Chandler and Ajinca Traded – Wow



A Big, Unexpected Trade With Dallas

The Charlotte Bobcats have traded Tyson Chandler and Alexis Ajinca to the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for Eduardo Najera, Matt Carroll, and Erick Dampier.

Wow, this came out of nowhere. ESPN coverage here. Bobcats have posted a Release on their site, as well.

We’ll give this further analysis later today, but here are my first thoughts :

• Matt Carroll is back!
• Shaq used to call Erick Dampier “Ericka.”
• This has got to be a set up for another deal… Let’s see what’s next.


POLL : What Should Bobcats Do With Erick Dampier?

  • Waive & Save $13 Mill
    (16%, 35 Votes)
  • Waive & Resign
    (12%, 26 Votes)
  • Trade For Point Guard
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  • Trade For Draft Picks (17%, 39 Votes)

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62 thoughts on “Chandler and Ajinca Traded – Wow

  1. Dr. E – I hope you're right.

    The Cats need to do something to make some progress. The move looks like a nice effort to shake off some dead weight in contracts, while freeing space for a big acquisition. Let's hope something like that can happen.

    Chris Paul would be awesome! Ramon Sessions, would be serviceable. Other than that, I'm not sure who I'd like to see start at the Point for the Bobcats.

    New Bobcats so far this summer:

    Dominic McGuire

    Eduardo Najera

    Matt Carroll

    Erick(a) Dampier – Probably Waived

    Darius Miles – Possible Signing

    We've got to see more than that from Higgins, Jordan, and Brown.

  2. Tyler

    iv got a question someone said something about Chris Paul has spurned Charlotte once already and i was wondering wat he meant

  3. Charlie

    CP3 doesnt have anything in his contract saying if he can spurn anybody. We all keep describing possible situations for what Bobcats do, lets just hope they do something because as of right now it is not playoff team, lets pray we get a superstar.. If bobcats would have made this trade about a week or two ago Dampier's contract would have twice the value

  4. Charlie

    I agree that CP3 becoming Bobcat is a long-shot of a possibility. Lets hope if he does it is not a rental and finds out he can win in charlotte. If he goes there Bobcats would immediately become a top 4 team in East(with addition of center).

  5. Tyler & Charlie-

    I would think that the chances of actually trading for Paul are equal to the chances of him staying beyond his current contract. For them both to happen? Pretty slim.

  6. It's the return of Matt Carroll, baby!

    This has to be the setup for another deal, right? Using Dampier's contract to get someone else? Right? Right?

  7. Tyler-

    Paul just signed on with Lebron's "agency" and is already talking "Big 3" with the Knicks in 2012. 'Nuff said.


    Logically, yes but I'm beginning to believe that logic is best reserved for professional basketball teams other than the Bobcats.

  8. Y'know Tyler, I think Chris Paul would enjoy playing in Charlotte. The fans would love him and the team would win more than the Hornets.

    Then in two years, Charlotte can feel just like Cleveland when Paul heads out to NYC.

    These guys don't train as hard as they do just to play ball… They want the perks of fame, fortune, and celebrity status. New York can offer a lot more of that than the Queen City, unfortunately.

  9. Tyler

    they can offer Carmelo but can they rlly offer him mre money and if he comes u know we will be a contender and u know he seems very loyal to NC idk just couldnt see him leavng for a big 3 but idk

  10. RobC

    I keep saying that this deal can be the best move for the Bobcats or the worst, depending what comes next. The best avaliable optionas right now, for any combination of Dampier, Diaw, Nazr and/or Diop are:

    1.) Mo Williams/Anderson Varejao/Delonte West ($500K contract)

    2.) Gilbert Arenas/Javale McGee (Risky but my favorite)

    3.) Monta Ellis/Andris Biedrins (Doubt it happens at this point)

    Other moves that might make sense:

    4.) Devin Harris for Diaw only (not sure if a good fit). NJ just signed Jordan Farmar and could use a versatile PF, plus it saves them about $9M, and puts them in the race for CP3 in 2012.

    5.) Chris Paul/Emeka Okafor (Basically out of the question and nothing more than a dream, but let me added, at least as a rental)

    6.) Chauncey Billups/Nene Hillario (another dream scenario, it depends on what Denver wants to do with the Melo situation. If Melo don't sign the extension, he might be traded and they might begin to rebuild, Ty Lawson seems like their future PG).

  11. Justin

    Just saw that Det offered something for Chandler and it was most likely either Rip or Prince…given that, I would think MJ has a bigger plan ahead. I'd give up Chandler for Rip, maybe Prince…

  12. RobC

    With Cleveland ofering Lowry an offer sheet, they might be a good partner for the Bobcats.

    Dampier and Nazr for Mo Williams, Varejao and West ($5ooK guaranteed) could work fine. Byron Scott and CP3 have been flirting with the opportunity of getting back together. With Dampiers and Nazr's expiring they have other pieces to make a tempting offer to NOH for CP3.

    Unfortunately the Bobcats have none other than Gerald Wallace, plus Larry Brown will NEVER take back Okafor's contract.

  13. Agree Mike, just tweeted similar sentiment about what the Livingston signing means for DJ — i.e. Livingston was signed to be the backup and DJ can now be used in the deal Jordan is working on.

    Though I don't think the deal that's being worked on is with Minnesota for Sessions. I'm still thinking something else…

  14. Tyler

    oh plz tht doesnt say crap u dont know he is gona do it so what if he signs with LeBrons agency and he said this b4 he had an idea he could go back home. and he comes back all the time so honestly u have no good reason tht tells me he would leave srry if he came out and said id rather go to new york then Charlotte ok im wrong but honestly i cnt see why he would leave his home for new york if he could win in charlotte rather carmelo was there or not i dnt think u have enough evidence to sit there and tell me enough is said and he wont stay sorry

  15. I would trade Dampier, Diaw, and a first rounder plus for CP3 and possibly Emeka any day! Even if just for 2 years, CP3 is more valuable then anything we'd get for Dampier or $13M cap space. He'd rejuvinate Charlotte's fan base and make us instant Eastern Conference or even championship contenders

    CP3 – SJax – Crash – Tyrus – Meka/Naz

    That's hard to beat…

  16. Tyler

    all im trying to say nobody has heard him say i wana go to new york RATHER then Charlotte he was spreading all those New York rumors before all this happened i mean how do you this isnt wat he always has wanted was to play here and u know he isnt as selfish as LeBron he is still loyal to NC ima have to see alot of proof b4 i can sit here and say hed leave now if New York can pay him mre okay there is a reason

  17. Leroy

    seems like everyone in this post are still talking about trades for a starting pg.

    okay….if either arenas or chris paul come. they will definitely be our starter…but with the signing of shaun livingston….I don't think it will be a bad idea starting him.


    low post scoring. dunking. passing.

    i know there might be a chance that he will pop his knee again….but at least he is on the team which he popped his knee againist!!! (LOL)

    boosting his confidence by starting him.if he ever get to 80% of the level that was expected few years ago. not a bad bet at all by the cats!

  18. Justin

    Honestly, I can't say I've seen Sessions play much, given he's been in small markets such as Milwaukee and Minnesota over the past 2 years. Anyone know much about his game, if he were to come here?

  19. Charlie

    Sessions isnt nice, his stats were overblown in Milwaukee just like Mo Williams stats were because that franchise coaches have let them roam free. LB wouldnt take back Emeka.

  20. RobC

    Justin –

    No, that is not enough. NOH has been offered a lot of talent such as: OJ Mayo, Devin Harris, Caron Butler, Jason Kid plus expiring contract such as Dampier's for instance and they've rejected the trades. They want an impact playaer, 1st Rounders and Star prospects. And it makes perfect sense for them to ask such a high price, since they are trading the best PG in the NBA and a future Hall of Famer.


  21. I wouldn't put too much stock in CP3 talking about a 'big 3' in NYC with Carmelo and Amare from this weekend. He was at Carmelo's wedding and god knows, we've all said some ridiculous, wishful stuff to our buddies at wedding receptions.

    On the other hand, if it goes well for LebronWadeBosh in Miami, it does make me fear that more young superstars will go this "AAU" route in combining talents in big market cities for slightly lower contracts.

    I imagine that any team that trades for CP3 will be looking for some assurances that he will sign an extension with them. If not, you guys are right, he's probably not worth the risk to trade for and can continue to be unhappy in NO through the rest of his contract…

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