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BobcatsBaseline.com was launched for fans to share news, thoughts, and hopes for the Charlotte Bobcats basketball organization. The site is maintained by a core group of dedicated fans that happen to be located across the globe.

Analysis, humor, and enthusiasm are the essential reason the site was created. Fellow fans are encouraged to join and subscribe to the feeds.

BobcatsBaseline was launched during the 2008 season.


16 thoughts on “About Bobcats Baseline

  1. Hey Bobcats-folk,

    Steve Weinman here, general NBA columnist over at CelticsBlog.com. I'm currently working on a project that essentially involves picking all-time teams for all 30 teams, and I'm looking to get as much local insight as possible. If you folks are interested in helping out — I'll be quoting and linking liberally to any one who does — feel free to shoot me an email over at steve@celticsblog.com. Much thanks for the time.


  2. JonnyChase

    I think the top Hornets/Bobcats, while in Charlotte, basketball team of all time is…..

    Baron Davis (By far the best)

    Jrich (slasher with a sweet stroke)

    Glenn Rice (Sharp Shooter and flat out scorer)

    LJ (the MUSCLE)

    ZO (A real center)


    felton (Lightning quick PG), rex chapman (shooter), bobby phills (defensive stopper)


    gwallace (all around energy the first off the bench), kelly tribuka (old school crash), dell curry (Drain the Three's),


    pj brown (Defensive Big man), Okafor (muscle), brad miller (nice passing and offense in the middle)

    Mascot- Mugsy and Hugo

  3. Best Queen City Pro Players, eh?

    PG : Baron Davis / David Wesley / Mugsy Bogues

    SG : Jason Richardson / Rex Chapman / Kendal Gill / Johnny Newman

    SF : Glenn Rice / Gerald Wallace / Dell Curry

    PF : Larry Johnson / PJ Brown / Emeka Okafor / Anthony Mason

    C : Alonzo Mourning / Vlade Divac / Robert Parrish

  4. Adam S. Chin

    PG: Baron Davis/Muggsy Bogues/Brevin Knight

    SG: J-Rich/Dell Curry/Eddie Jones

    SF: Glenn Rice/Gerald Wallace/Johnny Newman

    PF: LJ/Anthony Mason/Armon Gilliam

    C: Zo/Emeka Okafor/Vlade Divac

    Honorable Mention: David Wesley, Kelly Tripucka, Brad Miller, Matt Geiger, PJ Brown.

    Best Coaching staff: Larry Brown, Dave Cowens, Paul Silas, Bernie Bickerstaff.

    Best Mascot: Super Hugo.

    Best Owner: New Orleans-era George Shinn.

    Best Team: '92-'93 Hornets. Runner up: 2000-2001 Hornets.

  5. Hey there,

    I run a site called Hardwood Paroxysm, along with another D-League site called Ridiculous Upside, and I write for AOL FanHouse as well. I'm a big fan of Baseline, and I wanted to ask you about a project a bunch of the NBA bloggers have coming up. Shoot me an email and let me know if you're interested. Thanks.

    Matt Moore

    Hardwood Paroxysm

  6. My name is Daniel Sagal and I run a Lakers/NBA site at http://www.LABallTalk.com

    In the coming week, I have a contest for team bloggers called the "Top Team Blog Contest". You can find more on this contest on my site. Basically, the purpose of this contest is to allow fans vote for their favorite blog for each individual NBA Team blog. In order to enter, please e-mail at LABallTalk@gmail.com to let me know you are interested in participating. Secondly, I am asking that each blogger write a short article explaining to their fans why they believe they are the best blogger for their given team.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you soon,

    Daniel Sagal


  7. Great site! I just started a blog on Charlotte sports, qcsportsblog.com, and came across your site while searching for Bobcats blogs. I'm adding your site to my blogroll and would appreciate you checking my site out sometime. Keep up the great work and go Bobcats!

  8. john

    I sucks to work as a sales person for Bobcats. They lie to you and cheat you out of your commission. So many are quitting, and I'm about to.

  9. Hello guys,

    I’m trying to contact you via your contact form, but it is not allowing me to submit the email. I’ve got an opportunity for your site and are wondering if you are interested.

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  10. Hasan


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