Weekend Links: Chris Paul Madness Edition


Chris Paul with Black Shoe

Chris Paul trade news/rumors continue to dominate the NBA news-and-blog-o-sphere as we head into the weekend.  But there’s still some other interesting stuff going on, including Gerald Wallace making a push to be included on Team USA’s final roster this summer.  Here’s your required reading for the weekend.

Chris Paul

  • ESPN’s Chris Broussard provides an update on Paul’s wishlist, along with the reality check regarding which teams on the list could actually come up with a decent package to return to New Orleans in a trade.  Broussard does mention that the Bobcats are one of the teams with interest in pursuing Paul — first time I’ve seen a national, mainstream, traditional media member acknowledge the Bobcats being in the mix.
  • Paul will be sitting down with new Hornets coach Monty Williams and GM Dell Demps on Monday to discuss his future with the team.  Peter Finney from The Times-Picayune opines on how Williams and Demps should approach that meeting.
  • Fresh off his run of blistering pieces critical of Lebron’s “Decision”, Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski warns that Chris Paul has succumbed to too much influence from Lebron/Worldwide Wes/CAA/LRMR/etc. and needs to check himself before damaging his reputation.
  • NYT’s Howard Beck reports that Paul, perhaps cognizant of the above sentiment, has not yet hired James’ LRMR marketing firm — though my guess is that this is just semantics/a formality.

Stephen Jackson/Home Invasion

  • There are no new developments in the story of the home invasion/armed robbery at Stephen Jackson’s house Wednesday morning, but here’s the link from the Observer if you never got around to reading up on the story.
  • Rick Bonnell did offer a few additional thoughts on the story on his blog.  The whole thing is a shame — just when Jackson’s image was turning the corner after the Bobcats’ success last year, here comes bad news again.  Not suggesting that being targeted like this is in any way his fault, but you have to be concerned when trouble just seems to follow some people.  Also, nice job by ‘the gates’ in his gated community.  Strong work.  Here’s hoping that Jack’s wife is OK and that the bad guys get caught.

Gerald Wallace/Team USA

  • Gerald Wallace is still out in Vegas at the Team USA camp.  When he was initially named to the squad, I thought it was a nice acknowledgement of how far he had come as a player, but didn’t think much of his chances at making the final cut to represent the US at this summer’s FIBA World Championsips in Turkey due to his marginal outside shooting ability.  But with all of the Redeem Teamers begging off, Amare Stoudemire’s crip-eye, and injuries to David Lee and Robin Lopez, it’s starting to look like Gerald has a real shot.  ESPN’s Chris Sheridan feels that Wallace has the inside track to make the squad, owing largely to his size and defensive tenacity.  On the other hand, I asked Ric Bucher about Gerald’s chances on Twitter and he DMed me back “unlikely”.
  • Bobcats.com has a bunch of Gerald/Team USA content here, including video interviews with Coach K.  I have mixed feelings about Gerald making the squad.  First, as mentioned above, I personally feel he’s kind of a long shot due to his mediocre outside shooting — you just have to be able to knock down deep and midrange shots in international ball.  But Wallace’s primary competition in making the cut is probably Andre Igoudala, who isn’t exactly a deadeye shooter himself, so we’ll see.  Second, Gerald has played a ton of minutes over the past few years, and will no doubt be relied upon for big minutes again in 2010-11 for the Cats.  His ‘balls-to-the-wall’ style of play means potential injuries loom around every pick and attempted block anyways, and extended minutes means nagging injuries continue to nag, or even worsen.
  • Team USA sang Happy Birthday to Gerald yesterday as the team prepared for tonight’s intrasquad scrimmage that will be televised live on ESPN2 at 10pm ET.


  • Shaq is still a free agent, and has a list of preferred destinations as well.  As the Bobcats now only employ Nazr Mohammed and Gana Diop (I’m assuming Dampier is not on the roster opening night) at center, and with last year’s stopgap solution Theo Ratliff off the market, there has been some sentiment around the Bobcats blogosphere that Shaq might be an acceptable short-term pickup.  NYT’s Howard Beck updates us on the ‘dwindling’ market for Shaq, with Atlanta, Dallas and Miami having passed on the Diesel.
  • Shaq reportedly wants a two-year deal for a good bit of money and a chance to compete for a championship.  He may have to settle for one or the other, and Fanhouse’s Tim Povtak is reporting that the Celtics are at the top of O’Neal’s wish list of destinations.  Boston would be nice, if only for the eventual Shaq-Nate Robinson buddy cop comedy that would grow out of it.

-Dr. E

30 thoughts on “Weekend Links: Chris Paul Madness Edition

  1. justin

    Heard Broussard mention on Sportscenter the other night that along with NY, Orl, Port, and Dal….Charlotte was another team interested, and he mentioned no other teams. Tells me we're in the mix, but do we think this is a team Paul would consider a championship caliber team and would consider? Can't he veto a trade he's not happy with?

  2. justin

    He said besides the 4 teams that Paul is said to want to go to (NY, Orl, Port, and Dal) that Charlotte will make a hard push…"in the mix" is my way to describe it. Broussard mentions us, as well as NJ as teams that will make a play for him…and like alot of us have been saying, we can offer alot more with Dampiers contract then alot of other teams. SO I'd say we're in the mix, but we'll see. If we can't get CP3, then maybe we can aleast be involved in a 3 or 4 team trade and pickup out PG. If he goes to Orlando, couldn't we somehow get involved and get Nelson.

  3. Brett

    lets hope Stephen Jackson doesn't react and get himself in trouble. from what i know about ghetto cats, if someone robs your house and puts a gun to your wife you use your contacts, find out who it was, and then kill them. Lets hope Jack thinks better of it.

  4. Tyler

    ha funny but Nazr is good coming off the bench i mean he can give Shaq the rest he needs to be a beast or at least a older and wiser beast

  5. charlie

    Diop doesnt really need to be traded, yes he clogs about 6 million in cap space, but noone is going to take him unless we give a first round pick with him or traded Jax or Wallace with him. Bobcats might as well keep him and just wait to use him as trade bait in last year of contract. The thing about Diop is he has very positive attitude and is great hustle player. Yes he has no offensive game but LB has been working on his lower body strength so that he will be able to get PT. Remember at this time a year ago everyone was saying to get rid of Nazr and look how well he performed last year. Diop use to be a guy who would grab 10 boards and get 2 or 3 blocks in about 23 minutes a game. Diop might well be improving this offseason because he spent full season on bench, and no one likes to do that

  6. wes75

    I'll admit I loved watching Nazr get some good production this past season, but I just can't see Nazr and Diop being the guys that have to carry the Bobcats down low..that's asking a lot

  7. @Justin I wouldn't get too hung up on the "party line" after the meeting. What are they going to say? "The meeting was horrible and we want out now"???

    As Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo tweeted (and I retweeted) nothing has changed. Paul wants out, but has little to no leverage. The Hornets don't want to trade him, and will be looking to buy the new GM a little time to get Paul back on board with the franchise.

    Along the way, though, they will certainly be listening to trade proposals. If someone blows them away (or if Paul pulls a diva act in training camp/early part of the season — unlikely) they might have to move on a deal sooner rather than later.

  8. Justin

    I still think this team needs to move on to plan B…I don't think it's happening with CP3. I'm sorry, but this team cannot go into next season with the roster where it is now. There is no proven PG on this team, and no scoring punch besides JAX. Something has to be done in my opinion.

  9. Justin

    Hearing this morning NO is not trading CP3, regardless of whether he requests a trade today or not….bad news, but maybe a smokescreen?

  10. Leroy

    just try to get arenas and mcgee, talk them into adding blatche in the trade….its much easiser to get a proven PG who is already in big trouble then a TOP3 PG in the game who still has potential to improve. LB might as well open a lecture class like 1 hour per day, sit there and talk to those thugs on the team….

  11. charlie

    Leroy quit living in dreamland. McGee is untouchable, he will be top 8 center in league this year. Your basically saying Wizards are going to trade 3 of their 4 best players for our scrubs.

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