Charlotte’s Dampier Day Is Here


The Charlotte Bobcats’ Key Offseason Asset Will Likely Be Dealt Soon

Over and over this summer, we’ve heard that the Bobcats could package up Erick Dampier’s rare $13 million expiring contract to help acquire another talent to strengthen their roster for the upcoming season. Initially, it seemed as though the club would have been fine to simply waive Dampier, get under the luxury tax level and then resign the veteran Center for a bargain deal.  The 6′ 11″ Dampier wasn’t too interested in working out such a sweet deal with Jordan and the Cats, and Charlotte had to bring in another big man for security – Kwame Brown. Due to NBA rules, the Bobcats were unable to combine Dampier with another player in a trade for a period of 60 days. That period is over on Monday, September 13th.

Now, the clock is ticking and it appears that the Bobcats have two options.

Option 1: Pick Up The Phone.

Charlotte can work their tails off to line up a deal (likely involving multiple teams) to get some type of return for Dampier’s expiring contract. For many teams, the contract could be the fastest way to get their finances in order. Such an asset could help a team initiate a “rebuilding cycle” or simply get below the luxury tax level while assembling a championship contender. At the moment, the Bobcats seem interested in testing the waters to determine if they can benefit more by getting a solid player in return for Dampier’s rare contract terms.

Option 2:  Waive & Save.

The Bobcats can waive Dampier, taking advantage of his expiring deal to get their own financial house in order. After letting Dampier go, the team could focus their efforts to trade Boris Diaw or Nazr Mohammed (who is in the last year of his deal) in exchange for any necessary roster pieces.

Can They Screw This Up?

Ultimately, the only thing the Bobcats could really do wrong would be to pick up a bad contract in exchange for Dampier. Charlotte tends to swap a lot of players and take on financial baggage along the way. This is an opportunity for Charlotte to straighten out a few of their missteps and get their financial footing for their next wave of building a better team.

POLL : What Should Bobcats Do With Erick Dampier?

  • Waive & Save $13 Mill
    (16%, 35 Votes)
  • Waive & Resign
    (12%, 26 Votes)
  • Trade For Point Guard
    (55%, 124 Votes)
  • Trade For Draft Picks (17%, 39 Votes)

Total Voters: 224

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32 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Dampier Day Is Here

  1. Right now, I'm just hoping for Monta Ellis or Aaron Brooks. We need a young PG to build around because while adding Chauncey would be great for now, we'll be stuck at the bottom of the East in 3 years with Tyrus and Henderson as our only young players. Maybe GS would be interested in also swapping Diaw for Biedrins, or we could get another team involved.

    Anways, Monday is a day to be celebrated, and I hope it can be further celebrated in the near future. Your move, MJ.

  2. Bobcats Orange?

    HA. I love trades that involve trading 75% of our roster, including bench warmers, backups, and bad contracts, for three all stars and two young centers.

    We could trade EVERYONE on the Bobcats for the Heat's entire roster. We would be STACKED.

  3. RobC


    I've had my share of dream scenarios as well, but this one came straight from a Disney movie. Honestly, if you were the GM of the Sixers or Wizards, would you really pull the trigger in such a deal? Really?

  4. jeremy

    Not there yet but it will be. Here it is though: STEIN_LINE_HQ

    Bobcats — wow — just announced release of Erick Dampier. Which means Damp will get to pick his next destination after clearing waivers

  5. Justin

    All I can say is I hope Shaun Livingston resurrects his career and becomes the star he was supposed to be before his injury…because fellas, what we have is what we have….damnit

  6. Leroy

    disappointment…once again

    let us down time after time….

    what do you guys think the starting line-up will be?


    captain jax



    nazr or kwame?

    6th man:

    jordan himself?

  7. Calm down about a ruined season, our team is just as good, if not better then last year. Shaun Livingston can be just as good as Ray Ray; we didn't really downgrade too far at PG. As for center, Tyson did nothing down the stretch while Naz really stood out. Add in a full year of Cap'n Jack and T-Time and that's a nice team. Henderson gets a full season, we upgrade from Graham to McGuire, and maybe DJ steps up.

    Clearly Miami, Boston, Orlando, and Chicago are better then the JordanCats, but after that, its a toss up. How much better is Joe Johnson and the Hawks than Cap'n Jack and the 'Cats? Milwaukee? Really? Don't even start with the Knicks and Pistons.

    We're in for a great season, folks, and when is the last time LB didn't make a move in a season? Since he came to Charlotte, they've made a trade about every 2 months, and never more then 4-5 months between trades.

  8. So, just to review – here's how the roster looks right now without Dampier:


    Nazr Mohammed / Desagana Diop / Kwame Brown

    Power Forward:

    Tyrus Thomas / Boris Diaw / Eduardo Najera

    Small Forward :

    Gerald Wallace / Derrick Brown / Dominic McGuire

    Shooting Guard:

    Stephen Jackson / Gerald Henderson / Matt Carroll

    Point Guard :

    DJ Augustin / Shaun Livingston / Sharron Collins

  9. Tyler

    I personally think we should sign Josh Boone and Allen Iverson for little money i mean Allen can contend for the start and if Larry doesnt think he can then he can just play backup PG OR SG. And Josh Boone so Diop doesnt have to play and him and Nazr are injury prone i would already have Kwame in front of Diop

  10. RobC

    #1 I don't really agree that the season is over. However I have to agree that if they were not sure that Dampier could be traded, they should've not done the trade in the first place. But that is done already.

    Now, this is another trade that could work for all, however, Golden State might request Nazr instead.

    Charlotte gets: TJ Ford and his expiring contract $8.5M and Andris Biedrins.

    Indiana gets: Boris Diaw, they urgently need a PF.

    Golden State get: Diop or Nazr, either way they save a ton of money.

    Note: I would be skeptical to trade Nazr for Biedrins. If Golden State don't want Diop(still about $13M in savings), I would just trade Diaw for Ford and get some added Cap space for next season. They can then waive Collins.

  11. Jeremy – thanks for delivering the sobering news.

    The Bobcats must have had very little interest from other teams if they were so quick to let go of him.

    Still, it’s hard to believe that this is the team we’ll see on opening night.

  12. Leroy

    I’m not so disappointed about the pg position, even after all these injuries, i think shaun still show a brighter future than DJ LOL, he played well for the thunders last year especially when i saw him doing all those spin moves and dunks on youtube videos.

    I’m just worry about the center position as nazr has many back problems and also theo is gone, theo is still a good center considering his age.

    unless larry brown can turn kwame to a prolific defender, i m still a little worry about the 5 position.;

  13. Why on Earth would we sign Josh Boone and AI? He’s a solid guy for 4 and 5, and AI is no better at this point then DJ or GH. Also, Charlotte has 13 guaranteed contracts, Derrick Brown, Sherron Collins, Darius Miles, and potentially Antoine Walker. Where do we have space for another player? No one wants Najera, Carroll, or Diop anyways.

  14. Tyler

    Sherron and Darius are unguranteed i dont know about Derrick but what could it hurt we have 16 players on the roster but forget the Josh Boone thing but if AI came in and impressed Larry then you just cut Darius and Sherron. It just my opinion i dont see what it could hurt. But i like Sherron and Darius so i would only want tht if AI really came in and make a statement.

  15. Anyone else get the feeling that the Bobcats are the first team that any club calls when they need to dump a stupid contract?

    It seems like Dallas is always good at convincing Charlotte that they need their worst contracts. Somehow they convinced Rod Higgins to take on the bloated financials of Diop, Dampier, Najera, and Carroll. They really made Higgins believe that Dampier's contract was pretty valuable.

    Dallas got a solid backup center and unloaded Najera and Carroll's contract in exchange for the Dampier dump. Sounds like Dirk's team has a few smart guys in charge.

    Maybe the team has finally cleared the cap room to bring back Walter Herrmann.

  16. Clyde

    Josh Boone is a very bad player, he was the worst starter for the worse team in the league. The reason he isn’t signed is because everybody knows how bad he is. He’s lazy, he doesn’t compete, he has no offense, he plays soft….I do not want this guy on this team.

  17. wfox75

    i still think the bobcats will have a pretty tough team, especially defensively. hopefully Henderson can get more playing time and give Jax and G-Force a nice break in the game without letting up on the effort.

  18. RobC

    I “swear to god” that MJ lost a bet against Mark Cuban and is now paying it. Diop, Carroll and Najera, almost $45M in exchange for nothing…really??? Come On!!!!

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