Bobcats Prepare as NBA Lockout Ends


It’s over.

The NBA owners and players reached an agreement today that tenatively reopens the NBA’s $4 billion-a-year business. The season will begin with a tripleheader on Christmas day. The Bobcats could begin training as early as December 9th.

On nearly every count, the deal favors the owners, who had sought an eoverhaul all along. The players made significant concessions, including a reduction of up to $300 million year in salaries, $3 billion over the life of the agreement.

Read more in the New York Times.

Bismack Biyombo Out For Season?


Bismack Biyombo Not Cleared By FIBA To Play For Bobcats At End Of NBA Lockout

Bismack Biyombo will reportedly not be eligible to play for the Charlotte Bobcats until he settles a contract dispute with Spanish club Fuenlabrada. The Spanish contract for the Bobcats’ first-round pick deemed enforceable by governing body.

Christmas Eve: Jordan Goes Shopping, Bobcats Fans Can’t Sleep


We’ve all been there…

The week before xmas rolls around and there are only three gifts under the tree. One is obviously a book; the second is for your sister labeled something stupid like “From: Rudolph”; and the other appears to be a Nintendo game but after you take peek and discover that it’s a nail grooming kit from your Aunt Linda, you begin to worry…

“Am I getting the shaft this year?”

Your anxiety builds up until December 24th, but then, magically, throughout Christmas Eve day, the presents slowly appear. The gifts vary in size…like the gifter had no guidance whatsoever. The tallest one is covered in large trash bags held together by duct tape, the smaller ones are blatantly wrapped at a retail “wrapping station”.

Your mind begins to race…

How did this happen? Santa doesn’t come until xmas morning…who deserves the credit for such a bountiful onslaught of holiday cheer?

Your Dad.

Only your Dad puts off shopping until the very last day. Your Dad is the one who goes  to  Toys ‘R’ Us and “throws money” at anything left on the shelves. The result is a bunch of random-but-awesome shit that you didn’t even ask for…a hockey stick, a leather jacket, two catcher’s mitts…maybe a silk shirt.

My premise is this…Michael Jordan is the dad who shops on xmas eve.

Bobcats fans are in for a real treat when they wake up to a whole room of new players. He already blew the “big one” by giving us our new coach early, so…

What will Michael Jordan be getting us for xmas?

Baron Davis?

This has been widely rumored, and covered earlier by Mike here at Bobcats Baseline:

… [the] rumor goes like this – Bobcats will send promising offensive talent D.J. Augustin, misfit shooter Matt Carroll, and rarely-used backup center Desagana Diop to the Los Angeles Clippers. In return, the Los Angeles Clippers will send Baron Davis, an aging, injury-riddled point guard that is about a decade past his prime.

Don’t forget “out of shape” and “uninspired” when blessing B-Dizzle with adjectives. But hey, could a reunion with Paul Silas and a faster pace of play be the tune-up that Baron needs?  And if the Clippers would take Diop and Carroll’s contracts, Baron’s deal wouldn’t be that hard to swallow.  Can’t say we wouldn’t be intrigued to see this gift under the tree.

Chris Kaman?

Donald Sterling’s second favorite Clipper is also reportedly being aggressively pushed onto the trading block.  Kaman has been a decent traditional center for a couple years now, and actually made the All-Star game for the first time last season while averaging 18 ppg.

But that All-Star selection probably says more about the dearth of solid traditional centers in the West; and besides, it’s looking like it will be a one-time thing for Kaman anyways.  He’s only played 10 games this year due to an ankle injury and is averaging just 10 ppg/7 rpg. If Kaman is stuffed in our stocking with a packet of Fun Dip, we’d toss him aside while we assess what else we haven’t unwrapped.

Andre Miller?

Brandon Roy and Andre Miller have had a tenuous relationship in Portland’s backcourt.  Despite the fact that his long-term viability as the cornerstone of the franchise has been called into question due to his bad knees, Roy reportedly stressed the poor fit between he and Miller to the Trailblazers front office recently.

The Trailblazers have long been enamored with Gerald Wallace.  Connect the dots and you get the Andre Miller for Gerald Wallace rumor.  Miller is 34, but has a reasonable contract and has been amazingly durable and consistently productive for years.  He’d be an upgrade over DJ at the point, but how much of an upgrade?  Getting Miller would be kind of like finding a refurbished iPad under the tree.

Marcus Camby?

To sweeten the pot, the Blazers could include Marcus Camby.  The big man was brought into Portland last year to fortify their Oden-less frontline as they eyed a deep playoff run.  That didn’t work out, and it doesn’t look like it’s in the cards this year either — so Portland is apparently open to retooling.

Camby is 36, but still has a little left.  He’s an athletic big who has essentially become a rebounding and defensive specialist.  If Charlotte commits to running a more uptempo offense, Camby would be a better fit than Nazr Mohammed. If your brother got Gerald Wallace for xmas, and you got Andre and Marcus, would you trade gifts?

JJ Redick?

Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel points out that the net result of the Magic’s two trades was going small for big.  The Magic are now overloaded in the backcourt, with Gilbert Arenas and Jason Richardson pushing Chris Duhon, Jason Williams, Quentin Richardson and JJ Redick for playing time.  Meanwhile, sending Marcin Gortat to the Suns leaves Dwight Howard with no true backup.  The Magic currently go small with Brandon Bass or Ryan Anderson when Howard needs a rest or, god forbid, gets in foul trouble.

That proposition is a bit scary when you’re looking at potentially facing the Boston Celtics in the playoffs.  Could the Magic turn one of their many smalls into a big?  Maybe if they’re willing to part with JJ Redick and take Nazr Mohammed or Gana Diop?

From a basketball standpoint, Redick really duplicates Matt Carroll’s skill set.  That pesky issue aside, it would be hilarious to see Redick on the Bobcats.  In case you weren’t aware, Bobcats (Tarheel) fans have made booing JJ Redick one of the Cable Box’s best traditions.  At this point, the level of derision is so out of proportion to anything that Redick has ever done to affront Bobcat/Tarheel fans that it’s clearly taken on a life of its own.  It would be pretty cool to see Redick turn those boos into delirious cheers by nailing three after three in an uptempo offense. Still, for Tarcats (or Bobheels) Redick would be like getting a big pile of coal in your stocking.

So get to bed early (via Ambien and eggnog), Vitamin Water your tree, and leave out his favorite drink because Michael Jordan coming tonight.

– Deesdale & Dr. E

Contest: Win a Bobcats Gift Package


Merry Catsmas!

The Holidays are all about spending time with friends…and since all of our friends are on the internet, Bobcats Baseline is starting up a fan community for our readers to connect, spread some holiday cheer, and discuss all things Bobcats throughout the year.

In the spirit of the season, we have put together a holiday giveaway! Enter for your chance to win the ULTIMATE Bobcats Holiday Prize package representing the Christmas Past/Present/Future of the Charlotte Bobcats. The winner will be announced on December 20th, just in time for Christmas!

The Prizes

1. Past: A one-of-a-kind Bobcats Christmas Stocking (circa 2007)
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3. Future: One Copy of the 2011 Lady Cats Swimsuit Calendar + bundled DVD

How to Enter

There are two ways to become eligible to win…

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Simple as Pecan Pie!

Post a comment below or contact us if you have any questions. Good luck, happy wassailing, and go Bobcats!

Contest Rules

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  12. Prizes not claimed in 30 thirty days will be forfeited by winner.

Bobcats Prepare for Knicks on Back-to-Back Nights


From the Archives: "For the Raymondhaters"

Raymond Felton faces Bobcats on consecutive days

The Bobcats are in New York tonight where the Knicks have lost 3 straight. But Raymond Felton is ready. On Friday night against Golden State, the former Tarheel recorded 35 points and 11 assists in a 125-119 victory. Add that to Gallinari and Stoudemire’s solid performance and the Bobcats have quite a challenge ahead.

Then tomorrow night in Charlotte, it’s the return of the prodigal son. Felton plays on his former home court with a chance to show Charlotte what they are missing. The match-up against DJ Augustin is sure to be entertaining since DJ has just as much to prove.

Can Stephen Jackson keep up his stellar performance or is he overdue for a downswing?

Will Tyrus be able to handle Amar’e?

Is Tracy Morgan going to be at MSG?

Enjoy this two-day extravaganza Bobcats fans.

Easy as 1-2-3, Bobcats trounce Suns in Charlotte


Triple. Double. Agent.

Stephen Jackson contributes triple-double as the Bobcats defeat the Nash-less Suns, 123-105.

AP Recap | Box Score

Knowing that Nash was going to be absent, I was excited to watch the two young point guards – DJ vs Goran Dragic. I was also stoked to see former teammates Stephen Jackson and Jason Richardson go toe-to-toe. Going into the game, Jack led the NBA in 3 pointers made, while JRich was 3rd.

The Augustin/Dragic contest was a wash, while Jack took the night; earning the first triple-double in Bobcats history (second in his career) and going 10 for 13 from the field.

Overall, the Suns looked bad and the Bobcats looked great. Charlotte outscored Phoenix 23-9 in the first half and the story was pretty much told. Hedo Turkoglu tied it up in the 3rd quarter with the Suns’ first 3-pointer of the game but then the Cats then went on a 15-2 run and were in control the rest of the game.


  • Dominic McGuire saw his first action of the season. He didn’t score any points but affected the game. His +/- was +13. Also, Dell Curry and Coach Brown pronounce his name “Dominique” so I will follow suit.
  • Suns were 0-8 from 3pt land in the first half.
  • Gerald had 2 offensive fouls early resulting in only 1 point in the first half. He ended with 14 points. He also got a slick new “hair did”.
  • Nicknames were abundant in this match up. At one point, DBrown, DMac, Ttime, GForce, and JRich were all on the court.
  • In the 3rd quarter, Coach Brown went with a lineup of DJ/McGuire/Jack/Brown/Tyrus that proved very successful and entertaining to watch.
  • In addition to the 15-2 run in the 3rd, the Cats’ closed out the Suns with a 9-0 run in the 4th.
  • The last 3 minutes of the game were focused on Jack trying to get his final assist in his Triple Double.
  • Boris, Jack, and Tyrus had a combined 72 points!
  • Dell Curry is using the term “Big Fella” way too many times during the broadcast.
  • Side note: Grant Hill, in his 16th season, is in the best shape of his life. He proved it the other night when he dunked-nasty in LeBron’s face. I would post the video but I think King James destroyed the evidence.

Enjoy the win Bobcats fans. The next game is against the Knicks on Wednesday night; Raymond Felton  scored a career high 35 points the other night (video) and he is ready to face his former teammates at Madison Square Garden.

Jazz Continue 4Q Madness Against the Bobcats


Deron Williams and the Utah Jazz are insane down the stretch.

The Jazz defeat the Bobcats at the home tonight 96-95 after being down 28-13 at the end of the first quarter.

AP Recap | Box Score | Video

I honestly do not know how we lost this game. The Bobcats didn’t “give it away”; they looked good…real good. But the Jazz have beaten their last five opponents with their second half efforts; the Cats just couldn’t keep up with Williams and Company.

Since I cannot break down how we lost this game, I will merely deliver the observations…

  • Nazr was amazing. After completing owning Al Jefferson in the first quarter, he went on to collect 22 points and 20 rebounds.
  • Tyrus and Gerald Henderson didn’t play. In fact, they were not even present at the game.
  • The in-arena highlight of the night was “D.Brown’s Poetry Corner” played over the big screens. Video coming in a follow-up post.
  • Kyrylo Fesenko (Jazz #44) is the true man-child; clunky and goofy. The Ukrainian looks like a mix between  He-Man and one of those bad guys from Superman II. Check out this video of him dancing…
  • Captain Jack is back. He attempted a ridiculous 13 shots from beyond the arc, but finished with 24 points.
  • Eduardo Najera played his first stint as a Bobcat; Carroll continued to fill in for Henderson.
  • Even though DJ choked during a crucial drive at the end of the game, his 10 assists give me hope that he’s the right man for the job.

The Cats still have not won a game at home this season. Does this make you mad? Speak up Bobcats fans.