Lebron James Knocks Out the Bobcats

It took the Bobcats about six minutes to lose to the Cavs on Saturday night.  It was a tough one to watch from the stands.  The games are usually packed when the superstars come to play and this was a Saturday with Lebron in town.  With all of the folks that have relocated to Charlotte, the arena had more Ohio people than you’ll find at an outlet mall shopping strip.  It was like going to a Cavs home game.  Anytime King James touched the ball, the crowd hushed to wait for his next monster dunk.  Unfortunately for anyone with sympathies toward the local team,  Lebron delivered with some serious offensive moves and a notably athletic block on Raymond Felton.

It was a little odd to see Michael Jordan on the Bobcats bench, just watching the game as a . . . Witness.  His Cats had nothing going right and the Cavaliers had everything running well.  The Bobcats weren’t ready to play a team of that caliber.  I’m sure that Larry Brown could lead this squad to a series sweep over the Bakersfield Jam in the D League finals, but the Cavs are playing like a real NBA contender.

D Wade and the Miami Heat are on the slate for Monday Night.  The Bobcats could help themselves become a bit more relevant if they could pull out a win on the road.  Okafor certainly needs to reassert himself with this game.  Sean May might miss the game due to consistent knee trouble and Gerald Wallace could be absent while away for a family funeral.  Larry Brown will need to scheme hard to keep it competitive without those two involved.  Let’s hope that Ajinca doesn’t see much time in this one.  He could easily become the most visible white flag of surrender in the league.