Diaw Shipped to Toronto for Cap Space


We can finally put all that talk of Boris Diaw playing the point behind us.  The versatile forward will be shipped to Toronto to play for his former Suns boss Bryan Colangelo.

The Arizona Republic reports that Diaw will be heading to the Raptors in exchange for part of the Chris Bosh trade exception and journeyman (as well as former Bobcat) Dwayne Jones.  Jones would be first acquired by Toronto from Phoenix in a prior trade that would send Hedo Turkoglu to the Suns in exchange for Leandrinho Barbosa.

The trade as reported would save the Bobcats $9 million dollars in cap space this season and next while putting the team in prime position to trade for a starting point guard and fill out their roster without venturing into the luxury tax this summer.

ANALYSIS: After re-signing PF Tyrus Thomas to a 5 year $40 million contract last week, the Diaw move comes as no surprise.  Only a team with cash reserves like the Lakers spends $8 million a year on their backup power forward.  Expect Tyrus to start immediately.  Depending on how Tyrus’s contract is structured, the Bobcats are between $8 and $10 million below the League’s luxury tax threshold for next season of $70 million.  Trading Diaw will not only give the team the ability to find a quality starting point guard via trade this season but also allows the team to potentially pursue a max-type free agent next summer as they currently sit about $20 million under next year’s cap.


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33 thoughts on “Diaw Shipped to Toronto for Cap Space

  1. Mathodical

    Well I dont represent the website, I should be clear about that, just post on their forums where all these rumours are going down, anyway thats what Ive heard so far

  2. Tyler

    okay i know you guys know mre then me so i gotta ask is Jose an upgrade from Felton like he doesnt have as many PPG the Raymond but can someone tell me what he will do tht will make us better

  3. Charlie

    How about sign Shaq with cap space. Puts fans in seats and could play him 20 minutes a game, share time with Nazr and then could go small sometimes with Gerald at 4 or Derrick at 4 with Thomas at 5. Calderon nice though, takes care of ball, hits shots, good defense, perfect fit for us. We traded away big men so we definetly need to refill. Reggie evans is ball hawk but we need a starting center now.

  4. Charlie

    Calderon is better than Felton, his numbers were down because of Turkoglu last year hogging ball during offensive possessions. Calderon play about 10 less minutes a game than felton and has same stats, hes better at everything than felton except strength.

  5. Charlie

    Mathodical obviously your a raptors fan and am going to criticise(sp?) him because hes gone now. He was hurt last year all year, but before that his defense was nice. I mean if I got hurt hamstring for 82 games I know I am not going to be able to defend.

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