Fair Weather Breezes Through Charlotte


My allergies have been just horrible this Spring…

And It’s not because of the oak pollen.

Over the past few weeks, Charlotte has been under a cloud of Fair Weather. The record amount of support for the Bobcats has been really difficult to bear. I’ve been sneezing non-stop since we made the Playoffs; I break out in hives when I’m shoulder-to-shoulder with people on the Lynx Light Rail (disease train); and every time I see someone wearing a Jordan Brand shirt I keel over with the dry heaves.

My Doctor told me that the weather would pass but wrote me a pretty strong prescription…


The Fair Weather toxins have physically disfigured several of us at Bobcats Baseline but maybe we can use our new physical appearance to become some sort of Bobcats super-hero alliance…

For the past 6 years I have been a Bobcats fan solely for the indie-cred. To be a Bobcats fan meant that you were an outcast; a freak. I found solace in being part of a community that accepted me for, well, me. The Bobcats fan-base was so small and welcoming. Are those days gone forever?

Will the Bobcats no longer be made up of chill bros that play World of Warcraft (between games) in their basement?

Are Bobcats fans no longer just a group of teenage mutants that live in the sewer?

I just don’t understand why “the others” have suddenly become die-hard fans of OUR team.

They HATE the Bobcats. They shout things like,

“That Damn Arena took ALL my tax dollars!”

“Bob Johnson is a complete dbag/weirdo/jerkface!”

“I hate the name! Change the name!”

“The NBA is nothing but a bunch of thugs!”

“GRRRRRR….Rabble, Rabble!”

Fortunately, the fog of fair weather seems to be clearing…

I can only hope that the Bobcats fan community can go back to being the small group of misfits it once was.

I pray that we will no longer see the skyline lit under a hue of orange.


I don’t want to see people taking pictures underneath a large inflatable Bobcats head.


I hope to never again see Gerald Wallace on the side of the Light Rail.


If Charlotte can just go back to ignoring the Bobcats, maybe, just maybe, we can have our team back.

Bobcats to Give Away “ThunderStix”


I’ve been getting really pumped for tonight’s game…and it is not because I think the Bobcats can win and begin their slow climb up Mount Howard to win 4 straight.

It’s because of THUNDERSTIX!

The first 18,000 Fans receive light-up ThunderStix courtesy of Budweiser, Kobalt, McDonalds and Presbyterian Hospital.

If you are not familiar with what ThunderStix, let’s review why they are awesome.

ThunderStix are super-awesome because they make a crazy amount of noise.

ThunderStix are so badass that there is no singular term for the device; you must refer to them in the plural.

Bros like it when their girlfriends hold ThunderStix because they get to make some hillarious comment about the size of their own “Thunder Stick”.

ThunderStix models are hot…

Even big Dbags like using ThunderStix…

So enjoy the game Bobcats fans. Make some noise with those ThunderStix and be sure to not hit anyone in the face.

Bobcats’ Jackson ‘Day-to-Day’ with Bone Bruise‎



A collective moan was heard from Bobcats fans around the globe when Stephen Jackson  grimaced in pain after hyperextending his knee on Sunday. However, an MRI taken Monday morning showed no structural damage to Charlotte Bobcats’ star guard.

Jackson has a small bone bruise and is listed as day to day.

“It’s always good to have two days off before the next game,” Jackson said. “Hopefully it will work to my advantage. It’ll get me time to rest and give me time for my knee to get stronger than it is right now.”

No one doubts Jack’s determination. “I think if the MRI said he had an ACL injury, he’d play anyway.” Said Coach Brown.

Although Jack did not practice on Monday, he expects to start for Game 2 tomorrow night in Orlando.

Read more from the Orlando Sentinel

Bobcats and Pizza Hut target 29 year-old College Students in New Commercial


I’m a broke College Student…I doesn’t mean I have to eat like one.

This commercial runs 15 times or more during the Bobcats broadcasts on Fox SportsSouth. There has to be some sort of alliance between the Cats and the Hut for this strategic advertising redundancy.

I would like to share some thoughts regarding this ad…

1. The main actor looks older than me and I have a kid.

2. I thought they served Domino’s in the arena; not Pizza Hut.

3. I really like the shot (above) where the guys are so excited that they’re about to pee.

4. Does the main bro kinda look like Rufus or is that just me?


At my college, Appalachian State, there was this crazy Domino’s deal called “The Student Special” that was $12 (including tip)  for an XL 1 topping and an order of breadsticks. I was a broke college student. I ate like one.

Does the prevalence of this ad mean that Charlotte is a “college town”?

Does this college student look more like a 29 year old or 32 year old?

Are Wing Street wings delicious or garbage?

Charlotte DJ Composes “Bobcats Playoff Anthem”


Click to Listen to the Bobcats Playoff Anthem

Charlotte-based mixmaster DJ Complete has put together a stellar track in honor of the Bobcats’ first playoff appearance. The song name drops most of the major players…

GWallace, AllStar status. “Makin’ Love to Pressure” Steve Jack is the baddest.

Can’t forget Ray Ray, call em “Mr. Everywhere”. Boris Diaw takes it to the rack he ain’t never scared.

And our opponents don’t like us; probably cuz they’re gettin’ blocked by Theo and Tyrus.

Tyson and Nazr holdin’ down the middle. Augustin’s and Graham’s shots hotter than a griddle.

According to his Facebook page, the song will be played at all the remaining home games and he will be DJing courtside the Arena for all of the  Home Playoff Games.

You can Download the full track from DJ Complete’s website.