Tyrus Thomas Signs 5 Year/$40 Million Contract, Declares Self “A Unique Character”


While the three-team Diaw/Chandler/Calderon/Turkoglu/Barbosa trade stays mired in “unofficial” status this evening, the Bobcats new starting power forward has become very official.

Tyrus Thomas put on his best candy-striped polo shirt to sign his 5 year/$40 million dollar contract and answer a few questions from the media today.  Despite the fact that the affair was decidedly more understated than Lebron’s “Decision”, there was still no shortage of third-person references, as Thomas declared that “Tyrus is a unique character, and [Larry Brown] has no problem with it.”

And just as Lebron and company were given to incomplete, borderline disingenuous responses to questions regarding the machinations behind their free agency decision-making process, Tyrus neglects to mention that he was probably promised the starting power forward job when explaining why he was quick to re-up with the Cats.  He instead cites “the progress [the team] made” and “the guys on the team, the organization and playing for Coach Brown.”

All snarkiness aside, this is undoubtedly a solid signing for the Cats.  Even ESPN’s harbinger of sabermetric doom John Hollinger agrees (ESPN Insider only):

This isn’t exactly a steal, but the more I walk through it the more I get comfortable with the idea. Thomas is only 23 and he did play pretty well in Charlotte last season after a midseason trade from Chicago…

…Locking down a starting frontcourt spot at an average of $8 million a year, even for a non-star, isn’t bad business for a small-market club.

Like Tyrus, I’m glad this is settled and ready to “you know, get to going.”

-Dr. E

Meet The Bobcats Summer League Squad, Starring Darius Miles!



The Bobcats have announced their full list of Summer League Campers, and whoo-boy are there some fun names.

While most of the NBA will focused for the next couple of weeks on the machinations of a once-in-a-generation free-agency class (Lebron, D. Wade, Bosh, Joe Johnson, Amare, Carlos Boozer, Paul Pierce, Dirk Nowitzki), or the summer league debuts of their full-of-promise lottery picks (John Wall, Evan Turner, Derrick Favors, Wesley Johnson, DeMarcus Cousins), the Bobcats are going to be taking a hard look at Darius Miles.

After the Memphis Grizzlies played “the island” to Miles’ John Locke in the 2008-09 season (“Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”), Miles added some more paperwork to his knucklehead file with a marijana arrest.  That, and the fact that Miles apparently managed to corrupt OJ Mayo in the few months they shared a locker room led to Miles being out of basketball for the 2009-10 season.

But Miles resurfaced in May at a Bobcats Free Agent Mini-Camp, where Larry Brown gushed that he’d been angling to get Miles on his team since he came into the league.  Miles stated that the reason he wanted to try to come back was so his 2 year old son could see him play.  That’s nice, but I’ve seen enough Outside The Lines segments to know that it’s code for “I’m broke.”

Challenging Miles for the title of “Shadiest Character Wearing a Bobcats Practice Jersey in Orlando” will be Shawne Williams.  Williams was the 17th pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, but has bounced around the league his whole career, last playing 15 games with the Mavericks in the 2008-09 season.  Why, you might ask?  (Fast-forward to 5:00)

Larry Brown brushed off concerns about Williams’ shady past (present?) by focusing on his need to get in shape if he wants a chance at an NBA career.  Not selling drugs will help, too.

In addition to Miles and Williams, actual Bobcats Gerald Henderson, Derrick Brown and Alexis Ajinca will be in Orlando making their cases for expanded roles in the upcoming season.

And we’ve already touched on Sherron Collins, Denis Clemente, Tyren Johnson and Marquis Gilstrap in a previous post.

Rounding out the list are Alade “Yes, I’m Al-Farooq’s older, less talented brother” Aminu, Antonio “So Close, Yet So Far Away” Anderson (who nearly made the Bobcats roster last year and had two 10-days with OKC this past season), Brandon Bowman, Marcus “Gotta Have a Tarheel, Right?” Ginyard (who’s already bitching about the accommodations in Orlando), Brandon Hazzard, Nathan Jawai, Jerel McNeal, Jeremy Pargo, Pape Sow and PJ Tucker.

Those 19 guys will begin practicing in Orlando today through Sunday, July 4.  Several will likely be sent home before the Bobcats begin actual summer league games on Tuesday, July 5.

-Dr. E

Michael Jordan’s Passion for Motorcycle Racing on ESPN’s E:60


From our friends at ESPN:

ESPN’s award-winning primetime newsmagazine E:60 will examine former NBA star Michael Jordan’s passion for motorcycle racing in the episode airing Tuesday, May 4, at 7 p.m. ET. In an E:60 exclusive, Jordan talks with ESPN’s Hannah Storm and grants unprecedented access to a side of him few have ever seen.

Two weeks before the deal was completed that made Jordan the majority owner of the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats, another ownership dream for the 47-year-old was realized; one unrelated to basketball. At Daytona International Speedway, Jordan earned his first win as a team owner on the American Motorcycle Association’s premier Superbike circuit.

In 2004, less than a year after playing his final NBA game, Jordan formed Michael Jordan Motorsports. Now in his sixth season of Superbike competition, the top motorcycle road-racing class in the US, Jordan’s persistence, commitment, and competitive drive has led the team to the top spot on the podium.

Jordan’s obsession with motorcycles extends beyond the owner’s box. He’s also a passionate rider. After retiring from the NBA in 2003, free from NBA contract restrictions that prohibited him from riding, Jordan had an encounter a gas station in a local Chicago neighborhood that changed everything. Shortly thereafter, he was riding fearlessly through the streets of Chicago, at death-defying speeds. Some excerpt quotes:

Hannah Storm – How long did you think it would take to get your first win?
Michael Jordan – Knowing me, I wanted to win the first year. But I knew, mechanically I didn’t have the right equipment to win, but that doesn’t mean I don’t hope for some type of win. I want to say that I committed my time and my energy into this sport and I want to be able to win a championship at the highest level. You know, where I’m competing against the Suzukis, the Yamahas, all the other different manufacturers.

Storm – When you were riding through the streets of Chicago at night …what was that like?

Jordan – Well at first it was scary because I probably was doing some things that I probably shouldn’t have been doing in terms of speed. It was fun. It was exhilarating obviously. At certain times, some of the speeds that I was going on the streets that I was going, they were not quite safe. I think on one straightaway we got up to like 157, which, now thinking about it, I must have been nuts.

ESPN’s E:60, which launched in October 2007, combines investigative reporting, in-depth profiles of intriguing sports personalities and features on emerging star athletes. These stories are presented in a fresh and innovative format that incorporates producer/correspondent meetings.


Bucks’ Mascot Attempts Ultimate Stunt to Get Back at Rufus


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has an article on their Bucks Blog that includes this incredible video of their Mascot “Bango” performing a stunt during a recent Playoff game…

This is the most incredible Mascot stunt I have ever seen for the following reasons…

1. Balancing on top of a ladder that tall is very hard.

2. Doing a backflip off a ladder and landing on your back is painful.

3. Getting up and doing a handspring is insane.

This next video features Bango, Super Hugo and Rufus during the 2009 All-Star game. Apparently, Bango had to have surgery as a result of this stunt…leading us to believe that the “Ultimate Stunt” was an attempt to get back at Rufus for contributing to his injury.

If a second-rate mascot banked a shot off my crotch in front of a huge crowd I would be pretty motivated to reclaim my image.

Fair Weather Breezes Through Charlotte


My allergies have been just horrible this Spring…

And It’s not because of the oak pollen.

Over the past few weeks, Charlotte has been under a cloud of Fair Weather. The record amount of support for the Bobcats has been really difficult to bear. I’ve been sneezing non-stop since we made the Playoffs; I break out in hives when I’m shoulder-to-shoulder with people on the Lynx Light Rail (disease train); and every time I see someone wearing a Jordan Brand shirt I keel over with the dry heaves.

My Doctor told me that the weather would pass but wrote me a pretty strong prescription…


The Fair Weather toxins have physically disfigured several of us at Bobcats Baseline but maybe we can use our new physical appearance to become some sort of Bobcats super-hero alliance…

For the past 6 years I have been a Bobcats fan solely for the indie-cred. To be a Bobcats fan meant that you were an outcast; a freak. I found solace in being part of a community that accepted me for, well, me. The Bobcats fan-base was so small and welcoming. Are those days gone forever?

Will the Bobcats no longer be made up of chill bros that play World of Warcraft (between games) in their basement?

Are Bobcats fans no longer just a group of teenage mutants that live in the sewer?

I just don’t understand why “the others” have suddenly become die-hard fans of OUR team.

They HATE the Bobcats. They shout things like,

“That Damn Arena took ALL my tax dollars!”

“Bob Johnson is a complete dbag/weirdo/jerkface!”

“I hate the name! Change the name!”

“The NBA is nothing but a bunch of thugs!”

“GRRRRRR….Rabble, Rabble!”

Fortunately, the fog of fair weather seems to be clearing…

I can only hope that the Bobcats fan community can go back to being the small group of misfits it once was.

I pray that we will no longer see the skyline lit under a hue of orange.


I don’t want to see people taking pictures underneath a large inflatable Bobcats head.


I hope to never again see Gerald Wallace on the side of the Light Rail.


If Charlotte can just go back to ignoring the Bobcats, maybe, just maybe, we can have our team back.

Magic Complete Sweep Of Bobcats


Charlotte Bobcats vs Magic Game 4, 4/26/10

AP/Chuck Burton

The Charlotte Bobcats were swept out of the first round by the Orlando Magic 99-90 on Monday night at the Cable Box.  Again, the Cats were able to limit Dwight Howard’s minutes due to foul trouble, and again it really didn’t matter.  Again, the Cats got decent play from a couple of starters and one reserve, and again it was not nearly enough to contend with the Magic.

AP recap here |  Box score here

It’s late and the season is over, so I’m going to keep this relatively short and sweet.  The Bobcats came out and competed, forcing Dwight Howard into foul trouble and taking a two-point lead into halftime.  But the rest of the Magic (particularly Lewis, Carter, Nelson and Pietrus) again picked up the slack, while the Bobcats continued to struggle to score whether or not Howard was in the game.

Despite the continued struggles, the Cats were in in this one until halfway through the final period.  After Tyson Chandler hit two free throws to pull the Bobcats to within one at 77-76,  Michael Pietrus drained a three.  On the ensuing possession, Dwight Howard snatched a DJ Augustin layup out of the air.  While the crowd and the Bobcats benched yelped about the lack of a goaltending call, Pietrus drained another three.  The sequence took less than a minute and completely took the air out of the the arena.

And if you were hanging on to any hope that the Bobcats could come back from seven down with six minutes left, two missed free throws by Gerald Wallace, followed by another Jameer Nelson three to put the Magic 86-76 with under five minutes left was enough to convince even the most optimistic Cats fans.

The Bobcats were actually led by Tyrus Thomas, who rang up 21 points on 9-12 FG and added 9 rebounds in 29 minutes off the bench.  Tyrus had the baseline 12-15 footer going early and was actually 8-8 from the field at one point.  But just as in the first three games, no other Bobcat produced off the bench.


  • Stephen Jackson picked a terrible time to have a bad night — Jack was 2-11 FG and 0-3 3PT for just 8 points.
  • Seeing the Heat take a game from the Celtics this weekend and the Bucks tie up the Hawks tonight just reminds you how important the regular season is.  Those losses to the Nets and Pacers come back to haunt.

The Elephant In The Room

And now the Bobcats enter what is shaping up to be a very difficult offseason.  Michael Jordan’s mettle as owner will certainly be tested.  We’ll certainly be writing more about this in the coming days and weeks, but here’s a quick primer:

  • Larry Brown, having partially restored his reputation by getting the Cats to the playoffs, is probably gone back to Philadelphia for a front office position.  Let the coaching search begin.
  • Raymond Felton, fresh off getting toasted in this playoff sweep, is an unrestricted free agent.  Hopefully, Miami will come along and make Raymond a Godfather offer with the money they have leftover after resigning Wade and getting Boozer or Bosh and we won’t even be tempted to match it.
  • Tyrus Thomas has shown inconsistent flashes in his couple of months with the Bobcats.  Kinda similar to how he showed inconsistent flashes to the Bulls for three or four years.  He’s a restricted free agent.  Keeper or not?
  • The Cats have no draft picks this year (both were traded away in prior deals) and very few assets that have any trade value around the league.

-Dr. E


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