Bobcats Clinch First Playoff Berth in Franchise History



The Charlotte Bobcats are going to the 2010 playoffs.

The Cats pulled out a win in New Orleans tonight to secure their first playoff spot ever.

More to come.

12 thoughts on “Bobcats Clinch First Playoff Berth in Franchise History

  1. reggie

    nice photoshop and usage of the old-school crown. i miss that logo.

    good season for the Cats. the ups, downs, and all-time lows. im pretty excited for the post-season now.

    i still believe that we will somehow end up with the 6th seed, and if we do, i think we can take Atlanta out in 7. hello second round.

    but first, i think we need to get past NJ next week.

    heres hoping to the immediate fall of the Bucks/Heat.

  2. Love the irony, a thing of beauty. Bobcats clinch their first ever Playoff birth against who? The Hornets. Couldn't have been any more fitting. Especially with D.J. playing well against his hometown fans and Tyson outplaying Emeka. For one night at least, everything was right.

    -Ron Green, Sr.

    "Sittin' back, crackleberry creek, fishin' for large mouth bass, fryin' em up. Mmmmm-mmmm!"

  3. Also…

    Could you be anymore pumped for the Western Conference Playoffs this year???

    All 8 teams could legitimately go 2+ rounds. Only 7.5 games separate seed eight from seed one. Should be a certified slobberknocker Battle Royale!

  4. Newsinz

    Wasn't it obvious, Dr. E? Augustin said, "mother…for you!" You know, 'cause his parents were in the crowd, and he decided to dedicate that clutch 3 pointer to his mom. Such a nice kid, that D.J.!

  5. OK, I thought he was "MF"ing someone. Like I said, I'm historically bad at reading lips, so wanted some confirmation. Good to see that there's some fire in DJ's belly.

    Also, did anyone else notice they've added some brief Bobcats clips to a couple of those NBA Playoffs commercials — pretty cool.

  6. Off topic but great quote from Forrester's weekly column over at

    "Somehow when you call up and tell somebody, 'Look, I've got a registered sex offender, alcoholic, who is grossly overpaid, how would you like to take him off my roster?' You don't get a lot of bites."

    — Former Blazers front office chief Steve Patterson on his trouble in trading away ex-Blazer Ruben Patterson.

  7. Agreed with Larry Hughes — he's been a disappointment so far, but I'm willing to watch for a few more games to see if he can get back into playing shape.

    Could anyone read DJ's lips after he hit the gamewinning three? I have an idea, but am terrible at reading lips.

    Don't see how we're going to catch Miami or Milwaukee with just a few games left. Wish we could, and Milwaukee's the more likely candidate, but just don't see it happening.

  8. Newsinz

    Is it too late to UNsign Larry Hughes? Are mulligans permitted in the NBA? I’d rather have the empty roster spot, honestly.

    I can accept that Larry has very little confidence in Henderson, but to play Hughes in front of Graham is ridiculous. It’s not even that Hughes is taking terrible shots…he’s just not making any! I’m starting to get that same feeling whenever Delhomme dropped back to pass when I see #0 with the ball…

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