Herrmann Returning To The Bobcats?


Herrmann In His First NBA Run With Charlotte

Will The Legend Return?

After browsing through the Baskonia section of noiciasdealava.com (Alava Daily News’ website) yesterday, I noticed a headline about former Charlotte Bobcat Walter Herrmann.  It looks like Herrmann has had talks with the Bobcats and could be returning to the NBA this fall. He’s a free agent and will likely come at a price that the Bobcats can fit into their payroll.

Here’s a link to the Google translated version of the story :
Water Herrmann terminated his contract and could return to the Charlotte Bobcats (English Translation)

For those that read Spanish a bit easier than I can:
Walter Herrmann rescinde su contrato y podría volver a los Charlotte Bobcats (Original Spanish Article)

Herrmann’s first NBA opportunity with Charlotte in 2006-2007 showed flashes of brilliance and potential. The following season, Herrmann was stuck on the bench by the bumbling head coach Sam Vincent. He was shipped off to Detroit with Primoz Brezec and played sparse minutes with the Pistons. There were certainly a few fans that loved Herrmann during his short stint with the Cats. To some, the “what could have been” speculations of Walter Herrmann became a kind of legend. It was the type of legend to add on top of the pile of other Bobcats mistakes. His physical abilities, energy and long-range shooting settled into a sore spot for everyone that questioned the Nazr Mohammed trade.

If Walter Herrmann does return to Charlotte, does this signal another roster move at the Power Forward spot?

Also we have to wonder, will Walter Herrmann will be the best NBA Player ever?

Eastern Conference Finals Prediction:
D-Wade / Lebron / Bosh vs. Jack / Crash / Fabio

15 thoughts on “Herrmann Returning To The Bobcats?

  1. RobC

    With the right coaching, this guy could've been a more athletic Luis Scola with a better shooting touch. His only weakness was rebounding.

  2. RobC

    I've been reading the comments in this blog and even though I'm not in love with the current roster, it worth a look/try.

    Assuming Boris Diaw can return to be the same player he was 1 year ago, if the Bobcats waive Dampier and Thomas starts at Center, it might no be as bad as we think.

    Is tru that most teams got better this season, but, a starting line-up of: DJ-Jack-Wallace-Diaw-Thomas might not be that bad. I was watching the last 2 playoffs games from last season, and that was the best line-up against Orlando. I think one issue is that LB trusted Raymond Felton a little too much (made sense).

    I think is worth the chance waiving Dampier and using the following line-up and see what happens:






    After all, Thomas is better than Chandler, and at 6-10, I don't think he is giving up a lot when considering all the other Centers in the league. Most of them are 6-10 or 6-11. One thing is for sure, that team should be lightning fast and athletic. The Bobcats will be about $6M under the Cap, which will give them some flexibility and leverage if/when a trade is made during the season.

  3. Guys, Walter Hermann is not a difference maker and Tyrus Thomas cannot start at center. TTime and Diaw can man the frontcourt, but not for most of the game. I think trading for a center would make more sense then for a PG. I think our trio can form a more-then-serviceable-committee, plus T.J. Ford may soon be available. Maybe take a look at Robin Lopez, Mehmet Okur, Hasheem Thabeet, or another young big man.

  4. Alex

    Agree with you, Ben. But, how can you argue against the magical pony-tail? Ttime is a nice PF, but I think some people are underestimating the value of Nazr. He was dominate at the end of last year and, even though he played sparingly in the playoffs, he showed some promise.

    Still holding out hope that we go after Mo Williams, but the absence of the Cats in the Darren Collison deal baffles me.

  5. RobC

    Stackhouse –

    The Bobcats CANNOT waive any of the guys you mentioned. Those guys have about $30M in guaranteed contracts. The reason why Dampier is the only player who can really be waived, is due to his UN-guaranteed contract.

    However, I think it would be nice to resign him for a significantly lower price ($3-4M per year, no more than 3 years). As long as he is not part of a bigger deal, he can start right now and be a decent backup later.

  6. RobC

    Ohh…and right now the Bobcats NEED to either waive Dampier, or make a trade that gives them financial flexibility. Otherwise, they will be almost $6M over the Luxury Tax which represents about $12M additional that will be paid in taxes. It would be ridiculous to pay Luxury Tax with our roster.

  7. # 1 bobcats fan

    herrmann is amazing. i the bobcats dont sign i think rod higgins should be fired. he could be a make or brake player

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