Beasley to Bobcats? Let’s Hope So


Four Way Trade Supposedly in the Works

Michael Beasley ©NBA 2010


According’ s Chad Ford and Mark Stein, the Bobcats are working on a four team deal that would net them former second overall selection Michael Beasley.  The deal would reportedly send out Tyson Chandler’s expiring to Houston, bring the Rocket’s Jared Jeffries and the Heat’s Beasley to Charlotte while allowing the Toronto Raptors and Heat conduct a sign & trade for Chris Bosh, handing Toronto a massive trade exception in return.

The Houston Chronicle’s Jonathan Feigen started the rumor by tweeting that three of the four teams are in with the Raps wavering (read: “we want something else besides cap space in return”).

If the trade goes through, it would be a massive upgrade in talent for the Bobcats who’ve never had a frontcourt scoring presence in their six seasons of existence.  Beasley would instantly upgrade a putrid offense that ranked dead last in the League last season in points per game.

Post will be updated as the story develops.

UPDATE: 11:57pm

Mark Stein is now reporting that Beasley will be shipped off to to the Timberwolves for a second round pick.  Wolves will absorb Beasley’s contract into their cap space and send a second rounder back to Miami.  Also the deal will reportedly offer a first round pick swap in a future draft.

ANALYSIS: Tough loss for the Bobcats who could have gotten Beasley for less than what they paid for Tyrus Thomas back in February.  Beasley has a higher upside and a smaller contract and wouldn’t have cost them a first round pick outright.  Furthermore, the Bobcats might be painted into a corner with Tyrus as a team flush with cap space (the rumor mill suggests New Jersey) will likely offer a front-loaded contract to him.  Hope MJ is prepared to pay the luxury tax because if not, he’ll have thrown away a first round pick for a three month rental of Tyrus Thomas.


15 thoughts on “Beasley to Bobcats? Let’s Hope So

  1. Justin

    LOVE IT! Please let this happen…I hate to see Chandler go because he was a defensive presence, especially late in the season after he got healthy, but I think we need Beasley's scoring more, and this team will still be a good defensive team. Let's say this happens though…who is our center, and does Beasley come off the bench? No way he starts over JAX and Wallace?!?1

  2. Dr. Spalding

    Yes, I'm onboard if this works out. I think the potential and upside is worth the risk. Chandler could give us something this season, but if he does do you re-sign him to a big contract? No, but then some may wonder "what if…" My "what if" is more related to turning down this deal (if it's offered). Beasley can score and has the skills if he can get focused and dedicated. He's certainly a massive pain in the neck, so for Larry this movie would be called "Iverson Redux". I think he's the kind of challenge that gets Larry's coaching blood pumping. And Beasley is the kind of risk this team has to take to get good quickly with what we've got now. The Stephen Jackson deal was one of those. Couple Beasley, Crash and Jax and you've got a killer core (pun intended). Now you've got to get a PG, determine if you can keep or try to S&T Tyrus, and figure out who's playing center. Frankly I'd love to deal Diaw to someone for a PG (maybe to Toronto for Jarret Jack).

  3. Dirty Dan

    Wow this would help us greatly. You wont have to worry about matching a potential front-loaded offer from NJN for Tyrus because we will have a legit scoring PF. That means more cap room next year to sign CP3!

  4. Tyler

    is Michael Beasly a starter if so wat about Boris? and isnt funny Beasley was tlking about how easy it would be to beat the Cats and now he is coming here maybe haha

  5. Brett

    This would be the potential lineup. PG- D.J Augustein, SG- Stephen Jackson, PF Michael Beasly, SF -Gerald Wallace, C-Nazi Mohhamaed

    Key reserves:

    SF*- Boris Diaw (* I think boris moves to the shooting foward if Beasly and Jeffries come in he would come off the bench for gerald wallace)

    C- Desagana Diop

    C- Alexis Ajinka (much improved in summer league)

    SG-Gerald Henderson (looking great in summer league)

    PF-Jared Jeffires(from Houston)

    PF- Tyrus Thomas ( If he resigns but with the aquisition of Beasly i doubt he would)

    F- Derrick Brown (also playing with real intensity in summer league)

    The Bobcats would need to bump up an additional point guard or aquire one through free agency because i think it is assumed Raymond Felton will be gone and although i think Gerald henderson can run the point he is a more natural shooting guard. Possibilities (this is just a wildcard) Allen Iverson with his conetion to larry brown? Or T.J ford who they came after last year at the deadline.

  6. Bcat2.0

    Yeah i love this trade for the flexibility it gives us we can afford to let TT go and we can trade Diaw or keep him and have a nice 6th man. This deal would actualy save us money. We now have options with our PG situation. Plus we get a Potential Allstar and we only give up Tyson its almost to good to be true. I think if you can resign Theo at C we wont loose too much.

  7. Ugh, let's hope not. Count me out on this one, Baseliners. Pat Riley, who has won multiple championships has been trying to virtually give Beasley away and has had a hard time doing so.

    I think that tells you enough.

    Stephen Jackson just has a temper/focus problem. He's a great player, tough, a "gamer" who clearly cares. Beasley is way more flakey, not sure if he even cares about being good. If D. Wade and Pat Riley couldn't induce him to get his crap together, then how would the Cats?

  8. Tyler

    because Larry Brown doesnt take crap and Larry knows wat he is doing and if Larry wants him then there is a dang good reason he wants him

  9. Tyler: Yeah, D. Wade and Pat Riley take a lot of crap. Total pushovers, those guys. Don't know "wat" they're doing, either.

    One of the biggest known issues re: Larry Brown is that he needs a GM who will stand up to his whims and save him from himself. Left to his own devices, LB will ruin the team's financial situation and collect too many derelicts.

    Agree that Tyson Chandler is our most tradeable asset – but if we are going to use him that way, we need to upgrade PG.

  10. ethan

    make the trade! then sign Shaq AND AI!…joking of course, but really like this trade if Beasley can turn into Brown's latest pet project

  11. Pretty sure what's in Beasley's pipe but what are you guys smokin'???

    Beasley would be a great move for the Bobcats.

    In response to Dr. E's comment: "If D. Wade and Pat Riley couldn’t induce him to get his crap together, then how would the Cats?"

    First of all, Riley hasn't gotten through to him because he's never been Beasley's coach and, as time has proven, Riley doesn't do anything coaching wise that requires actual work. Heat roster looking a little thin? Oops, time to head back to the front office. Roster looking prime for a deep Playoff run? Make room for Riley!

    Classic Frontrunner.

    Which is exactly why Riley will be coaching the Heat either next season or the season after.

    And I'm not sure how much DWade is "invested" in Michael Beasley either. Wade, Bron and Bosh seem much more invested in their brands than in improving their teammates games and winning rings.

    Plus Miami was never really sold on Beasley from the beginning. They were begging teams to trade for Beasley before they even selected him two summers ago.

    I've seen the kid play in person and watched enough Heat games to know that Beasley is a potentially dangerous scoring threat and possible All-Star. He needs to be on the right team and in the right situation and I think Charlotte's low key lifestyle mixed with Coach Brown's emphasis on coaching the fundamentals will mold this young man into a beast down the road.

    And all the team has to give up is a guy who'll give you 6 points and 6 boards for 45 games next season.

    Sign. Me. Up.

  12. Charlie

    Sucks to not get Beasley when all we had to do was offer a 2nd round pick. He would have fit well in Bobcats system because he probably just needs to be coached instead of just put on court. Minny is definetly going to do all they can to get rid of Jefferson now, feel bad for guy since he is really good player just has been hit with injuries.

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