Chander Opts Out of Opt Out


chandler-returningOur (not-so) long, regional nightmare is over.  Tyson Chandler has reportedly decided not to exercise the option in his contract that would have allowed him to forego the last year on his contract and become a free agent tomorrow.  Tyson is due $12.6 million in 2010-11 to finish off the contract he signed years ago with New Orleans.

Caught up in the Summer of 2010 Free Agency Frenzy, Chandler’s camp leaked word to the media a few weeks back that he was considering opting out and testing free agency.  The argument for doing so was likely two-pronged.

1) So many teams have made so much cap space this summer that one or two are likely to whiff on the big name players (coughKnickscough) and then scramble to spend their money on second (or third) tier free agents.  So in effect, yes, Tyson was eyeing Lebron’s sloppy seconds.  Additionally, he may have been hoping the Cats would simply resign him to a new long-term deal, a la what Dirk Nowitzki and Paul Pierce are doing this summer.  And…

2) A long term contract negotiated this summer may be better than one negotiated next summer, as the NBA’s current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is due to be renegotiated in time for next summer and will likely limit some of the financial/contractual perks that players currently enjoy.

Chandler opting out would have been a Catch-22 for the Cats.  Basically, it’s tough to lose a starter to free-agency without compensation, especially a starting big man.  Nazr Mohammed and Theo Ratliff played center-by-committee admirably last year when Chandler was out, and we’re all hoping we can get something out of Alexis Ajinca this year, but to lose Tyson outright to free agency would have left us weakened down low.

On a positive note, it would have opened up a chunk of room under the salary cap with which to sign a free agent.  But for what?  The position that the Cats most need to upgrade at is PG, and there aren’t any decent free agent PGs out there.

So it looks like Tyson will be collecting his $12.6 million from the Cats while roaming the paint at the Cable Box next year.

Or will he?

It’s been widely rumored that the Cats are looking to deal this summer.  Makes sense, it’s the only avenue we have to upgrade/remix the roster.  And a decent, reasonably useful, legitimately-sized center on a big expiring contract is just the kind of guy that other teams would likely be willing to trade for.

Chandler for Monta Ellis + a future pick, anyone?

-Dr. E

7 thoughts on “Chander Opts Out of Opt Out

  1. leroy

    celtics is looking for a back up pf or c and they are willing to give up rasheed wallace contract, who is going to retire soon. trade diaw away….save up more for cap space to sign some big nameS??

  2. br2850

    Hey guys Richard Jefferson opted out of his contract don't you think it would be a good idea to do a Sign-&-Trade with the Spurs for Rich. We could trade Boris Diaw for him then we can shift Richard to starting PF and have Gerald play SF and also have Stephen Jackson play SG. Sounds like a good lineup to me !!!!!

  3. This will be a good thing ultimately.


    a.) Tyson stays on and plays his heart out for a new contract.

    b.) Team uses his expiring deal to bring in a starting PG or a low post scorer like Big Al.


    Richard Jefferson? Really? He almost single handedly killed one of the League's greatest franchise's last season. Could only imagine what he'd do to the Bobcats. Plus Gerald Wallace hates his guts (or should). And we already have at least three quality small forwards on the roster.

    The team needs ballers on the roster. Hoping that they make a move for Ben Gordon, Chris Paul, Elton Brand or Arenas. Hell, I'd be happy with renting Baron Davis for a couple of years. The team needs players who can and will take the big shots when it counts. Right now they have one (maybe two if you count Crash) who can do that.

  4. Spork

    Yea I really like the Ben Gordon idea. Only problem is he's a little on the small side and for us he'd have to come off the bench. I kinda like Big Al but ultimately I don't see how he'd fit in. LB preaches defense and Al is known more for his offensive prowess than defensive. IF* Tyrus could handle the Center spot then we'd be ok with al at PF and we could funnel the D into Tyrus to let him stop peeps a little like how the Magic do it with Dwight.

    Chris Paul would be phenomenal for us. He plays defense(takes some chances though like Crash did before LB got a hold of him, LB can fix that) and he makes others around him much better.

    @ASchin – why the heck would we want Brand? isn't he on the downside of his career and still has a frickload of money left on his deal? IMO that's the kind of deal we need to stay away from.

  5. Charlie

    Just because a team is trying to get rid of a superstar, doesnt mean they will take junk in return. We have noone capable of giving up for Chris Paul. I mean would giving up Gerald Wallace to them really work? No it would ruin our team because he face of the franchise and defense. Chandler if healthy is solid contribitor as long as he doesnt take J's.. He boards, blocks, sets picks, and hustles.. He has good D, team just needs to throw more alley-oops to him so he can score. He never really had glue moment with team because of injury, he should do fine this year or lets hope

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