Diop Done For The Season


Desagana Diop Shelved By Achilles Injury

Just as ‘Gana Diop had started to show what he could do on the court, his season was put to an end. The injury that sent Diop to the floor during the Bobcats’ last game appears to be a torn achilles tendon. More information is available at ESPN.com. This is a pretty serious injury for anyone, especially a professional athlete. Let’s hope this is just the end of ‘Gana’s season, not his career.

Now, the Bobcats face the rest of the season with Nazr Mohammed, Kwame Brown, Tyrus Thomas, and Boris Diaw filling the Center position. The temptation to trade Boris gets a little trickier now that the team has lost a big man in Diop. What should the Cats do, now?


2 thoughts on “Diop Done For The Season

  1. Shame for Gana and the Bobcats. If you can stand to play 4-on-5 on the offensive end (which the Bobcats aren’t good enough to do) he’s a very good defensive center.

    I really thought that part of the reason Silas was playing him was to showcase him for a trade — and I thought that Orlando was a likely destination. Sure, it would have been a lot of money for Orlando to take on for a backup center (especially with their already bloated payroll), but they would seem to be pretty desperate for one, no? Especially with the specter of the Celtics looming large in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

    Oh well…

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