Calderon/Evans for Diaw/Chandler Still Not Official (UPDATED)



The three team trade that will reportedly involve the Bobcats sending Boris Diaw and Tyson Chandler to Toronto and receiving Jose Calderon and Reggie Evans is still not official as of Monday evening.  Bonnell is reporting that it won’t happen tonight, and cites the complexities of a three-team deal in regards to satisfying salary cap issues for the delay.  In a subsequent blog entry, Bonnell reports that the Raptors are causing the holdup and that there is still a chance the deal could break down.

The Phoenix Suns are also supposedly involved — sending Leandro Barbosa to the Raptors for Hedo Turkoglu.  Earlier versions of the story also had the Suns sending Dwayne Jones to Charlotte, which accounts for the “three team” and not “two separate trades involving the Raptors” characterization of the deal.

Here at the Baseline, we’ve been anticipating a trade of either Diaw or Chandler for a point guard, but I have to say, I’m surprised it took both of them to get back someone the caliber of Calderon.  Granted, the contracts have to match up (and Calderon has a big one — 3 years left at an average of $10 million per year) but I would have rather seen a smaller deal that sent Diaw away for a cheaper PG like Jarrett Jack, Ramon Sessions or even TJ Ford.

Getting Chandler helps the Raptors improve defensively and maintain an air of respectability this year while still being bad enough to miss the playoffs and get a lottery pick, then getting the cap space when Chandler’s deal expires to help their rebuilding project.  Frankly I would have rather kept Chandler to anchor the middle this year and used the cap space his expiring deal would provide next summer ourselves, but the Cats have essentially waived the white flag when it comes to being free agent players.

ASChin has already pontificated on Calderon in an earlier post; my take is fairly similar.  Calderon had a career year in 2007-08 while splitting time with TJ Ford at the point.  Calderon led the league in assist-to-turnover ratio while shooting over 50% from the field, 40% from 3PT, and 90% from FT.  As a result, the Raps traded TJ Ford away after the season and signed Calderon to the current fat deal he’s on.

However, Calderon (and the Raptors, for that matter) has struggled to meet expectations since.  He’s been hampered by injuries that have limited him to 68 games in each of the last two seasons.  Never a gifted defender to begin with, hamstring problems have rendered the Spaniard into a matador when it comes to defending quick opposing guards.  Toronto’s lack of interior defense didn’t help matters any.

Still, at his best, Calderon is a sharpshooting, efficient point guard with good size who excels at taking care of the ball and his teammates.  He’s not much of a playmaker, but under Larry Brown, the system will make the plays, not the point guard.  With Tyrus Thomas and Gerald Wallace on the court to provide help defense in the paint, his on-ball defensive deficiencies will hopefully be mitigated.

(UPDATED 11:55 PM ET)  Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski is now reporting that:

Charlotte owner Michael Jordan has had “second thoughts” on trade with Toronto and deal is suddenly in peril, league sources tell Y! Sports.

You mean I just wrote three paragraphs breaking down Jose Calderon’s career/game for nothing?!?!

-Dr. E

34 thoughts on “Calderon/Evans for Diaw/Chandler Still Not Official (UPDATED)

  1. Leroy

    so wait….this is actually pretty good.

    not wasting time on the french man anymore.

    and since dampier contract is not guarantee next year.

    can waive him right away after the trade which give us cap space RIGHT AWAY!

  2. Leroy

    chris paul contract is only 15m with 2 years left…..

    we should be able to take that.

    what kind of a trade can you come up with justin?

  3. My head is spinning. Logic suggests that there is another trade in the works. Then again this is Michael Jordan. Let's watch it play out in it's entirety.

  4. We can definitely take on Chris Paul's contract, it's just a question of if New Orleans would want to trade him. If they're gonna trade Paul, we might have to take back 'Meka , and certainly have to give up Dampier. Maybe DJ or Henderson. I'd like to think we'd include Diaw also…

  5. Tyler

    but is are starting lineup good enough to get back to the playoffs even if we get a upgrade at PG i mean we still dnt even know if Tyrus will be better then Boris starting u know

  6. Ha! Looks like the trade is now going to be with Dallas.

    Tyson Chandler/Ajinca to Dallas for Erika Dampier, Matt Carroll (welcome back!) and Najera.

    And yes, that is the weirdest trade ever.

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