts talking about it. The Mac Attack gives minimal airtime to the Cats, and I think just getting folks talking about them could boost attendance. 680 the Fan literally carried the Thrashers in Atlanta for a while, just sayin…

    Now onto the game; 1-15 from 3 pt? Wowsa. The Cats need some offense in a hurry, and I'm not seeing anyone who may potentially provide it outside of Gerald W and DJ. Gerald Henderson I think will be a great defender, and excellent player for the Cats, but he fits the Bobcats mold perfectly as he's an athletic, solid player defensively, with a terrible jump shot.

    However; I'm feeling very good about our defense, and if we can keep Bell-Diaw-Chandler healthy AND in shape, we'll have a shot to beat anyone.

  6. RobC

    Hey Joe Dumars is desperate to open cap space for next season as well, since he wants to be a buyer. Hamilton and Maxiell have become expendable in that team. how about this trade:

    Detroit Gets: Felton, Bell (Expiring Contracts) and Diop

    Charlotte Gets: Hamilton, Maxiell and Bynum

    That'll give us scoring and reboumding which we need, without sacrificing anything in defense. Detroit will dump $10.7M at the end of the season.

    The Bobcats will look like this:

    PG: DJ/Bynum/(Murray can also play PG)

    SG: Hamilton//Murray/Henderson

    SF: Wallace/Graham/Brown

    PF: Diaw/Maxiell/Radmanovic

    C: Chandler/Mohammed/Ajinca

  7. reggie

    idk how we could get Philly to bite though. thats the biggest problem. maybe a pick going to them from us and a pick to Sac from GS. i mean, we pretty much are taking Philly's star, but id be willing to take a Steven Jackson/Jure Holiday relationship for about 3 years.

  8. reggie

    Iggy is a Joe Johson type of player. meaning hes listed as a SG, but is tall enough to do whatever he wants.
    id put him at SG if i was MJ. because you become an ATL type of contender, but with better defense and ball movement.

  9. RobC


    I also like the trade reggie suggested, but this one is simpler for MJ to understand and I beleive is more realistic.

    1.)Rip is expendable for Detroit and Dumars would love to get rid of his contract now that he has Ben Gordon.

    2.)Maxiell has played like 20+ minutes so far for the season (not per game).

    3.)Also, as a backup PG, I can argue that Felton is better than Bynum. (Plus he is an expiring as well as further trading bait)

    My only concern is how willing is Joe dumars to take on Diop's contract. Still, the fact that they will clear $10.7M at the end of this season will be more than appealing for Dumars. ESPN reported that he tried to swap Ty Prince for Steph Jackson at the begining of the season. He might be still able to do that and he'll have Stuckey, Gordon & Jackson…tha's pretty good. We might add Golden State in the deal as well to help.

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