Party City Donates Lady Cats’ Costumes


It appears that Party City donated all of their leftover “sexy costumes” to the Lady Cats. The  photos popped up on and Facebook last night.  I believe the donation occurred on November 1 and Brandii McCoy promptly organized a photoshoot.

The outfits are an exceptional sampling of the most predictable women’s costumes of the past decade. Here is a countdown:

5. The Sexy Vampire

Brittany is really “owning” this shot by extending her arm so far that it shows her double-jointedness. Also, the use of a “Bump-it” under the bangs is a nice touch.

4. Sexy ‘Risky Business’ Outfit

Is this really a costume?? It was my understanding that women dress like this around their homes throughout the year.

3. Sexy Playboy Bunny

Kudos to Amber for taking this shot from behind. It wasn’t clear how sexy this costume was but once you see the sexy bunny tail, there is no question.

2. Sexy Cop

I’m kinda confused by the use of pink in the cop outfit and the tan is technically the color of a Highway Patrol uniform. Nevertheless, Ashley is employing the use of a “visual metaphor” by holding a nightstick.

1. Sexy French Maid

Tia and Dawn both went for the #1 sexy costume of the past decade: the super-innovative sexy French Maid outfit.

This duplicative costume leads me to beleive that each LadyCat was responsible for her own costume. Why didn’t Tia and Dawn correspond via text messaging?

Which one of these awesome costumes is your fave?

I personally think that the Lady Cats should’ve all dressed as the Charlotte Sting like this bro…

Bobcats Lose Season Opener in Dallas


The Bobcats dropped their season opener in Dallas 101-86.  After a miserable start (the Mavs scored the first 16 points of the game), the Cats fought back to take the lead briefly in the 2nd quarter.  But Dirk Nowitzki (game high 28 points on 11-13 FG) and Jason Kidd (18 assists) dominated the third quarter, putting the game out of reach.

AP Recap | Box Score

Unfortunately, I can’t say that I was particularly impressed by anyone’s play for the Bobcats save for Tyrus Thomas, who led the Cats with 22 points.  The Cats were particularly bad with Nazr Mohammed on the floor.  DJ was unassertive and unimpressive (2-10 FG).  Jack had a quiet game.  Gerald Wallace had a good start, but faded late and eventually sat down with what looked like a calf cramp.

Hopefully we’ll look back on this game in a few weeks and remember it as just another example of how Dirk and the Mavs have the Bobcats’ number.  But the pessimist in me saw signs that some of the well-publicized concerns about this team are also well-founded, particularly that the point guard and center positions are weak.

NBA Jam for Nintendo Wii; Bobcats Images



I honestly never thought I’d see the day. I have had SO many dreams…vivid, colorful dreams with the words BOOMSHAKALA and KABOOM being shouted by a fantastically predictable announcer.

Today is the day my dreams come true. Tyrus Thomas, Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson all appear on the newest installment of NBA Jam. The Midway arcade hit was purchased by EA Sports and released on the Nintendo Wii console today.

This game is insane. I had forgotten how addictive it is…the dunks; the shoves; the elbow throwin’. Incredible.

I was excited to see that a few Bobcats “signature visuals” made it into the game including the infamous Gerald Wallace mouthpiece that inspired our SarcophaCrash t-shirt.

Gerald’s Mouthpiece


Larry Brown’s trademark “crossed arm stance”


Rufus looks weak but, let’s face it, Rufus is pretty weak in real life.


Needlesstosay, Bobcats Baseline highly recommends the new NBA Jam. We won’t even mention all the throwback players (Dennis Rodman) you can unlock.

In other NBA video game news, the Bobcats received a mention in the IGN review of NBA 2k11

I know we toss around the phrase, “It looks like a real game” too often, but this time I mean it — dynamic crowds that slowly fill in during the first quarter or don’t even show for a Bobcats’ game and you have the most accurate portrait of the NBA to date.

The entire gamer community is flipping out over NBA 2K11 because it recieved a 9.5 by IGN…the game is being dramatically touted as “The Best Sports Video Game of the Millenia” and features a generous helping of Michael Jordan game modes…

The highlight of NBA 2K11 are the Jordan Challenges…Can you average 11 assists in the ’91 series against the Lakers? Or drop six treys and score at least 35 points in the first half against Drexler and the Trail Blazers to earn the famous Jordan shrug? Or light up the Knicks for 55 points in Jordan’s return from retirement?

2K Sports created each of these 10 memorable moments with a surprising level of detail. The commentary for every game is custom-fitted with discussions on Jordan’s potential in “The Arrival” game and talk of how much John Starks has frustrated Jordan in the “Double Nickel” game in Madison Square Garden.

With both NBA Jam and NBA 2k11 focusing so heavily on nostalgia, I wonder; are we entering a NBA Renaissance? Is the NBA on the up-swing to achieve the level of popularity it enjoyed during the 1990’s? Does Michael Jordan gracing the cover of NBA 2K11 mark the beginning of an NBA resurgence in pop culture?

Does it make you sad that the Bobcats are not a “vintage team” from the ’90s like the Hornets? If the Bobcats had a throwback player on their NBA Jam squad, who would it be?

Bobcats Close To Solving Roster Puzzle



The Charlotte Bobcats are close to acquiring point guard Devin Harris from the Nets in a four-team deal involving superstar Carmelo Anthony. This move would fill the “hole” left by Raymond Felton and dramatically improve the Bobcats offense for the upcoming season.

The complex deal would send Boris Diaw, and potentially DJ Augustin, to the Brooklyn Nets.

Visit Rufus on Fire for relevant links and a comment thread.

Bobcats Baseline extends our sincier apologies for this late post on the biggest Bobcats news of the summer.

We will do better. We promise.



The reason that we haven’t covered the story yet is because nothing has happened.  The Calderon fiasco (and my 8k words on what Jose will mean to the Bobcats) will be the last.  This deal has a much better chance of happening than that one but we’ll wait until the official announcement to cover it in full.  Until then, be sure to follow us on Twitter:

And only go to Rufus on Fire if you want to read stories like “Kevin Durant: What should the Bobcats trade for him?”


Bobcats Offer Kind Deal to Dominic McGuire



Dominic McGuire has been signed by the Charlotte Bobcats.

Nicknamed “D-Mac”, the 6-9 McGuire was selected by the Wizards with the 47th pick in the 2007 NBA Draft. In three NBA seasons, McGuire has played in 200 games, averaging 2.4 points, 3.2 rebounds and 1.2 assists in 15.4 minutes.

Press Release here:

Player Profile here:

Raymond Felton Moving to New York; has Trouble Selling Condo



ESPN is reporting that Raymond Felton is signing with the New York Knicks in a deal that will be finalized over the weekend…

The New York Knicks’ consolation prize after missing out on LeBron James will be point guard Raymond Felton…Felton joins Amare Stoudemire as the Knicks’ two big free-agent signings of the summer, even though they failed to achieve their primary goal of getting James.

Raymond’s first priority is surely to find a solid Realtor to assist in the sale of his luxury condominium. With residential sales in a slump, he is courting several real estate firms before deciding who is the best fit. Would Remax move his urban condo quicker than a experienced, local agency such as Allen Tate? He has big questions to address.

Which ever Real Estate agent Raymond decides to go with, what does this mean for the Bobcats? Is DJ going to be our starter? If Raymond is the #1 point guard on the free agent market, who is #2?

Bucks’ Mascot Attempts Ultimate Stunt to Get Back at Rufus


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has an article on their Bucks Blog that includes this incredible video of their Mascot “Bango” performing a stunt during a recent Playoff game…

This is the most incredible Mascot stunt I have ever seen for the following reasons…

1. Balancing on top of a ladder that tall is very hard.

2. Doing a backflip off a ladder and landing on your back is painful.

3. Getting up and doing a handspring is insane.

This next video features Bango, Super Hugo and Rufus during the 2009 All-Star game. Apparently, Bango had to have surgery as a result of this stunt…leading us to believe that the “Ultimate Stunt” was an attempt to get back at Rufus for contributing to his injury.

If a second-rate mascot banked a shot off my crotch in front of a huge crowd I would be pretty motivated to reclaim my image.