Fair Weather Breezes Through Charlotte


My allergies have been just horrible this Spring…

And It’s not because of the oak pollen.

Over the past few weeks, Charlotte has been under a cloud of Fair Weather. The record amount of support for the Bobcats has been really difficult to bear. I’ve been sneezing non-stop since we made the Playoffs; I break out in hives when I’m shoulder-to-shoulder with people on the Lynx Light Rail (disease train); and every time I see someone wearing a Jordan Brand shirt I keel over with the dry heaves.

My Doctor told me that the weather would pass but wrote me a pretty strong prescription…


The Fair Weather toxins have physically disfigured several of us at Bobcats Baseline but maybe we can use our new physical appearance to become some sort of Bobcats super-hero alliance…

For the past 6 years I have been a Bobcats fan solely for the indie-cred. To be a Bobcats fan meant that you were an outcast; a freak. I found solace in being part of a community that accepted me for, well, me. The Bobcats fan-base was so small and welcoming. Are those days gone forever?

Will the Bobcats no longer be made up of chill bros that play World of Warcraft (between games) in their basement?

Are Bobcats fans no longer just a group of teenage mutants that live in the sewer?

I just don’t understand why “the others” have suddenly become die-hard fans of OUR team.

They HATE the Bobcats. They shout things like,

“That Damn Arena took ALL my tax dollars!”

“Bob Johnson is a complete dbag/weirdo/jerkface!”

“I hate the name! Change the name!”

“The NBA is nothing but a bunch of thugs!”

“GRRRRRR….Rabble, Rabble!”

Fortunately, the fog of fair weather seems to be clearing…

I can only hope that the Bobcats fan community can go back to being the small group of misfits it once was.

I pray that we will no longer see the skyline lit under a hue of orange.


I don’t want to see people taking pictures underneath a large inflatable Bobcats head.


I hope to never again see Gerald Wallace on the side of the Light Rail.


If Charlotte can just go back to ignoring the Bobcats, maybe, just maybe, we can have our team back.

4 thoughts on “Fair Weather Breezes Through Charlotte

  1. When did Bobcats Baseline start channeling Pitchfork.com?

    Joking aside, the first round sweep was just the beginning of inclement weather that is sure to chase off fairweather fans this summer.

    The unfolding Larry Brown fiasco, plus the lack of draft picks or financial flexibility, plus the Raymond Felton issue represent severe thunderstorms, maybe even tornado warnings for the franchise.

  2. tef

    this was week, bro.

    i mean.. not funny. what the hell? if nobody supports the team who knows how long they’ll even stay in charlotte. this is stupid.

    if you wanna be a part of a small group of fans go and pick a nbdl team or a div. ii basketball team.


  3. laumadite

    no i agree, i felt the same way after the panthers made their super bowl run in 03, 2 years after the 1-15 record setting worst season. i was loyal throughout and when i told ppl i was a panthers fan theyd laugh hysterically. a couple years later it was all of the sudden cool for everyone to be a fan.

    as for the bobcats ive been loyal since day 1 and it is a bit amusing to see all this ppl emerging from the woodwork after hearing nothing from them the past few years.

    i think its good for the team to get some support at this stage but i get the frustration of dealing w/ fair weather fans when u have supported the club since day 1. ironically these fans are the same ones who will remain silent after the embarrassing sweep.

  4. Newsinz

    I’m proud to say that whenever I visit the Baseline, my name and email is already pre-populated in the comment form, awaiting my next entry. I’ve been a Bobcats fanatic since Primoz was our best franchise center ever, Kareem Rush had not yet been exposed by Bickerstaff, and there were still hopes that Bernard Robinson would turn out to be a 2nd round steal.

    The Baseline is great. Between this site and RoF, I’ve all but abandoned posting on the Observer (although I still check daily for new articles).

    Now that the fair weather has cleared up, excuse me while I streeeetttch my legs across two whole seats on the bandwagon. Sure was crowded in here for a while…

    GO CATS!

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