2 Reasons Why Tyson Might Opt Out


Tyson Chandler is thinking about leaving $12.75 million on the table?  What???!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen...Tyson Chandler!

So let me get this straight, Tyson Chandler is owed almost $13 million for next season and he’s reportedly thinking about opting out of the final year of his contract and testing the open waters of free agency madness.  Hmm…

We are talking about the same Tyson Chandler who limped through fifty one games last season averaging 6.5 points and 6.5 rebounds, right?  The same dude who was unable to unseat the paleolithic Theo Ratliff during the franchise’s inaugural Playoff run in April and May?  The same player who OKC general manager Sam Presti  (the NBA’s equivalent of Steve Jobs) rejected in a deal for table scraps due to a lingering foot injury that was supposedly healed last summer?  Huh?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not ripping Tyson Chandler the human being or even Tyson Chandler the basketball player (he’s shown in previous seasons that he most definitely belongs in the League), rather I’m questioning the logic that would lead Tyson and his agent to walk away from an incredible sum of guaranteed money for a player of Tyson’s production level.  Is there brilliance hidden away in this seemingly illogical proposition?

1. Tyson and Rod Higgins have a long-term deal worked out.

To me, this makes the most sense.  I couldn’t find any CBA restrictions against it (though some of our more cap versed readers may) but Tyson could very well opt out of his current contract in order to sign a three or four year contract for slightly above market value, say 4 years, $32 million.  I still think this is way too much to throw at a player who hasn’t been healthy in three years but if Higgins, Coach Brown and MJ think that Chandler will eventually return to NOHo form, then it’s at least justifiable.  A healthy Tyson Chandler at $8 million per as your starting center is far from the team’s worst case scenario.

Re-signing Tyson at this dollar figure would give the team an extra $4.75 million of wiggle room going into free agency, allowing the team more flexibility to re-sign Tyrus Thomas and add a point guard via free agency or trade.  In summary, the ‘Cats get some much needed short term cap relief and Tyson gets some extra fiscal security in case his foot never fully heals.

2. Tyson and his Agent are Genuinely Worried about the New CBA

The NBA is losing money and is intent on fixing the broken labor model as the League (and the country) heads into a new economic era.  The salary cap has already lowered in consecutive seasons and there is talk of reducing the maximum year and dollar limits on player contracts.  In this forthcoming scenario, only the very cream of the League’s crop (Lebron, Wade, Anthony) will receive massive contracts as their supporting cast members will be left to divvy up the leftovers of a smaller pie.

Chandler and his agent may see this future clearly and decide that after 2011, a third tier NBA starting center will be earning considerably less money.  In this scenario, Tyson “gets” while the “gettin’ is good.”  Sounds logical to me.


15 thoughts on “2 Reasons Why Tyson Might Opt Out

  1. RobC

    We would still have the MLE and the Vet Minimum to play around. We may be able to get someone decent with the MLE, given the financial constraints all around the league. Some one like Drew Gooden, and maybe use some of the cap space to get Flip Murray, and try to get Graham and/or Darius miles with the veteran minimum. (That is assuming we resign everyone: Tyson, Tyrus & Felton)

  2. spectre

    If "A" is the plan then IMO it's a "win-win". We get space without losing any assets and we're able to let the status quo get a chance after an offseason to gel.

    I've been around the forums on RGM and it's amazing how much interest there are on TC from fans. Not all is positive o'course…but it does reflect the lack of options at the C in FA this year.

    ASChin FWIW I'm pretty sure there's no rule against talking to a player under contract about a new contract if he's not a FA/RFA. Until TC officially opts out he's not a FA.

  3. RobC

    I’m leaning more to your second option. As much as I wouldn’t mind the Bobcats resigning TC for less money (since he did a pretty good job off the bench late-last season), I still think 4Yrs/$32M is too much. I guess a good cealing would be 4Yrs/$28M, tha is equal to a 3Yrs/$15M extension. I doubt he gets more than that anywhere else, even less with a lower Cap and his injury resume. Plus it won’t hurt us since is a resign.

  4. Leroy

    can anyone confirm with me will bobcats get a 2nd round pick #46 from phoenix this year?

    as i seen from n nbadraft.net

    bobcats had worked out with ALOT of people.

  5. spectre

    As of now we have no picks in the upcoming draft. Rumors are strong however that we will acquire an early 2nd rounder…which by reports could cost us up to 1.5 million bucks.

  6. Jake

    If we acquire a second round pick, I'd like for us to take Dexter Pittman. He's shown that he's a hard worker than understands his role on offense and is a force in the paint. Of course LB doesn't play rookies, but with Chandler a possible opt-out and Nazr trade bait, Pittman makes a world of sense.

  7. What's this madness about buying a second rounder for $1.5 million???!!!

    If the team wants to throw away a buttload of cash, I can think of much better ways to do it. Namely, signing Flip Murray to a one year deal at the same price.

    What's the use? Larry Brown won't even play the dude that they draft. Look at how good Derrick Brown was last season as an example. LB was so focused on his rookie mistakes that he relegated the young talent to the end of the bench in favor of Stephen Graham and Larry Hughes.

    If they want a second round pick, there will be plenty of teams open to giving away selections in order to save money. We see it every year. (Anybody have PHX's number on speed dial?) Doubt that the 'Cats will have to resort to buying one.

    Also, wanted to move this conversation in the direction of Tyson Chandler's play. TC couldn't be any worse than he was last season, right? How good do you think Tyson will be next season? Will he be the team's starter? Will he average a double double?

  8. Chuck388


    Concerning TC, I don't think he will ever play as good as he played in NO, not necessarily for physical reasons (injury) but because he had the guy named Chris Paul penetrating and throwing lob passes to him, 2 or 3 times a game. TC is not a liability on the defensive end, he can block shots, rebound a little (although his numbers should be higher with his height and leaping ability), and switch a bit on perimeter guys. But on the offense he seems lost on the court, can't catch any laser pass and doesn't have the weight or any offensive move other than dunking, to be able to command attention in the paint. So if he stays, he'll probably average 7 pts/8 rbds/1.8 blks. To me, for a guy who spent 8 years in the league has shown nos signs of any improvement offensively wise, he is not worth of a big contract.Him signing elsewhere might be a good thing for cap space.

    Here is a trade proposition I've posted on your previous spot :


  9. Bcat2.0

    If Michael could pull off that trade I might dish out 180 for a pair of kicks just to show my thanks. (even though im an Adidas guy) That trade whould make us a contender now while also making us better in the future. I think the East could be wide open this year with a few trades we could contend.

  10. br2850

    That's an amazing trade somebody needs to find the Bobcats front office's number before the draft so they can complete the trade during draft day. Good Job Chuck 388 !!!!!!

  11. Jake

    Oh and Chuck, Chandler signing elsewhere isn’t going to do much for the cap. We’d have around $4MM under the cap if he left, which really isn’t going to get us anywhere.

  12. reggie

    wow chuck i also love that trade.i would def throw down some cash for some shoes. hell maybe even fly to charlotte to a game.

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