Bobcats Lose Season Opener in Dallas


The Bobcats dropped their season opener in Dallas 101-86.  After a miserable start (the Mavs scored the first 16 points of the game), the Cats fought back to take the lead briefly in the 2nd quarter.  But Dirk Nowitzki (game high 28 points on 11-13 FG) and Jason Kidd (18 assists) dominated the third quarter, putting the game out of reach.

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Unfortunately, I can’t say that I was particularly impressed by anyone’s play for the Bobcats save for Tyrus Thomas, who led the Cats with 22 points.  The Cats were particularly bad with Nazr Mohammed on the floor.  DJ was unassertive and unimpressive (2-10 FG).  Jack had a quiet game.  Gerald Wallace had a good start, but faded late and eventually sat down with what looked like a calf cramp.

Hopefully we’ll look back on this game in a few weeks and remember it as just another example of how Dirk and the Mavs have the Bobcats’ number.  But the pessimist in me saw signs that some of the well-publicized concerns about this team are also well-founded, particularly that the point guard and center positions are weak.

8 thoughts on “Bobcats Lose Season Opener in Dallas

  1. Can’t say it was unexpected. Bobcats once again had no answer for Dirk and Jason Kidd played lights out against a Charlotte team struggling for consistent offense. We talked about it during the offseason ad infinitum: Bobcats need to bring on another scoring presence in order to break the .500 barrier this season.

  2. Mike S

    Did any of you notice that little scuffle with Tyrus and Gerald? Kind of crazy that these guys would do this in their first match up. Wonder if something went sour in the Team USA try outs.

    Nazr Mohammed is a solid back up center. He’s really trying his best to start, but it’s going to be tough on him.

    Dr. E – your in-game tweet about Shaun Livingston was right on. He does look like he’s 15 yrs old

  3. Largerthanlif3

    I still hold to the idea that we should trade for chris kaman. I think if we traded captain jack and/or livingston then we could prolly pry him from their hands. They need big guards and we could possibly get back eric bledsoe.

    Tyrus still looks like a lighter Terry Crews lol

  4. If anyone is watching the Magic vs. Wizards game (which sounds so geeky written out) – Have y’all noticed that Gilbert Arenas has been benched?

    Are they going to move that guy?

  5. Dr. E

    Arenas not benched per se; they are saying he has some ankle pain, saw a specialist, and is going to sit out the first couple games to rest it.

    Nonetheless, your question still stands. They have to move him, right?

  6. Charlie

    Play Derrick Brown, offense looks lost on a lot of plays, defense didnt talk enough… its first game though so its bound to happen. Good to see them fight back though

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