Bobcats Close To Solving Roster Puzzle



The Charlotte Bobcats are close to acquiring point guard Devin Harris from the Nets in a four-team deal involving superstar Carmelo Anthony. This move would fill the “hole” left by Raymond Felton and dramatically improve the Bobcats offense for the upcoming season.

The complex deal would send Boris Diaw, and potentially DJ Augustin, to the Brooklyn Nets.

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Bobcats Baseline extends our sincier apologies for this late post on the biggest Bobcats news of the summer.

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The reason that we haven’t covered the story yet is because nothing has happened.  The Calderon fiasco (and my 8k words on what Jose will mean to the Bobcats) will be the last.  This deal has a much better chance of happening than that one but we’ll wait until the official announcement to cover it in full.  Until then, be sure to follow us on Twitter:

And only go to Rufus on Fire if you want to read stories like “Kevin Durant: What should the Bobcats trade for him?”


10 thoughts on “Bobcats Close To Solving Roster Puzzle

  1. Jake Humphrey

    That one piece isn't a fair representation of Rufus on Fire. That blog is filled with knowledgeable basketball fans, much like this site is.

  2. The trade wasn't caught on the Bobcats' (un)willingness to trade DJ or 'Melo, the Nuggets just pulled out looking for a better offer. Unfortunately, they won't find a better one as the Clippers don't trade 1st rounders, the Bulls won't deal Noah, and the Knicks don't have anything to give up (you can't build a team around Gallinari and Randolph).

    Denver also is hoping to convice Melo to stay, but even Chauncey Billups knows that isn't going to happen. The only thing yet to be seen now is whether or not Denver will go back to this original deal with Charlotte, NJ, and Utah. If not, they may see if they can work with a Iguodala-for-Melo swap.

    Denver pulling out is very bad for the Bobcats. Charlotte can't afford this kind of drama to open camp, especially with trade rumors surrounding Diaw and DJ floating around. They need to solidify their roster heading into camp (hopefully by adding Devin Harris), and look ahead towards a deeper playoff run.

  3. RobC

    Well two of the issues for this trade to be on hold are:
    1.) The Nuggets would like to get some more Cap Space.
    2.) DJ Augustine going to the NJ Nets.

    If that is the case, it would guess is a good idea for MJ to get Nazr into the deal, in exchange for Nene.

    At the end of the day, Nazrs stats and Nenes are fairly similar, when adjusted by MPG. Also, Nazr salary of $7M and DJ’s $2.5, plus $500K that they are saving with Harris instead of Diaw (Total of $10M) matches pretty good with the $11.3M that Nene will make.

    Denver will save around $9M this year (including the Tax $$$) and will have $11.5M extra in Cap Space for next year.

    In the meantime, Charlotte gets a younger more durable version of Nazr with better defensive skills that can play 35MPG and put 12-8 every night and a All-Star caliber PG.

    I would certainly love to keep DJ, but if it means getting both Harris & Nene for DJ & Diaw; heck…that’s a heck of a deal. The Bobcats will have Harris, Jackson, Wallace, Thomas & Nene for the next three years, which will make us a Top 5 team in the East for the next 3 years, and then will get like $40M in Cap space with to make some good moves and build a contender. It should be easier to attract Elite FA when your team has been in the playofs 4 years in a row and MJ is your boss, than starting from scratch. Plus at the time, Nene, Wallace and Harris could be signed for less money and still be quality starters or come from the bench.

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