Jackson Named Eastern Conference Player of the Week



“That’s what I live for. I make love to pressure.”

– Stephen Jackson
(via www.stephenjacksonmakeslovetopressure.com)

Another side victory for the Charlotte Bobcats. Forward Stephen Jackson was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week.

During the period of January 11 through January 17, Jackson’s point total ranked second in the East. He averaged 29.3 points and 3.3 steals per game while pacing the Bobcats for a 3-0 week. Captain Jack set a career high 43-points in a win over Houston and clocked his 10,000th point while stomping the Suns. It was a big week to say the least and just re-establishes what an asset Jack has been this season.

Other nominees for the award were Atlanta’s Jamal Crawford and Joe Johnson, Cleveland’s LeBron James, Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki, Indiana’s Danny Granger, Memphis’ Zach Randolph, Miami’s Dwyane Wade, New Orleans’ Chris Paul, Philadelphia’s Samuel Dalembert and Toronto’s Andrea Bargnani.

4 thoughts on “Jackson Named Eastern Conference Player of the Week

  1. Newsinz

    That picture is hilarious!

    Also, I visited that Jackson/Pressure website, only to find out that it was from the perspective of a Warriors fan. Has to suck to be a Golden State fan, to go from being the first 8th seed to beat a 1st seed, to having an even better record the next season (48-34!) and MISSING the playoffs, to seeing your team being systematically dismantled for reasons that apparently had nothing to do with assembling a good team:

    Lost Baron Davis to free agency.
    Lost Mickael Pietrus to free agency.
    Lost Matt Barnes to free agency.
    Lost Will Bynum to free agency.
    Traded Al Harrington to the Knicks for Jamal Crawford. (Actually a solid move here, BUT…)
    Traded Jamal Crawford to the Atlanta Hawks for Speedy Claxton and Acie Law.
    Pissed off Stephen Jackson to no end.

    Thanks, Mr. Nelson!

    GO CATS!

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