2008 NBA Draft Running Diary: Round 2


Won’t be detailing every pick for the second round — just hitting the highlights. And click here for the First Round Running Diary if you haven’t read it yet.

Larry Brown interview. He says he’s really happy with the draft. Wouldn’t have guessed it by his tone — can someone get this guy a cup of coffee? He totally Belichecked that interview — is there some course that coaches take to learn to keep your voice that monotone and your expression that blunted? It works — it totally makes me want to turn the channel. Continue reading

2008 NBA Draft Running Diary: Round 1


Ugh, Jeff Van Gundy. When JVG started calling games a couple of years ago, I was pleasantly surprised. He was way more funny than I ever thought he could be and had good rapport with Mark Jackson. But over the course of this past year, he got all hoisty and big-headed. The jokes got ridiculous and trite and by the end of this season I could barely stand to have the volume up on games he was calling.

Nice podium Stern is standing behind. And there’s the “Mick Foley cheap pop” shoutout to the New York fans. Stern seems to be in a pretty cheery mood tonight — less than two weeks after getting booed unmercifully in the Garden while presenting the Celtics with the championship trophy. Continue reading