Stephen Jackson = STAK5, What?


Stephen Jackson's Mixtapes

Okay, so I’m calling Time Out from all of the Draft Lottery hype today.

While reading through stories on the San Antonio Spurs, I found myself deep in this (pretty non-PC) article about ex-Bobcat, Stephen Jackson. In Bobcats history, Jack will clearly be remembered for spitting out top grade sound bites. But, this article enlightened me as to the musical prowess of ol’ Cap’n Jack.

Why had I not known about his alter-ego, STAK5?

Why did I not own (via MP3s) his mixtapes – Trill Mixes & What’s a Lockout?

Need to hear it for yourself? Get your fix here:

Trill Mixes – Stack5 / DJ Scream

What’s a Lockout?

I guess it kind of goes without saying, best of luck to the Bobcats tonight!


One thought on “Stephen Jackson = STAK5, What?

  1. Oh, I should note that “Ball So Hard” is by and far my favorite track by Stak5.

    It’s a nice lil’ diddy to put on while making dinner with your gf/wife/life-partner/etc.

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