Chandler and Ajinca Traded – Wow



A Big, Unexpected Trade With Dallas

The Charlotte Bobcats have traded Tyson Chandler and Alexis Ajinca to the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for Eduardo Najera, Matt Carroll, and Erick Dampier.

Wow, this came out of nowhere. ESPN coverage here. Bobcats have posted a Release on their site, as well.

We’ll give this further analysis later today, but here are my first thoughts :

• Matt Carroll is back!
• Shaq used to call Erick Dampier “Ericka.”
• This has got to be a set up for another deal… Let’s see what’s next.


POLL : What Should Bobcats Do With Erick Dampier?

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  • Trade For Point Guard
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62 thoughts on “Chandler and Ajinca Traded – Wow

  1. Guys, I know there are a lot hypothetical deals about Ramon Session, Chris Paul, Monta Ellis or Gilbert Arenas. The Shaun Livingston signing does seem to indicate that DJ might be available for a trade.

    I'm pretty sure the Bobcats are lining up a trade with Minnesota.

    See, the Cats are gonna send out DJ Augustin and Erick Dampier's contract for Ramon Sessions and the rights to Ricky Rubio.

    I mean, c'mon. The writing's on the wall here.

  2. Yeah Dr. E – Once they make the trade, you'll announce "This is exactly what I was expecting them to do!"

    As for the rest of us, each trade just seems to make less sense.

  3. Wait a second…

    Chris Paul might be the man behind the abrupt dismissal of the Hornets' GM. He's probably making it known that his team needs to pull it together and take him seriously. I wouldn't bet that he's available via trade now, but maybe late in the season.

    So, if Paul is exerting some influence on the front office down there in New Orleans… maybe Darren Collison is available? Y'know, they'll let Chris Paul know that the Hornets are definitely his team.

    Could the Cats send Dampier and DJ to the Hornets for Darren Collison and someone else in return?

  4. Q

    I don't want to hear the name Ramon Sessions again. He will be the next Jeff McInnis in Charlotte. What is with this obsession with such a weak unproven player?

  5. RobC

    A trade for Arenas and McGee might be the best option for the Bobcats. Although risky, Larry Brown has proven to make “Bad Boys” excel and be great, then resign Theo Ratliff.

    Dampier and Diop for Arenas and McGee. That would be a win-win, the Bobcats become a contender, and the Wizards clear over $65M in current and future Cap Space to rebuild. If needed, we can add DJ for a 2nd Rounder (however, this might be too much).


    That would be an amazing starting lineup and arguably, one of the Top 5 “2nd Units” in the East. I’m all for giving Arenas a second chance. He is an efficient shooter 43%FG 36%, above average rebounder and defender for a PG and a good distributor, 6 apg (similar to the beloved Felton), however, this one is a former All Star; plus McGee is an All Star caliber guy.

  6. If Shinn & Co weren’t so inept all of this Chris Paul talk would be total nonsense. You just don’t trade a Top 5 NBA talent for cap space. The Shinn factor at least makes the idea plausible. Still don’t think it’ll happen though.

    Anybody else OVER speculating yet? C’mon MJ, JUST DO IT!

    Also, Dampier can’t be combined in a trade with another player until mid-September so we’re either gonna wait 60 days for the next move or the trade will be much simpler than those discussed above.

  7. RobC

    I agree ASChin,

    However, I believe a two-step trade can be done with the same team, that is all about legalities. For instance:

    1.) Mo Williams & Delonte West ($500K guaranteed) for Dampier; and then move either Mohammed or Diop (prefered) for Varejao in a separate deal.

    2.) Gilbert Arenas for Dampier; and Diop for Javale McGee, also in a separate deal.

    I truly believe these are the mos realistic options, since both teams are in rebuilding mode (regardless of what the Cav’s owner says). CP3 is nice to dream, but is just not happening.

  8. RobC-

    I’m coming around to a Williams/Varejao deal. Don’t think that Dan Gilbert would say yes to Diop so we’re probably looking at Dampier/Carroll plus a pick.

    The move basically says that you’re all about getting to the semi-finals and at least have a puncher’s chance at the Conference Finals. Could be worse.

    Let’s continue the discussion over at the Livingston post:

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