Bobcats Nip Timberwolves For First Home Victory


Stephen Jackson via AP/Chuck Burton

It wasn’t pretty, but the Bobcats finally notched their first home victory on Monday night over the Minnesota Timberwolves, 113-110.  The Cats were in control with an 8 point lead late in the third quarter before stagnating and falling behind by as many as 9 halfway through the fourth.

But the Cats finished the game on an 11-3 run to rally for the win.  The deciding stretch started with just under two minutes left with clutch threes from Stephen Jackson and DJ Augustin, continued with ratcheted-up defensive intensity and huge steals by Jack and Tyrus Thomas, and ended with some Gerald Wallace free throws.

AP Recap |  Box Score


  • The quick rundown above doesn’t quite give that wild finish quite enough justice.  It was borderline frenetic; the Bobcats looked right at home, while the young Timberwolves looked seriously rattled.  And after Gerald Wallace committed a silly foul, Wes Johnson had a chance to tie the game with two free throws with 3 seconds left.  He missed both.
  • Prior to the last couple of minutes, the Bobcats hadn’t played much defense, which is a big change compared to how they played at home last year.  Michael Beasley almost singlehandedly kept the T-Wolves in the game with 28 points.
  • Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson led the way for the Cats with 26 points each.  Gerald lived at the free throw line (17-19 FT, a team record for made free throws), while Jack did his damage from behind the three point line (5-6 3PT).
  • DJ Augustin had a really nice game with 9 points and 11 assists/1 turnover.  He had a huge breakaway layup after Jack’s steal during the game-winning rally that should have been an and-1.
  • Tyrus Thomas had 20 points/10 rebounds off the bench, but was the latest Bobcat to catch the turnover bug with 7!
  • You know how they film various players and coaches reading the “Fan Code of Conduct” disclaimer, then edit it altogether and show it on the video board?  Guess whose clip they use for the part about “not disrupting the game or using foul language”?  Yep, Stephen Jackson.  Touche, Bobcats video intern, touche.  In related news, Jack picked up another tech tonight.

-Dr. E

6 thoughts on “Bobcats Nip Timberwolves For First Home Victory

  1. Charlie

    and we questioned DJ entering the season.. dude never turns ball over while everybody else does. Most offensively efficient point guard we have had, and his confidence is growing. Kwame looked solid too, nice little minimum wage pickup

  2. RobC

    So far DJ has been the best and most consistent player in this roster, and he was suppose to be a whole. All we need is a decent big man.

    Jason Thompson (SAC-Kings) anyone? I’ll trade Gerald Henderson and/or a 2nd Rd pick for him in a second. The Kings could certainly use an extra G with some defensive skills. Then waive the unguaranteed contract of Collins (who is worthless and out-of-shape) and sign a combo guard like Flip Murray. If we can do that then we are better than last season.

    Guards: DJ, Livingston, Murray, Jackson & Carroll
    Forwards: Wallace, Diaw, Thomas, Brown, McGuire & Najera
    Center: Thompson, Nazr, Brown & Diop

    Thompson is a bigger and stronger version of Tyrus Thomas, less athletic, better offensive skills and average defense (Larry Brown can fix this in a pinch).

  3. Charlie

    Why would we trade Gerald Henderson and a second round pick for a third power forward. Jason Thompson is nice, I agree, but a solid backup SG like Gerald who has just as much potential as Thompson has more value to our team. Our big hole is center position where we need just an absolutely solid reobounder. We should go out and use our cap space to sign greg oden this offseason, we most likely will draft a center because we are young at every position except that one. Flip Murray is not a FA because he is in contract in China, players like Rashaad Mccants would be a good pickup because all he does is score, something we need

  4. Charlie

    Trade henderson and we have a hole at the 2, like a serious hole. Same as the backup small forward slot… The thing about center is we have bodies that rebound and block shots. Yes they are not going to be dominant, but our team is much better with Henderson and Brown on team than having a hole there. The 5 spot is not a hole for us, just a weakness.. there is a difference. Also give Kwame Brown some time. No he is not the answer but he is very solid off the bench. He is solid rebounder and defender. Very strong in low post on D. He also finished around basket very well, cant create for himself but definetly can finish. Imagine a Tyson Chandler less athletic but stronger in post that isnt as injury prone or a baby and that whats you get with Kwame. Also, i dont know if anybody read Charlotte Observer article but DJ has highest assist to turnover ratio in league. like 4.6-1 or something. Thats pretty damn good for a guy almost everyone didnt want for our starter

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