Bobcats Keep The Turnovers a Turnin’ in Brewtown


The Bobcats lose their third straight to start the season against the heretofore winless Bucks, 98-88.

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  • Well, I’m really glad that they used the summer to work out those turnover issues.  After leading the League last season in giveaways, the Bobcats continue their sloppy ways by handing the ball over 18 times to the Bucks.  Not counted amongst the eighteen where a baker’s dozen errant jump shots hoisted mostly by Nazr Mohammed, Gana Diop and the previously golden Tyrus Thomas.  Aside from having an otherwise strong game, D.J. Augustin did his best Emeka Okafor/Raymond Felton hybrid impersonation by repeatedly driving deep into the lane and getting swatted down by Son of Gondor Andrew Bogut.  If the Bobcats hope to sniff the Postseason again this year, they’ll need to start taking better shots and better care of the ball pronto.
  • Stellar games from the PGs in this one.  D.J. nailed 5 of his 6 threes to go for a total of 26 points with 5 assists and only a single documented turnover.  2nd year phenom Brandon Jennings celebrated his first career triple double, notching 20pts, 10rbs, 10asts.  Augustin’s shot looked as smooth as ever and he did a much better job of fighting through opposing high screens after being demolished by them a night ago.
  • Story of the game was Andrew Bogut.  He’s one of the handful of centers in the League who can influence a game at both ends and I dare say if he had the same crew as Mr. Howard down in O-Town, we might be talking about him as the League’s best.  14pts, 8rbs, 4blks in just 33 minutes of action.  I hope we’ll see Bogut and Superman matched up this spring.  Bobcats had no answer for him tonight as Nazr continued to regress from last year’s “Fluke Rule” season and Gana Diop continued to be Gana Diop.
  • Boris Diaw is officially sloppy fat.  My wife read a book titled, “French Women Don’t Get Fat.”  Apparently French Ballers do.  The weight is starting to effect his play.  He’s having a much harder time getting in defensive position and officially starts getting winded somewhere around “…and the Home of the Brave.
  • Three years in and I’d like to fancy myself a Larry Brown quasi-expert.  And judging from the look on his face and the body language, I think it’s safe to say that he’s not losing any sleep over an 0-3 start.  Let’s face it, his teams start slow every year and then around the late-November/early December mark the organization makes a big trade and they go on a run.  I’m not panicking until at least Thanksgiving.  Meanwhile, the team has some nice depth, a ton of athleticism and at least a handful of real deal NBA players on the roster for the first time in franchise history.

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11 thoughts on “Bobcats Keep The Turnovers a Turnin’ in Brewtown

  1. I don’t know if you play NBA 2k11 but I was playing against the Bobcats the other day in the My Player mode, where you play in a first person mode as your own created player. My player is a 6-10 power forward named Shawn Kemp (yeah, go figure) so of course I guarded Boris a good bit. The funny thing is, when he runs up the court, it takes him about 6 seconds more than anyone else. It’s a very, VERY slow shuffle. It’s like watching the real thing!

  2. Altheus

    So, without a decent center and some rebounding, we’re shot. Our defense isn’t as good, not because of DJ, but because you can’t gamble with full court pressing and trying to slip the passing lanes for steals because the middle is manned by guys that aren’t defending the hole very well. However, when TT or Diaw mans paint, it’s to the house they go. It’s wide open after like one fake. Which is also why we’re getting killed by snipers from downtown. The smaller lineup is more efficient offensively and was great defensively last year but for some reason, it’s not working as well. All in all, I’m sure things will tighten up and we’ll reach full potential, likely late November.

  3. Dr. E

    Yes, it’s too early to hit the panic button… but lets just say I’ve refreshed my memory as to its location.

    Last year, this team hung its hat on tough defense and taking care of inferior competition at home. In the (very) limited sample size we have so far, neither of those attributes are being displayed much.

  4. justin

    hey guys, what happened to this free tix giveaway to the pacers game I saw a few days back? I left a comment, but got nothing…what’s the deal?

  5. mk

    frustrating 0-3 start. I sure wish Jack had hit the wide-open 3 at the buzzer Friday night to tie it up. I agree I’ll wait until T-giving to panic.

  6. RobC

    Amazing how the PG position has been the most efficient so far. I have to admit I can live with DJ’s 15PPG-5APG-3RPG and 2TO in 40MPG. Even if he is not great on defense, but at least he stretches the defense on the offensive end and make the other PG work his a$$ trying to stop him from scoring 3PT (61%3FG).

    TT had an off game and we all know that can happen to anyone, but he continues to hustle in every possesion, Jackson and Wallace continue to be the two most hardworkers guys in this team.

    Now Center, there is our HUGE PROBLEM. Nazr could be an average backup, but there is nothing in him that could spell starter. And Giop is a big body that cost a LOT of money. And Diaw is extremely out of shape and is WAY TOO OBVIOUS. I’m more concern of the Center spot since the whole NBA knows that’s our true weakness and the East is now full of big guys. I hope McGuire can come back soon, so he can provide some minutes at the PF with Derrick Brown and so the Bobcats can include any combination of: Carroll, Najera, Diaw and Mohammed for a decent starting Center.

  7. Charlie

    Kwame Brown is a solid center.. he boards, plays D, but just lacks offensively but not as bad as Diop. He should back up Nazr at 5 for season because Nazr’s body has to start game and he will get about 10-15 minutes and Kwame can play 15-20

  8. RobC

    Does anyone knows anything about the Nuggets and Carmelo!!! i hope they trade him and go into rebuilding mode. I would like for the Bobcats to try and get a big guy like Nene Hillario.

    If the Nuggets go into rebuilding, it’s possible the Bobcats could trade Nazr’s (expiring contract), Diaw, Henderson and 2nd Rd Pick for Nene and JR Smith. That would save the Nuggets some good money and they will finally get rid of JR. I’m not sure how realistic that might be.

    • RobC

      Actually, that deal won’t happen mostly because it doesn’t save money at all. Maybe Nazr expiring and Najera’s will work out better. The salaries will work and will save them plenty of money. Najers is only owed $2.6M next season, they can even buy him out if needed and still save about $12M. However, that deal only benefits Denver from an economic perspective, I’m not sure what they will be asking for.

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