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ESPN’s John Hollinger Highlights Bobcats D

The Bobcats continue to garner some cautious praise in the mainstream basketball media, this time from ESPN’s NBA Insider, John Hollinger.  In Wednedsday’s PER Diem column, Hollinger breaks down just how the Bobcats are getting it done on the defensive end:

“…the Bobcats are the second-toughest team to get a shot against; oddly, for such a slow-paced team, Charlotte forces turnovers by the bushel. The Bobcats are second in the league in opponent turnover rate at 17.2 percent, second only to the breakneck, gambling Warriors. And here’s another surprise: Once we adjust for pace, the Bobcats are more likely than the Warriors to generate said turnover with a steal, with an 8.2 percent to 8.0 percent edge.”

Great read, check it out.

-Dr. E

8 thoughts on “Required Reading

  1. Newsinz

    Read it yesterday. What made it even more satisfying for me is that Hollinger is notorious (at least in my little world) for trashing the Bobcats every time they came up in his articles. It was as if he barely watched the games, and just formulated a half-baked opinion based off of standings and a handful of box scores that he glanced at while watching a Lakers game.

    His comments yesterday gave me the impression that he finally sat down somewhere and actually reviewed the Bobcats' body of work over the past few weeks. As the other Wallace would say, "the ball don't lie."

  2. Newsinz-

    It’s funny, I thought Hollinger was one of the only guys in the national media who has been consistently positive in his coverage of the Bobcats. Also, the fact that Hollinger actually writes about the Bobcats regularly is surprising enough; and he does know a lot about the team’s players and makeup.

    Also, is anybody else as worried as I am that the team’s top 3 guys are averaging around 40+ minutes a game? How’s that gonna play out come April?

  3. spectre

    One of the best national stories I’ve seen on our team…shame it’s behind the subscriber’s wall.

    ASChin minutes played is a concern and it would really be nice to develop the rooks more, but right now we need them logging those minutes. Hopefully LB will look to get them a little more rest after we gel even more as a unit (maybe during those times when Flip is “on”). From the way Bonnell talks however it sounds like LB pretty much has to drag them off the court…they want to play the whole game.

  4. Jared

    Everybody else is worried about the heavy minutes our best players are getting. I think it’s a catch 22. You have to play them that long to get the wins, but what happens come playoff time? What about injuries? I’m not as upset about this as ROF, but I do hope that LB starts playing the rooks more once/if we get some breathing room in the playoff race.

    The problem so far is most every win has been a tough one.

  5. Newsinz


    There's this:

    Granted this was before the Jackson acquisition, but the projection was that we'd finish much worse than last year, even though history shows that Larry always makes the playoffs during his 2nd year with a franchise.

    And this:

    I really liked this one (even though I agreed with some of it):

    And my personal favorite (granted, it was co-written by Chad Ford):

    "If you think the Bobcats' present is bad, just wait 'til you see their future."

    I'm not saying Hollinger never wrote anything positive about Charlotte, but he has certainly taken his shots over the last several months. It's all water under the bridge now, as Charlotte is about to take newfound residency above .500.

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