WTF is going on in Phoenix?


1.  First of all, they’ve clumsily broken up the most fun basketball team in recent memory (D’Antoni’s Seven Seconds or Less squad).  They brought on the wrong coach, and fired him after half the season (eating $4 million in the process).  They’ve made Steve Nash borderline depressed by trading away his buddy Raja.  And now, depending on owner Robert Sarver’s mood (and portfolio) swings, they’ve been strongly considering trading their 24-year-old superstar, Amare Stoudemire.  (UPDATE, probably not.)  What a mess — Steve Kerr (and Sarver) are like bulls in a china shop.

2.  Then, they hosted a totally lame All-Star Weekend.  Granted, the crummy economy had a lot to do with this, but still.

3.  Now comes word that former Bobcat/now Sun Jason Richardson has racked up his second driving-related arrest since being traded.  Just one week after the trade, J-Rich got pulled over for a DUI.  But on All-Star night he got pulled in Scottsdale doing 90 mph in a 35 mph zone… with his 3 year old son unrestrained in the back seat!

What the hell is going on?  That J-Rich for Bell/Diaw trade is looking better by the day.  In all seriousness, I hope everything’s OK with J-Rich.

4.  And to top it all off, Suge Knight got beat up while in Phoenix for All-Star Weekend!

It’s like Bizarro World — what are they putting in the water out there?


3 thoughts on “WTF is going on in Phoenix?

  1. C'mon, All-Star Weekend wasn't that lame.

    I mean, the three point shoot-out has suffered since Craig Hodges won it without even being employed by an NBA squad. But, the overall production was alright. The Dunk contest was a good one, and the Sunday night game was pretty entertaining. I do wish Boyz-II-Men would have done a Bee Cool Stay In School concert, though.

    JRich is just acting out these days. He's finally on a team that he doesn't have to carry, but they're starting to lose. I'm sure he just feels like he's to blame for losing his squads.

    Still, the Suge Knight incident is blowing my mind.

  2. Everyone is on peyote. Crazy shit goes down in the desert.

    All Star weekend was totally lame. The 3pt shootout was the worst. The music acts were major struggs. D. Howard hardly delivered. The highlight was LeBron announcing his 2010 dunk contest candidacy.

    Also, I doubt that JRich's problem is that he's "blaming himself" for losing teams. His driving violations are almost certainly due to the fact that he has been living in two of the worst Walk Scored cities in the nation. I heard that when he was in San Fran, he used to just get hammered and hop on the trolley.

  3. We totally forgot to mention that Chuck Barkley was pulled in Scottsdale just over a month before All Star weekend.

    It's gotta be the cops cracking down on NBA players. Here is his apology…

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